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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


The other thing that annoys me is when people get greedy with looting. Watching a scoundrel looting everything while our slower classes struggle to get enough to afford the items they need is super frustrating. Yes, it’s better that someone gets the coins than if they are left behind, but please spare a thought for your teammates who only pick up incidental coins that they land on when moving forward - maybe you could use your amazing looting to get the less conveniently placed coins instead? :sob:


Far from annoying me, it’s my favourite part of the game! The difficulty self-balances with how greedy people are.


My girlfriend, who is playing the Mindthief Skree, calls it roleplaying. :sweat_smile: She gets more loot than our Scoundrel Agatha, who is more interested in sticking her blades into enemies.


Still playing this, and find it immensely enjoyable. Just wish we had more time! All three of our characters retired at level 3,4,5 on the same mission - so I now have three figures to paint before we go dungeonering again. Really sad to see my Spellweaver go, and to lose the whole party on the same mission means next time will be a mystery for all of us.