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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


Yessssss, I use mine exclusively to keep all 10 Curse Cards in the enemy deck and it’s so much fun. Especially if you play the ‘disatvantage’ song.


Have you tried many classes? Some are more flexible than others. Some require a plan, others can be thrown away whenever. If you let me know your class I might be able to give some general tips on how to approach it.
The other thing to note is it gets a bit more free as you progress. Items are really, really strong and give you a lot more lee-way.

I would be careful on that, as I mentioned there, gear is really important and massively changes power levels, I would’t entirely sacrifice gearing up the group to retire earlier. I’m later in the campaign and approaching that goal as basically being “have 400g worth of items” that I can then sell off!


Nah, I’ve got what I need. My helmet protects me from crits, my shoes let me jump over enemies, my cape makes me invisible and my potions keep me alive long enough for my buddys to clear the stage.
I don’t need any more gear. :smiley:


My first post on the forum! Hello everyone!

I am excited because this Saturday I will be getting back into Gloomhaven after a few weeks of scheduling nightmares. Last time I played I retired my steady, faithful Brute (Mout Breatah) and unlocked the Circles class. This week I will finally get the chance to give it a whirl.

Without spoiling anything I am looking forward to seeing how it plays. However, as a spoiler…I have read a loooooooot of trash talk about this class and summons in general online so far. I don’t think, from looking at her cards, that the class is necessarily weak however it does seem challenging to play. I did have one quick go solo with the Summoner and a friend’s Cragheart and was promptly pulverised in the Crypt of the Damned. I know what I did wrong though (like taking one card that created wind and not taking the card that used it… facepalm).
Anyone have any experience with the Summoner? I’ll be kicking her off at level 3 and was thinking of grabbing the Boots of Speed.



I’ve not used circles myself, but my group mate did, so here’s how it looked from my perspective… (spoilers obv)

he would often bring out too many summons at once and they would either get underfoot, or be unable to reach targets themselves. Take a good look at your team make up - do melee players need freedom to move? Can they act ahead of you? Can you use your summons to soak damage? Can your team soak damage to keep the summons up? Are you playing with any other classes can summon that you could work with (all summons are ‘allies’, regardless of which of you summoned them)? By the time he retired we’d got the hang of it, but it does require a lot more awareness and timing than the base classes


Thanks for the thoughts!

Yes, I get the sense that the initial desire to summon everything (because I can get them back later) should be avoided. In my trial run I scooped up my lost cards and then deployed three summons over three turns… and then realised I didn’t have any more cards to play with for my turns. I will be playing 4 player with Cragheart, Mindthief and Spellweaver - the latter two use summons. So yes, I think there will be a bit of a learning curve compared to brave, simple Mout the Brute who generally just went in and smashed things.

I should add that this is the second campaign I play in, the other I have played the Tinkerer and Eclipse classes, soon to unlock Lightning Bolt. I love how different each class has turned out to be :smiley:


Finished another scenario today, someone else retired the music note and we finally unlocked the two miniature class, which looks amazing.

Only one class left to unlock. The moon class? Which I unlock when I retire the saw class. I’m getting so bored of the saw class. It’s neat and all, but I’m after a change of pace.


I’ve been playing one campaign as good and one as evil, and that has been a fun change, you get to experience a pretty different storyline.

We helped the necromancers take over the city, only to then help demons take over the city. I wonder who we will help rule Gloomhaven next! :smiley:


Guys, a quick question.

Do I have to play the same character until it retires, or can I play a different one? So, essentially - can I build two characters, but play one at a time.

I ask as my Spellweaver just went up a level, which would increase the scenario difficulty for our party. If I switch to an alt, then we can carry on as we were, and I can switch back when the party is ready.

Note: My family hate losing, so we already play on Easy.


You can, but you should consider as that character as being of a separate lineage.


Thank you!


@Tika (from the “last played game” thread)

I’m pretty sure I would have completed the personal quest I didn’t pick in a scenario we just played. So, 20 in total. The one I did pick I still haven’t found a way to even start making progress.

First step: kill forest imps. We haven’t met any. Only had the option of three scenarios in the Dagger Forest so far.

The other two core players just don’t seem to be focusing on their goals. I know they are both very close to finishing. From just observing when they are adding checks, it seems one is

When we exhaust and the other is

when he kills bandits/cultists

I think both could have been completed quite quickly through selfish play.


Unfortunately, selfish play seems to be the way to go with that. We’ve got one player who’s on his fifth character (just to rub it in.) While the rest of us are on our third or so. Just because that’s what he’s been focusing on doing. He got lucky with two of his draws, one completed in a single mission, and the other was just money dependant. Ether way, good luck!


We enjoy the selfish motivations in the game - it’s genuinely difficult competing for loot while trying not to tank* each scenario! There was just literally no way to make progress on my goal without spoilers, and I’m not about to go spoiling a bunch of stuff for that purpose. I’m happy with my alternative retirement houserule (complete all battle goal checks). I think the other players are going with a different houserule of “reach level 9 and all battle goal checks and be bored of the class” as their alternative retirement condition.

*“tank” meaning “cause the group to fail”, not “take lots of damage for the group”


Our Tinkerer has been one scenario away from retiring for ages but she’s really enjoying the character so she has no interest in retiring any time soon.

Our Brute did just retire though and unlocked the Circles class. We’re a little concerned as he suffers from analysis paralysis from time to time, and he’s moving from what we consider to be the relatively simple Brute to what appears to be the massively complicated Circles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone had much fun or success with that class? :slight_smile:


I feel you - Our AP-player plays the Triforce class at the moment and his turns usually eat up most of our time. :smiley:


How was he able to finish the goal in one single mission? As I play the retirements this seems impossible. I ask to check if I play it right or not :wink:


Here be spoilers


His retirement goal was to kill 15 of one enemy type. We found a mission that was entirely that enemy type and he went hard for it. Of the 20 or so enemies he killed enough to meet his retirement condition.


I’m playing circles in a two-player game right now. It was also played in a four-player game by a different player and that was a very different experience. Obviously, circles class spoilers…

I have bad news for the AP prone. Summoners really need to rework their deck, picking the best pets to take for each encounter - are there traps? Retaliate monsters? Poisoning monsters? Do we need to tank damage? Move quickly? Use ranged? Do they have shields? Do WE have shields?.. With only nine cards, you really need to maximise your summon choices. You can’t really just build a deck you like and then use it in every encounter. Well, you can, but you really shouldn’t


Thanks for sharing your experiences! I’m a little concerned now, but we may be saved by the fact that we regularly play on easy difficulty (as it’s a bit faster and therefore more fun for the group) so perhaps the deckbuilding flexibility won’t be so much of an issue.

Or perhaps we just need to persuade him that the unused Cragheart class would be more fun… :stuck_out_tongue: