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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


Noooo Two-Minis is so much fun! Well, fun for me at least. I could see it not meshing well with some groups :frowning:


I didn’t pick it because we’ve got the Circles and Tinkerer class in play at the moment and they’re both using a lot of summons, so I’ve gone Cragheart to simplify things a bit. Also I’ve picked as many of his cards as possible that involve messing around with obstacles so I think it’s going to be A LOT of fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


But Two-Minis does look AWESOME. :smiley:


Oh yeah that’s a good call then. Technically it should mix very well with circles, since circles can order the bear around and use it like a regular summon. In practice however, it would drive the other party members mad as it would be incredibly hard to plan with so many pets in play!


Just received the game, surprised to see a secret letter while unpacking. Felt I deserved it so opened it, and was a tad disappointed to see it only opens up a scenario.

Box is heavily damaged from transportation though, which is annoying.

Was craving for that game for a while… Only could afford it now.


It will give you soooooooo many hours of delight and joy.


Tried my first (solo) game and got my craigheart to 1HP on the first turn. Was kinda rough. Also completely forgot to apply the mindthief’s augment’s effect for the three turns I tried before packing back, so yeah I see why some call it high maintenance.

As a single player game, I feel it could be good. However I was really surprised by the amount of table space needed even for just 2 characters.


I am really looking forward to the Gloomhaven digital game because then you won’t have all the admin stuff and table space.


Or friends to maintain relationships with!


Glad to hear the solo had promise because it’s the main reason I kickstarted it.
That said it sounds like setup and take down is a beast and I don’t have a lot of time or space to leave it up so who knows when I’ll get a chance to play a game.
One of my greatest gaming shames that it’s sitting on my bookshelf unopened.


Top tip: Playing Gloomhaven 4-player while trying to make sure that two 3-year-olds don’t wreck the place is a surefire way to add at least another hour onto the play time. It didn’t help that it was a really tough scenario! At the end, everyone was exhausted and like “well, glad we won’t have to repeat that scenario”.


It took me about 25 minutes to set it up the first time, with a bit of organisation (had undone all the carboard sprews the previous day). Unpacking takes above an hour though, the first time, if you want to eb careful with the cardboard to avoid ripping some stuff.


Setup and teardown isn’t so bad if you have everything sorted and separated. Tuck boxes for the counters, card-sets alphabetised for quick searching etc. It takes my bf and I maybe five minutes (he does the map, I do the monsters), so I guess solo would be ten to fifteen minutes. Not terrible for an afternoon or evening long session.

We bought a wooden box insert (I can’t remember the brand I’m afraid), which cost maybe £20 to £30 but keeps things tidy and in easy to remove trays. That helps a lot as we’re not messing about with little bags of counters and everything has a place when it’s not in use.

Finally we use an app to actually manage the monsters which makes tracking health and status conditions much quicker during play.


What is the name of the app? We have one that hides rooms and information until you unlock them (which I REALLY like), but it doesn’t track monster health… that’d be so useful!

We played our 34th game last night. Shrine of Strength. It was good! Our current team of Mindthief, Nighthaunt, Beast Tyrant, and Sawbones seems to have hit its stride! The Sawbones just reached Level 7, which I think is the highest any of our characters have ever reached!

Downside is that her personal quest involves going to specific parts of the map, and that’s proving difficult… but we’ll get 'er done.


We use Gloomhaven Helper and I like it a lot. It removes so much fiddly stuff. We use it only for tracking hitpoints and initiative. We still draw attack cards ourselves.


From Issac, he had me at $5 postage to Australia:

Forgotten Circles

The other big news is that the pre-order for the first Gloomhaven expansion, Forgotten Circles , is now live! We’re not running a Kickstarter for it, but it is ready to go to print, and I figured a pre-order would be a good way to gauge demand on how many to make.

You can follow the link to see the details, but I just want to say that Forgotten Circles is something special . The content Marcel Cwertetschka created for the game is top-notch, and we’ve implemented a new format for the scenario book (which you saw a little bit of in the previous community-driven expedition) that really pushes the game to new heights . I know Gloomhaven’s not hurting for content, but if you’re looking for more, this expansion is where it is at .

With all the awesome news out of the way, I will now take my leave. I hope you are all continuing to enjoy Gloomhaven and all the mysteries it has to uncover!


Yup $5 to the EU is damn good as well. Likely to be well over a year before we finish the core box, but I pre-ordered anyway.


Yeah already ordered it 2 days ago :smiley:


Yeah, I was going to hold off until we needed the extra material, but $35 and no custom charge (so like, £27?) is likely to be a bit cheaper than retail and at least there’s no stress of everywhere going out of stock. Happy to support it! Surprised to see a pre-order that doesn’t gouge the fans tbh!

Just hope Brexit doesn’t screw over all these imports! Fingers crossed


Oh, nice.
Just bought the game so not really in need for other stuff but that’s nice and fairly cheap compared to the main product.