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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


I was super happy that in the first campaign he offered the option of just not having minis. They do nothing for me, they’re a pain to store, and they’re expensive. So I got a great game for $64 and I get to enjoy cardboard standees that have the lovely character art on them. Win win.


Here are more painted miniatures (and guides):


I’ve had the game since the first kickstarter, didn’t get it to the table til after the second kickstarter delivered. Had it nicely sorted with a wooden insert before than point even. We’ve gotten it to the table a couple of times, and for whatever reason, I can’t quite get into it.

I never feels like I’m making the right decisions, or that I’m able to have a plan for how to burn through my cards. It just feels like I’m throwing cards away at random and then regretting them, when I need them a turn or two later. And that’s despite reading a ton of articles on the game; on the AI, and on strategies.


It’s not nearly as simple as I thought it would be, I’ll grant you that. I think that’s why I like it and it has staying power. I’ve been avoiding strategy articles though - my impression is that most of them are written specifically for the circumstances that the writer has found themselves in, which almost certainly won’t match your own.

Also, the game has quite a bit of flexibility. Play how you want to, express yourself a little, and don’t stress about “optimal” play. You’ll find a balance between the pressure to win scenarios and just doing what you want to do.


It’s one of those things where you just need to play it to figure it out. What helped me was that for the first few games I played on easy so that we could focus on getting the rules right, but still complete scenarios so we weren’t stuck repeating them several times. Then I went up to normal after we had become comfortable with what our characters could do and were familiar with the rules.

I’ve never read strategy articles and the only stuff I read about the AI was to take the Gloomhaven Rules Quiz. I play with a rotating party of six, which means that I often have to adjust my play style to work with whichever classes I happen to be playing with.


I’m more than happy to consult walkthroughs when videogaming, but for some reason the mere idea of looking up character builds and such for Gloomhaven feels like it would suck a lot of the fun out.


(Scenarios 22 and 27 I think)

Played again yesterday - we fnished up the Hail-questline. I think? Kinda sad, since I love that character. :smiley:
We also raided the Temple of the elements and were thrilled about the reward: 100 bucks per person to use on enhancements? Yes please!

I got closer to my lifegoal ~130 out of 200 needed coins, while the rest of my group barely scrapes by :stuck_out_tongue:

And now we’re headed for a 4-week hiatus, due to scheduling issues. :frowning: So I actually have to pack Gloomhaven away now and not just nudge it into a corner.


We play our next scenario and the first with the Music Note tomorrow. That will change our whole group I hope we also meet on Sunday, would love that! Not sure though if it will happen.

Super excited because I will probably hit lvl5 with my Three Spears and that’s a big level for that class! I wish we could play Gloomhaven more often!

After a lot of side quests we continue with scenario 7, the main quest :slight_smile:


I have yet to play a single game, but have already spent hours reading the rules, making a storage solution and trying to work things out.

Still love this!

And… I found the secret envelope!


Just worked out why I was having trouble understanding this game. I was approaching it as a boardgame - this is not that! This is an RPG - once I made that mental switch the depth of it made sense, the rules made more sense.

I tend to read the rules to boardgames in one mindset, RPG’s (I haven’t read one in years) in another.

A Boardgame is to be understood in it’s finest minutiae. It should be step-by-step, round-by-round.

An RPG is more complex, and flexible, than that.

I have no idea if any of that makes sense.


i have no idea how you came to that conclusion. To me, Gloomhaven is 99% boardgame, has no flexibility, and must be understood in (nearly) every detail… the only exception being the minutiae of monster movement.


Well… I did! It just feels more like a tabletop rpg to me. I’m not going to beat myself up if I make the odd error, whereas with a boardgame it would be all about accuracy. E. G. Arkham horror - we have discounted some victories due to tiny mistakes.


You would hate the way we deal with monster movements. We normally employ the “whatever, that looks about right” method.
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Look like you cross-posted with my edit.


A short interlude question: can someone tell me whether the box is as wide (or even wider) than the Mech vs Minions one? I’m not sure I can justify having two games that don’t fit into a Kallax in my collection…


It fits in a Kallax.


Well, having run a ruler over the box it’s 41 x 30 x 19 cm roughly. How does that compare?


FWIW I do agree that the game has enough moving parts that doing anything other than “well, we’ll get it right next time” makes little sense.


MvM is 34cm wide, which is almost 1cm too wide for a Kallax. So it seems Gloomhaven wins the humongous box done right award.


Did our first scenario with the Music Note and it was very interesting. We didn’t increase difficulty because we weren’t sure how it works out so scenario was kinda too easy. But the Music Note is big on support and did not once attack anything but buffed and debuffed everybody. And now we had another retirement (Mindthief) and welcomed the Circles class in our round. That seems a very interesting and difficult to play class. Next scenario will still be on normal. Let’s see how it plays out.

Our second retirement also meant that I finally could do my solo scenario as Three Spears and it was super easy because Rocket Boots are sooo good! But it was really fun to play solo, I could see myself doing that more often with 2 characters.

Our group’s dynamic has totally changed. Only the Spellweaver left of the original 4 but her personal goal is pretty difficult. I am the only tank now but I improved my defensive powers and I got my lvl5 card Reinforced Steel. I am ready to show my full power :smiley: