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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


I swear by the Broken Token insert. I know it’s expensive, but it’s super nice and it’s a game you’ll be playing for several months if not years.


Wow! That looks great!


I’ve never found selection of stuff to be time-consuming, just the setting up of the stuff after selection. So, maybe my storage is working?

Bagging the terrain tiles/tokens well is certainly important too. I put all like with like, but then have certain almost-identical-but-actually-different tiles in mini-bags inside the larger bag. So, two doors that are 30 degrees different in alignment to the other doors go in a sub-bag, as do the the two single-hex tiles with lava on one face - that sort of thing.


I also love the insert for organizing most aspects of the game. It’s not great when it comes to the terrain hexes. Or maybe I’m just not great at putting the hexes away correctly and remembering where to look for each.


As I was european at the time I bought a laerox insert for one of my Gloomhavens. The joint owner of the other one kicked up a stink about getting one for that copy. While the organiser was expensive, it saved so much time and hassle I consider it worth every penny. The time saving I find greater on packing away than setting up, although there’s a fairly hefty saving on both. Additionally the time saving in game of having an easy system for just grabbing tokens helps as well. I think it’s dropped each scenario by a third in total length now we’re experienced.


I would have liked a more robust solution, but ithe tray has a guide as to how to stack them in the tray to make them easy to find again which works ok. Certainly beat just shuffling through the entire stack every time.


I finally did it last night. And by did I mean that I unpunched everything from the cardboard sheets and bagged it in a semi logical fashion. To say that it’s slapdash would be an understatement but I feel that it’s better than just letting it sit loose in the box. I only had time / the energy to do the sheets so the bottom of the box has stuff that needs to be dealt with.
Slowly but surely I’m making progress to playing an actual game. Fingers crossed that it’s before spring.


Dude, I opened and closed that box at least five times (because I was intimidated by all of the stuff inside).


Stages of Madness

New photo by Taylor Laramie
New photo by Taylor Laramie
New photo by Taylor Laramie
New photo by Taylor Laramie


I was looking at Y.A.S.S. (Yet Another Storage Solution) for Gloomhaven and how he used 3 Plano 3600 and a Plano 3601, so I’ve gone ahead and purchased these:

Plano 3600 are selling for about $22 each on Amazon. For the same price, you can get a 4-pack of KastKing 3600 (they are the same size but have different layouts, explained below). However, I went with the 3700. If I understand correctly, each 3700 is a 6x4 grid of 2.3"x2" bins while the 3600 is a 6x3 grid of 1.8"x2.4" bins. Both of these have a diagonal of about 3.0", which fits the 2-hex long overlays. I went with the 3700 because I think the large boulder obstacle can fit within a 2.3"x2"; we’ll see when they arrive in a week or so. However, to fit the 3-hex overlays, I think I’ll have to cut down some walls like Y.A.S.S. does. Or just store them in a baggie.

For those interested, it seems that both the KastKing 3700 and 3600 have permanent horizontal dividers, so a 3700 double bin would be 4.6"x2" while the 3600 double bin would be 3.6"x2.4" (which, I think, is just a bit too small for the 3-hex overlays, otherwise I’d get the KastKing 3600). Not that I think Gloomhaven will need double bins this size. In comparison, the Plano 3600 is a 6x6 grid of 1.8"x1.2" bins with vertical dividers (double bin is 1.8"x2.4", same as a KastKing 3700 bin).


A friend of mine just gave me his copy of Gloomhaven for free as he didn’t like the game at all. There’s only been some light sticker usage on the main board, but two of the starting characters have been sadly crushed due to poor packing. Does anyone know if I could order or buy an extra spellweaver and tinkerer from their website?


Ooohh… La de da fancy pants. Fitting everything back in the box.
More seriously, looks like it’ll work well.

I’ve got all the monster tokens and obstacle tokens in the fishing box, with coins, damage, summons and conditions in their own plastic boxes in the base. Location tiles are organized alphabetically in the file, and everything else is on the box.

I’m gonna print out some of the tuckboxes for monster stat cards and such, cause they’re a great idea.


Finally cracked the Cragheart solo scenario.


3 failures at level 5 with only 2 bonus perks, minor and major Stamina and Piercing Bow (house rule - no XP or gold from failed solo scenarios).

Came back to it later at level 6 with 3 bonus perks and Endurance Footwraps and adding Cloak of Invisibility specifically for this scenario.

