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Anyone iiiiiiiiiin the Midwest in general?


Man, I’m sorry to hear that. We were ready at noon and we did end up getting a skybridge this year. I hated to see all the trouble people were experiencing. I bought all of our tickets for the 3 of us that are going. Next year, if they do this again, we need to purchase separately and get separate times. We were very fortunate.


Yeah, we had two lottery entries, with each able to purchase two rooms, and we still tanked on our luck. On the other hand, we’re still going, right? :neutral_face:


I booked outside of the housing block last year and am only a 15 minute walk from the convention center. I can’t be bothered with a lottery system. Come to think of it, I may book with this place for the next several years in advance, it was a fine hotel…


Old thread here, but I figured it might be a good place to start… I’m in Minneapolis-St. Paul area, any midwesterners near by? As was said way back when in the thread, we have a good little board gaming hub with Fantasy Flight’s Game Center and The Source as pretty big fixtures with a lot of gaming space. I’d be glad to organize a gaming meetup if anybody is interested!


Long dead thread I’m sure but I’m living in Northwest Ohio and our group could always use an infusion of new players.


Same for my group in the Milwaukee area.


I thought I would respond to this even though it is an old thread.

I am near Minneapolis/St. Paul and would be interested in playing a game sometime. :grinning: