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Anyone play any megagames at SHUX'19?

Couldn’t go to SHUX this year. :frowning:

I’m curious as to whether anybody played any of the megagames on offer this year…would love to hear about how they went!

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I am also curious about the megagames experience at SHUIX. I went to SHUX but I was working at my Indie Ave table for the 2 days I was at the convention.

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I did Den of Wolves. Was my first megagame so I have nothing to compare it to, but I loved it! It was fairly intense with a lot going on. It was also an interesting view into societal collapse: how everyone started with the intention of benevolence and cooperation, but became increasingly more tribal as resources became scarce and threat levels increased. In the end, even though we defeated our enemy, at least two ships (including mine) abandoned the fleet.


Didn’t play any Mega-Games, but made some friends on Saturday who we met up with on Sunday night - who had just come out of Lights in the Sky and couldn’t stop talking about it.
They were East Germany, and managed to unite East and West Germany without the aid of Nato. There were apparently working “Red Telephones” for emergency calls. And none of them knew, but there was also the illuminati, the knights Templar, and the Secret Panda Lovers Society manipulating things in the shadows.
Sounded amazing.

One I heard about but didn’t catch the name of sounded interesting - taking place in 2 hour sessions, with a new group of players each session, played as generations that inherit the game state from the previous generation.
Wish I knew more.

I got to play as the President in Den of Wolves, and a German Ultra Capitalist in Sickle. I enjoyed Den of Wolves more, but that was because I very much involved in the heart of the game.

There was an amazing moment in Den of Wolves, when the council was caught on a ship that was attempting to rescue two other ships in a different system. The other ships were in a completely different room. When I got to that room, I realized that my position meant very little, and that I was going to have to play my game a different way. I used a special resource that only I had to repair a jump drive so that we could get back to the fleet. We jumped back, the fleet was in chaos, and the end of my game was an attempt to re-establish civilian order.

In Sickle, I was attempting to be as evil as possible. My one criticism was that my actions seemed to have little consequence outside of - you get a resource. I think my enjoyment of the game was hampered because of my tiredness (I had played Den of Wolves earlier in the day and was GASSED). After the game, I had a ton of ideas of things I would have done differently, including ways that I could have gone outside of my country. Unlike some of the other games I’ve played, Sickle is one I would play again.

If you go to Shux, participate in at least one Megagame. The people that organize them do a very good job, and if you’re not having a good time, they will try to turn it around for you. It is also a great way to meet people for the rest of the convention. I met a lot of people in Den of Wolves and had a blast talking with them throughout the convention about our experience.


I did Den of Wolves. First megagame I’ve been in, and I thought it was a lot of fun overall, though my specific role (news media team) felt kind of lackluster. I felt that the news team was slightly too large for the size of the game (5 people on the news team for a 40-person game), so it was hard to carve out your own niche, and that coupled with such a vague objective (report the news) made my side of things feel a bit directionless.

I’d definitely do another megagame in the future, but I’d probably be more selective about my role going into it and/or be sure to go into it with a group of friends.


As someone who has been media control for a couple of games of Watch the Skies!–there is often a level of disappointment for those who are assigned a media role, if they haven’t specifically chosen it.

These games need a “way to get information to everyone” mechanism…but you need to make certain that the game is also fun and meaningful for those whose day is centered around fulfilling that need. (Some players naturally gravitate towards the media role…and it can be incredibly fun when that’s what you like to do.)

I actually was planning on being lead control for a running of Den of Wolves this year (not necessarily at SHUX but that was a possibility–and I believe a friend of mine, Seth, was involved in running it there.)

(I ended up not doing so because some unrelated scene politics threw a monkeywrench into that…but that’s not important.)

…as I worked out how the game would be run, the media role did concern me–I think there needed an emphasis on clear objectives and challenges that would make it an exciting game for the media players as well.

Thanks for letting me know how your experience went!

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Hey I was a controller/player in all the games at SHUX, and it was a blast! Highlight for me was kamikazing into one of the bad guy ships at the end, but to the surprise to literally everyone involved.

Here’s a link to the dropbox with all the pics, news headlines, and some recordings of phonecalls between people on the red phone in Lights in the Sky, if anyone wanted to take a look.