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Anyone going to make it to Origins Game Fair this year?


I will be going to Origins this year (as my first board game convention experience) and was wondering if anyone else would be attending?

Maybe get some games going?!
Or just talk about funny SUSD moments?!

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That’s something to think about. I’m still working on my passport to go to SHUX, but I’ve never been to Columbus (no passport problems, there), and I’m dying to go to a con (it’s been way too long).

What’s it like there in Ohio? (I assume you know, because, well, you posted this). My youngest son’s mom is from there, but hasn’t been there for many years, and I’ve never been.

Eh Ohio is alright. Nothing egregiously negative about it (at least during spring-fall, winter is another kind of beast). Columbus is a pretty interesting city with a lot of things to do and some test market restaurants and shops. Ohio traffic/construction/driving can be an unwelcomed surprise to visitors!

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The only thing I’ve heard from my son’s mom is the old joke (good lord, the very old joke):

“It’s round at both ends, and HI in the middle!”

We still have until June, right? It would be hard to get there (I have 2 kids, I’ve lowered my expectations of ever attending an out-of-state con again), but can I contact you here if I can make it?

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That joke is basically all we have going for us here!

Of course you can contact me! I’ll be volunteering for a bit each day, but will definitely be around for games if you make it up.

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Cool, man, thanks. It doesn’t look great for my ability to make it, but it doesn’t look entirely hopeless.

(Anyone else from FL, please feel free to hit me up, it might make things easier).

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This will be my first convention too (Why oh why can’t SHUX be in summer?)!

Would love to meet other SUSDers. Would anyone be interested in having a drink/beer and sharing what we like about SUSD? Maybe we chat games and decide to play a game together in the Board Room?

Would anyone be interested in meeting up on Thursday evening? Maybe at a bar close to the convention center…