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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


I’m definitely going to wait and see whether we actually finish our campaign before buying anything extra! Too much sprogging going on for us dads to maintain the Gloomhaven momentum…


That’s my worry too. And, I admit, I’ll probably never get to play the game - I have enough spare cash that I bought it to support the company.


I had a group playing Gloomhaven but I had a buddy jump ship to another group because it was closer to house which drop my group to me another friend and I wasn’t a fan of a this game as two. We had another guy who wanted to join but I was looking for a job that could have me move out of state, so I figure I would wait until I found something hopefully in town.

About 2 weeks ago I decide to hell with it all, I’m going to play Gloomhaven campaign solo. I played solo before but only did random dungeons so I wouldn’t go to far down the story without my group. I’ve been playing everyday and it’s been glorious. I’ve unlocked 3 classes over the last couple of weeks. Played 3 new ones. Here are some of my thoughts on some:

Cthulhu Face: Plague Herald is my probably my 3rd favorite class so far. Very close to 2nd. I love him so much. I was going down the curse build with some poison on the side and it’s so fun to watch the monsters only draw curses and get damage by them too! Watching monsters drop dead without touching them is so satisfying. Muddle super important for this build to get those curses out ASAP for more damage. Retired at level 6/7.

Triangles :Elementalist is fun!This is my first class where I don’t even have a set deck. I always see what monsters are in the dungeon and put in the right cards depending on what the monsters are generating.
I found that interesting. I love sucking elements from the monsters before they can use them against me.

Three Spears Quartermaster is probably the most powerful and most versatile class I’ve played.
He can be whatever you want him to be when he hits that level 5 card that lets him refresh one item a turn! Tank? Damage? I also noticed he becomes more and more interesting the more items you unlock. I do swap items around depending the scenario which is a first for me and also what class with me. I have a heavy elemental class user so I swap out tanky item cards with elemental generating cards.

My favorite classes from most to least is (least being still fun to play, so no bad classes for me): Mind Thief, Angry Face, Cthulhu Face, Three Spears, Triangles, Saw, Tinkerer.

I still need to unlock 2 minis, music note, eclipse (probably next), lightning. I’m dying to play 2 minis based on what I little heard about that class.

I wouldn’t be surprise at the rate I’m going I’ll be done 1-2 months. I’ll be ready for that expansion! I can see myself not soloing anymore and trying to find a group to jump in so I can have more of a social interaction. As much as I love solo I think I rather play 3 player or slightly.


Are you playing just one character? I’m curious how well that works as you don’t have a second to complement with


No. Official rules is you play two characters when playing solo. Difficulty is always up by +1 since you have perfect knowledge of what both characters have. It really doesn’t make sense to play with one because so many abilities relay on synergy, healing, elemental track change, or tanking.

Also there are the solo class scenarios you play with only one character.


“Oh, well struck!”

“Good show!”

… sorry, I’m just imagining someone sitting alone in a room with Gloomhaven, having the characters compliment each other :laughing:


whistles innocently while editing post

I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about sir!


The world would be a better place if we complimented more :laughing:


That is the smartest thing I have ever heard anyone say <3


I just retired my Scoundrel, and unlocked the Berserker. Will this work well with my party (Sun/Spellweaver)?


Yes. Yes it will.


The Berserker (lightening bolts right?) seems to be a high damage single target character (at least the way it’s built in my party). Combine this with your tank (sun) and AoE damage (spellweaver) and you’ve basically got all your bases covered.

The only problem I can think you might possibly have is positioning, as the sun class isn’t the fastest thing on earth and nether you nor the sun have much in the way of jump cards. Being both melee characters you might step on each others toes a little but in short, refer to the text outside the spoilers.

You’ll be much better off than the party my group just retired out of recently, being three supports and a fourth rotating support turn AoE turn awful tank. Which weirdly still worked, it was just a bit grind-y.



Oh, you can do some crazy multi-target attacks too. Flurry of Axes can potentially hit EVERY ENEMY in range 3.


I’m about to retire my lightning and I’m going to miss her so much, she was so much fun! Probably going to start the Sun, which we’ve had in the party before so I know what I’m getting into


I went from lightning to sun as well! And yes, lightning has been the most fun class so far that I’ve seen. :smile:


We did another sewers scenario (to help our lvl9 Spellweaver to get to retirement). Something is poisoning the water supplies of Gloomhaven!

We have an interesting group with Three Spears, Spellweaver, Circles, Music Note. I as Three Spears have to tank all the time (took 12 damage in the first room on the first round). And I already got some good defensive equipment like Tower Shield When damaged by an attack, gain Shield 2 for the attack. and Swordedge Armor On the next three sources of damage from attacks targeting you, gain Shield 1, Retaliate 1. With my Reinforced Steel ability I can get a lot of defensive power out of my items but it is still surprising how much damage I take. My major healing potion is always pretty important.

I have a feeling our Circles is not that happy with her class. It is really difficult to get your summons in position to do much and then they die easily because of unlucky circumstances they don’t play around because they act on their own. In contrast to the Mindthief before she could feel kinda powerless.


I had my first game with the berserker, and I’m just not too sure about it. I “died” 3 times (ie having to discard to negate damage that would have killed me). I’m not sure if the play style is really something I want to play. Much like the Scoundrel, single target damage can be pretty good, but it doesn’t feel efficient, and having to get up to melee range means a lot of incoming damage.

I think I’d like to hang back more, so maybe one of the starting classes would suit me better. Have to do some more investigation. We’ve got a Spellweaver and a Sun already.


With the Scoundrel it is about the timing. Like going late on the first turn and the next turn you have to be fast. That way you (hopefully) kill the enemies before they hit you.

That could also work for your new class.


I’m playing circles in a two player game and enjoying it a lot more than when it was played in our four player… there’s a lot more space, so the pets don’t get underfoot, and you only have one person to coordinate with. With four you have to look at all initiatives and actions when they flip and basically treat it like a programming puzzle to get them into a useful spot. The move order cards help a lot (something the music note can help with) but ultimately there are going to be rounds where they just run the wrong way and waste time. It’s also a class that requires every other player to work with them, which can feel a bit like quarterbacking


Oh my god. Sun and Circles is a perfect synergy. I’ve never had so much fun in this game than these two teaming up:

Summoner and Sunkeeper are peanut butter and jelly. Summoner summons units, heals summons and sunkeeper, and control summons. My Summoner NEVER attacked, it was just her summons. Sunkeeper tanks for summons, commands summons (move 4 and 4 attack ally cards), buff summons (blessings and strengthen), and heals summons. I got like 6 blessings cards in the summoner deck and summoner deck is constantly being draw with all the summons. Sun Keeper only attack a small handful of times. Add on top I have 3 items that actually summons creatures and I have this massive army going through the dungeon. I felt like had a massive army (I had around 5 summons out the same time at one point and still had 2 more in my hand that I could of brought out) with two generals. I had one summoner purposely run into a trap to make a way for the rest. So much fun.

At one point I felt like this.

So I think Circles might be my favorite class now. Followed by Mind Thief, Cthulhu Face, and Angry Face.


Oh wow. That’s a good point with Circles I didn’t consider. Makes me glad I’m playing solo.