Completed it, but recognise that I got very lucky. Range-killed first Sun Demon while spreading some damage amongst the bears. The bears I allowed to run the maze I made, and I was lucky to hit 2 bears and a Sun Demon with Explosive punch as I came out of invisibility, followed by 3 bears and the Sun Demon with a fast Cataclysm. Petrified the remaining Sun Demon. Oozes suicided very quickly, meaning the scenario was basically over with just 1 Ooze left at 1 health by the time I had 4 cards left in hand (other cards all lost). The combination of Ooze suicide and very high efficiency area damage won the scenario.

If the oozes had healed up more, the bears had been slower, etc. etc., it would have been another fail.

I’m not sure whether penning in the bears in behind the oozes or letting them run the gauntlet is better, but I’m not about to set it up again to find out.

I had a look at a poll on solo scenario difficulty, and this is almost the only one that everyone seems to agree is “very hard”, with lots of other scenarios being “easy” or “average” (Tinkerer, Spellweaver, “Squid Face” and “Two mini” being the other “hard”+ scenarios, but some people found Spellweaver and Two mini to not be all that challenging and Tinkerer was just “hard”).

Bit disappointing to see the difficulty balance so off, but also a relief to know the other scenarios aren’t so luck-dependent.


Here’s my storage solution for terrain, conditions, etc. Cost: about $15-18.

I also use an accordion file folder for map tiles.


Had a nice (pre-)birthday game night. First half was Gloomhaven #7 The Vibrant Grotto. The scenario objective was to use Loot actions on all of the biteroot locations, so I (playing a Cragheart) swapped in my Loot card as well as the card that lets me place obstacles, the idea being maybe I could block some monsters from following us as we run around looting the map. After getting battle goals, our Scoundrel Agatha swapped out some cards. We were level 3, 2, and 2 so were playing at scenario level 2 and expecting a hard fight.


The first room is never easy. Some cave bears with tons of HP rush us while shielded forest imps snipe at us. At one point, Mindthief Skree was going to Loot the biteroot but had to change plans to kill the forest imp before it Strengthened itself and the remaining bears while Muddling all of us. I end up Looting the first room, and we proceed through the clockwise door, finding “just” an earth demon and a forest imp. The plan is to kill the imp, Loot the biteroot, and run from the slow earth demon. It’s at this point that Agatha tells us she didn’t bring any Loot cards because of her battle goal. I mean, seriously?!

Skree Loots this room while Agatha rushes into the third room with me slowly following, which is why Agatha ended up facing two forest imps and an Inox shaman alone for a couple turns. She takes out one imp early, but her initiative on the crucial second turn is too slow to turn invisible before the monsters attack again, so she ends up losing two cards from discard to keep going.

After we catch up and clear the room, Agatha opens the nearest door, revealing a couple cave bears. Skree runs in, takes a few hits, Loots the room, and escapes. Beating the bears by a single initiative, I block the cave entrance before they can follow.

But things were still looking bad. Agatha was near her end, and I lost my Loot card during a short rest, so Skree will have to collect all the remaining biteroot. Agatha revealed the fifth room with the biteroot behind a literal wall of earth demons. After a strategy session, Agatha uses her last turn to reveal the sixth and final room so we know what we’re dealing with, but she doesn’t have the ranged attack to hit anything. At least I get use my new Piercing Bow to snipe one of the forest imps through its ridiculous 5 Shield.

The finale feels like something out of a football movie. I do my best offensive linesman impression and throw myself at the three earth demons with my Opposing Strike retaliation effect active and a one-use melee attack, occupying them while Skree pops into the next room to Loot that biteroot. I finish off one earth demon, opening a hole for Skree to slip through and Loot the final biteroot.

Whew! With that, we’re all now level 3, so hopefully the next scenario won’t be so touch and go.

The tackle boxes made building the map and placing damage and conditions really easy. The most time-consuming thing now may be finding where I placed the various decks in the box (road event, battle goals, monster attack modifier, extra attack modifiers for things like curses, city event, and the shop).


That face when a player puts getting a tick over competing the mission :stuck_out_tongue:


The face when the player realizes there’ll be no ticks when the mission fails.:joy:


I know, right? In our previous game, I gave up my battle goal (use only long rests) because we were close to losing the scenario. They both got their check marks for that scenario.


You can take a damage to avoid losing a critical card (like your Loot) on short rest, FWIW. I don’t know if you missed that (it’s very easy to miss) or there was just something even more important to save, but worth keeping in mind.


I misremembered the rule; I thought it was lose two cards instead. Must have gotten it conflated with the 1 from hand or 2 from discard to avoid damage rule. Thanks for the correction.