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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


Is anyone else running through the community driven expedition? It’s the first one I’ve managed to convince my group to have a go at.

The way the scenario is laid out is a bit different. It’s neat, but also a bit of an admin challenge. I’m guessing it’s similar to how they’ll be structured in the expansion. There’s also the new class available to play with PnP components.

Diviner thoughts

Looks the class is a very heavy support character. There’s two obvious ways to play that I saw. One being teleporting and attacking through rifts you place on the board. The other involves looking at the top x many cards of a modifier deck and moving them around.

To me, the latter option really doesn’t appeal. I play in a four player group, and I feel like that would make the game drag so very very badly. Might be better in a two player game. Ether way, I’m looking forward to playing the new class when the expansion makes it out here.


Are you just taking your existing characters?

I wonder how I could do it with my group…or if I should try it on my own…


Na, it recommends making new level 1 characters, and we were getting a bit bored of what we were playing so the change was good.

We’ve been consistently level 5 or above for a while now, so going back to the level 1 characters and monsters was a change. Not quite a nice change, but a change none the less.


So it looks like I finally have a Gloomhaven group. A level 1 cragheart, scoundrel, and mindthief walk into a dungeon… Late to the party is better than never.


Good luck with the learning curve. We got wrecked in the first mission, first time through. Just because the system and rules were so different from anything we played before. Don’t be afraid to lower the difficulty or start it again. (In saying that, gloomhavening seems to have many many come from behind victory’s)

Have fun!


Thanks for the advice. I did a few test runs beforehand, and even still I’m digging through the rulebook several times each session. We’ve beaten the first 2 scenarios at Normal difficulty, but we couldn’t get to the treasure chests because we were low on health and cards. I wanted to donate gold to the sanctuary to unlock envelope B, but the others convinced me to first invest in our characters’ (and the party’s) survival.

We also butted heads over what mission to do next. I wanted to learn more about the Gloom but got outvoted because they wanted Jekserrah’s gold.


Ohh… look forward to the first time someone ditches the mission goal to get a chest or massive pile o cash. Gloomhavening is 40% butting heads.


The first mission is also just kinda harder than a lot of the others. Guards are no joke, and there are six of them in easy melee range in that first room.


Yeah, playing as the cragheart, I decided to wade into them. I spent the rest of the scenario trying to keep my HP in the positive.


My cragheart is very much a rock-throwing specialist, but with 3 other melee-focused characters in our party that was the obvious route to take. I might get to punch something about once a scenario if I’m lucky.


I wish I could “heart” this twice.