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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


It might not be that bad - you could definitely play it more casually, pick a favourite summon or two and just go nuts. The other problem is there are only nine cards and summons are lost, so it’s very easy to exhaust quickly. There is a card to restore lost cards, but with such a small hand it’s possible to lose it to an unexpected hit or short test, at which point you’re kind of screwed. Not super difficult to avoid, it just requires a little bit of forethought


I thought Summoner’s pets are discarded not lost but maybe I remember that wrong?


Summoner pets are lost, but the summoner has cards which recover lost cards (which are themselves irretrievably lost)


Did you guys know there’s a secret envelope in the box?


I had a customer mention it to me, and it blew my mind. Blown! Mind. Pow!

Other than that, we ran a good mission yesterday where a useless Orchid (NPC) suddenly was a force of death the likes of which the rest of us could only dream of, which helped because we survived the mission by the skin of our teeth (our Two-Boxes had to discard 5 of her cards to mitigate damage over the course of the mission, and if it weren’t for Saw and her helpful cards, she would’ve been out with the rest of us shortly behind).

Still, I’m finally figuring out Moon… although our new Mindthief has a Level 3 ability that almost perfectly mirrors one of my Level 5 abilities (but I’m not bitter)… an Attack 4 at Range 4. His infuses Ice, mine Dark, his causes Wounds, mine Curse and Fumble… but yeah. 2 levels between them and he already has his. Not bitter.


Um. Yes :slight_smile:

Also, spoilers :wink:


Yep, I found ours when I was emptying the box to put in an organiser. We haven’t opened it yet though because we don’t feel we deserve it. :slight_smile:


What? Are you told to open it at some point? Or is it just an Easter egg?


The item in question tells you on its outside what to do with it so you should go hunting for it. I think it is best to find it for yourself and read what it has to say that way then to find out what it says any other way. Knowing it exists, even knowing exactly where to find it, is less interesting and less of a spoiler to me than is finding out what it says.


Yeah, that hidden envelope is devious. Anyone using a custom insert will likely find it straight away. Everyone else may never find it unless they’re specifically looking for it. What other reason is there to empty everything out?? A bit underhand really! Just as well the internet exists.

I agree with @brattyjedi , I don’t really consider the existence of the envelope a spoiler. It’s perfectly reasonable for someone to stumble upon it before they’ve even played a game, and if they didn’t know about it chances are they’d never find it on their own if avoiding spoiler tags.


More in the theme of the title; I’ve just been told we won’t be playing gloomhaven for two weeks. Two weeks! That’s ages! And I’m one scenario off retiring my character. My boring, hung around too long, slightly dull saw character. I want something new. (I should clarify, the saw character is great. I just built it to be helpful for a party we don’t have and it’s hung around too long.)
And I’ll have to wait till we meet again to look for the secret envelope.

Two weeks! Arrrggg!


I just read the German rules and am really looking forward to trying out the game, and hopefully finding a group that can meet regularly.
The rules are really well-written and clear, but I had one thing I’d want to clarify and thought I’d ask here:
If you level up, you may chose one new card only, even if there are more (usually two?), right?

So if your character reaches Level 3, for example, you can chose one card from a possible three (two level 3 and one level 2).?


That’s right.


Thanks! Just looking through the card sets for the starting classes. The Tinkerer seems to have some pretty nice toys!


The only one of the first six I haven’t looked at or played with =)

We took a Spellweaver, Scoundrel, and Mindthief from level 1-7 over about 20 scenarios, then we got joined by a Brute, and all three retired so now we have a level 4 Brute, Cragheart, “saw” and “sun”.

So, we went from 3 glass cannons to 4 tank-y/support lower damage characters. The switch-over should be interesting…


Oh yeah, that sounds like you’ll have to adapt your tactics quite a bit!


@webs if you run into a bunch of questions I’m happy to answer over Skype (or something similar). I only speak English though (I have 6 weeks of Duolingo German, which is pretty much nothing haha).


Hey, thanks a lot for the offer!
Since I do most internet stuff with my smartphone I hardly use Skype anymore,
so it would have to be something different, like WhatsApp or mailing you here.
I think I’m good for the moment, but when I’ll have questions preparing our first session I’ll gladly turn to you.

Yeah, I’m glad I German isn’t a language I have to learn… :smiling_imp:
I used Duolingo to refresh my French this summer, but after the birth of my daughter and me not riding the bus to work everyday, it sadly was the first activity to be eliminated from my schedule.


I have WhatsApp and Line (and Discord and Hangouts Meet and a lot of other nonsense) so ask away! :smile:

German has a lot of similarities to English! Which I… shouldn’t find surprising because English is a Germanic language. Much more similar than Chinese, which I have been “refreshing” on Duolingo. :laughing:


There is a good Discord community too if anyone is interested: http://discord.gg/hPrwrm2

They have a pretty clever system to avoid spoilers.

On another note we finally played again and had a scenario (#18) which took us like forever to win. I think the reason for that was that it got pretty cramped with all the enemies and our group has some new characters which made our cooperation more difficult. The scenario had a lot of narrow hallways which was really bad for our Three Circles character. My Three Spears almost died, I was pretty aghast at that. At one point I healed poison and 10 hitpoints in one turn and I still almost died.


We’ve resumed our sessions of Gloomhaven now that summer vacations are all done. I’ve just managed to retire my Angry Face character in record time due to synergy with his personal quest (to kill 20 different types of monster.) That unlocked the Two-Mini class but I’ve decided to play the Cragheart instead - he’s our only starter class that we haven’t used and he looks like a lot of fun. :slight_smile: