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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


Just played last night and it had been over 3 weeks since the previous session! :scream:

Then I’ll be up in the mountains so it will be another 2.5 weeks until the next one. We can finish the “main story” in 2 scenarios, but I want to unlock more classes and there are so many side scenarios to be done!


We did it! We’ve reached 10! (11 even). :smiley:
sun spoiler Looks promising - tanky paladin with a bunch of healing utility. I bet it works really well with three lightning

You were so right! I love that class. musical note spoiler:I think I killed about three monsters in the last five scenarios but I’m having so much fun juggling the buff-songs and putting all 10 curses into the monster deck.


We just retired our musical notes in exchange for tentacle face.

I also unlocked embedded circles a week ago and got to try him/her/it out this week. I hate how I painted him/her/it, but otherwise some really, really interesting self-enclosed synergies.

I look forward to trying him/her/it again this Saturday!

As an aside: I played Imperial Assault 4 times yesterday, and I still like that game better than Gloomhaven, but it does lack the fantastic continuity of Gloomhaven. I mean, the campaign system is GREAT, it really is, but yeah.

Anyhoo! We still haven’t gotten our reputation over 5, and the town’s prosperity is still low, but we’re pumping gold into the local economy and things are slowly getting better… so who knows? Maybe in a few more months Gloomhaven will finally be thriving and we’ll be a tiny bit known around town!


You can actually turn Music Note into a lean mean killing machine with the right cards and a perked-up modifier deck.


No need, since my group loves it that I turn each and every monster into a stupid non-threatening little kitty. 10 curses mixed together with 20 attack cards combined with the disadvantage song is brutal. :smiley:


We made two runs at the Ancient Cistern #26 in the last week and failed both two turns from winning. ARGH. Won’t go back there again until we have a different combo of heroes, methinks.


You can do both. :slight_smile:


Just played my sun class with the kid’s music note class last night and there were curses and blessings galore!!!


I bought Tabletop Simulator to be able to play even more Gloomhaven. My group is not meeting as often as I wish for :frowning:

Though my Three Spears will be a lot of fun soon! I just got the Item 96 Rocket Boots + 3 movement + Jump. This and the Goggles combined with my lvl5 card Reinforced Steel will be awesome! Just need to turn lvl5 :slight_smile:
We also retired our second character and have the Music Note as a new party member. Very curious how that will turn out!

Last scenario we did was a random one (#66) and I liked it a lot. The pressure plates demanded good coordination and team play. And we met Oozes for the first time, I heard they were super annoying and while we were lucky I can absolutely see why :smiley:


Has anyone else had their miniatures painted? I think I’d love to do that, and I’m curious what others have done.


This is what I came up with, working with a limited palette:


That’s some gorgeous shit.


…that’s incredible.


That is amazingly good, my painty freind complains about how terrible the minis are to paint, so that is an excellent job!


Summer’s arrival means that members of our 4-person group will be taking vacation at various points. We’ve decided that rather than wait for everyone to be back we’ll instead do some “side scenarios” with mini-groups until we’re all back.

I’m personally thrilled with this because I love to play more Gloomhaven, and I may get to retire my Mindthief quite quickly this way and unlock the Angry Face box.


I have, yes. Unfortunately, the only models I have pictures of are of ones we’ve unlocked during our playthrough, so I can’t post them (spoilers and all that).

I’m working on Saw right now, I hate how I painted Concentric Circles, but I did a better job with Twisty Circles. Ooh, and I did a pretty baller job with Tentacles.

I’ll try to get pictures of the original six and post them, but Benkyo did a better job, no question.
(And yes, the minis are total crap quality to paint… but oh well!)


I bore my friends with constantly saying how pleased I am that the minis are poor enough I have no temptation to paint them at all, which is a big time saver. Glad to hear people dislike painting them for some vindication.


Oh yeah. I mean, Hero Quest (which is 30 years old now!) had better quality minis and plastic.

This stuff is total crap. It’s soft, the detail level is really low, and the details are really vague.

I paint 'em anyway, because painted crap is still better than unpainted crap, but yeah. I can’t think of a board game that had so few minis of such low quality in a very long time.

Now, that stated: gimme crappy minis at a reasonable price over twice the price for good quality minis and the same game. I’m glad that Isaac (or whoever on his team) made this choice.


We are fortunate to still have many decent plastic minis from playing Living Greyhawk back in the day, so we just use those.


Seconded. I actually paid for the cardboard character tokens, thinking it would save me having to paint the miniatures. Then I went out and spent ~$40 on paints anyway.