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Anyone want to sell me Pitchcar Mini?


I’m planning ahead. I’d like to have two, or maybe even three, sets of Pitchcar Mini by next August.

A bit of background. I run an annual holiday knockout tournament starting with a 128-player bracket. 4-player games are ideal, with a 2-player final. Each year I provide the game, and buy two or three copies. We’ve played Pass the Pigs, Loopin’ Louie, Penguin Trap (a hidden gem, that one), Animal Upon Animal, Rhino Hero, Tiddlywinks, Guess Who… you get the picture. I give the games away as prizes at the end normally.

I want to introduce everyone (including me) to Pitchcar, but to be honest it’s a bit expensive for me to buy two copies new just for the sake of this enterprise. However, I would like to buy it second-hand, and I’m really not bothered about things like the condition of the box. Plus, I’ve got ages, so I can test the market for a bit.

So… if you have a no-longer-played Pitchcar Mini (or even Pitchcar Maxi) which you’d like to sell, please let me know, and I’ll pay you a reasonable price. In a really ideal world, I’d pick up rather than requiring the services of Royal Mail. I live in Sussex (which is in England - I realise this is an international forum).