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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


That’s exactly how we rationalized going ahead with the mission so I’m glad to see it wasn’t a terrible decision on our part.


Finally we played another mission and I retired my Tinkerer on lvl4 (6xp short of 5). We were on a rush so I didn’t retire my Tinkerer before that mission (which I could have done) which is annoying because we just hit prosperity lvl 3 and it was the best point of time to retire anyways. The mission we did didn’t do anything for the Tinkerer either but I know myself…till I would have been fine with my new character it would have taken at least 30 mins and we didn’t have that time :smiley:

So my Tinkerer decided to earn some more money to have a grander business opening!
In the end I didn’t dislike the character anymore as much as in the beginning. He felt more powerful later on than in the beginning though you always had to pay with a loss for his powerful burst.

And now welcome 3 Spears (Quartermaster). I really like him, very excited to play him for the first time (next Sunday). Unfortunately only lvl 3 I am so excited for his lvl 5 ability (to refresh one spent item every round for the whole scenario). That offers so many cool moves :smiley:
Other than that he seems to be good at tanking and has some nice support abilities. And almost no losses (at least almost no good losses).

Ha! I am so excited :smiley:


Ohhh I just retired my three spears (L9 thanks to a pain in the butt retirement goal), it was a lot of fun!

He was super flexible and capable of covering most party roles, especially given his excellent item use. I started out building him for damage, but when our tank retired he became the defacto front-liner, a job he’s more than capable of. Then our Spell weaver hit level nine and became a force of destruction, so I focused on amplifying his power. Eventually he retired, and I became the ranged damage guy instead - the cards aren’t amazing for it but again, combined with your item use and recycling you can do a decent amount of damage and lockdown. Really fun character and not the dull support I was expecting when I first opened him up!


We’re playing a four player game, and seem to be… half way through? Maybe? Although I’m not sure who the big bad is so maybe not. in saying that, we’ve only got about four characters left to unlock. One of them is the three spears ya’all are talking about above. It’s all I can do to keep from reading them.

We’ve just finished two scenarios back to back against Oozes. I don’t like oozes. So. Much. Admin. With so many oozes.

We got kinda lucky for the second one though, as I’m playing the saw character. spoilers below.

Saw Character spoilers

I’m playing the sawbones, and one of his level 4 (ish?) abilities is burn a card to kill an adjacent normal or elite enemy. The goal of this mission was to kill “The giant ooze” which was specified to be an elite ooze.

We considered counting it as a boss, but quickly realized we didn’t actually want to fight 8 oozes all over again so killed him. I think it’s the fastest we’ve ever completed a map, in under an hour including set up.

I can’t wait for the expansions. And to finish the game. And for next time we play. … I might have a problem.


Oozes are annoying. We’ve finally learned that we need to just get some big hits on the “prime” oozes if we can, then run away. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have introduced my friend (the kid’s dad) to Gloomhaven and we played 4 scenarios over the weekend!

More importantly, I retired my Lightning Bolts character and started a new Sun character! :smiley: I tried to play her as mostly support, pack lots of healing and having other characters recover their cards, but it became obvious in the scenario I played (and failed) that I should add in more attack cards. I’m enjoying being able to play around with the magic system a bit more, as I barely did that with my previous two characters.

I have hooked another one! He is “borrowing” my other friend’s character as he doesn’t play with us that regularly and has given permission to level him up on his behalf. Now my friend wants to create his own character, muahaha! We will be unlocking the Two Miniatures class pretty soon, so maybe he’ll go with that one.


I played the sun character and built her as an awesome tank. With combined abilities and equipment there were turns when she would soak up like 30 enemy damage and hardly take a scratch on her HP. So fun!


Our first encounter with oozes, we opened the door to the final room, revealed five oozes and they immediately split into ten. So much hassle.


Not played that specific scenario but named enemies are not considered elite or normal.

I know people go on and on about a box organiser being essential for Gloomhaven, and we have one and it’s great and all. But I recently picked up these stands:

They’re absolutely brilliant. There’s two spots for small D6s on them, and you use that to track health. Also space for condition tokens. It’s hard to explain the difference being able to look at the board and see the health of the enemies makes, rather than having to look at the board, look at the standee number, and cross reference with a sleeve on the other side of the table. You just get a far, far better feel for what’s going on in the game - “oh there’s 20 HP worth of monsters on the left and 8 HP worth on the right”.


I think one of my groups got a bit overconfident.

We got so used to spending time hoovering up whatever cash they felt like, and not having to work as a team. We were just about to head into a big room, and one person held back from opening the door, effectively losing their turn, whilst the other stepped back, just to pick up 2 coins next turn, only one space, what difference could it make?


It was left to me and the other guy to soak up all the room attacks. By the time the delayer got in the room, I’d lost a couple of cards having to take hits to save the “tank”, and would die long before the loot collector even got back into the room.

We ended up making it into the final room, but no chance of winning. Many harsh lessons learned. The worst thing was I ended up 3 XP short of leveling.

Que sera sera. :slight_smile:


I’ll keep that in mind for future scenarios, but I doubt anyone will want to go back and play that one properly. Thanks for pointing that out!

I’d be super keen for those standees if the shipping cost didn’t double the price… Oh the joys of living in far flung places that don’t exist on half the world maps.


We played two scenarios and my group was very annoyed with me because I looted 15 coins at once with my nice top Loot 2 action in a small room filled with coins after the others killed all the (weak) Vermlings in there. Scenario 17, a dream if you need money

I created an excel sheet with a plan for which items and abilites and perks I want to go. For me knowing all the items doesn’t diminish the exploration feeling in the game. The biggest spoilers are the classes and I don’t look at locked ones at all. But being able to look at all items makes it possible for me to pour hours over a build I want to do :smiley: And the Three Spears class has so many combo possibilities! I need more items and some more levels and perks though to really do what I want to do! We have to play more!


Two very close games today. I love it when a scenario forces people to use “lose” effects they normally wouldn’t, and success or failure comes down to a lot more than just damage output and mitigation.


We finally unlocked our first new class: The music note!

Looks like so much fun to play, but doesn’t work really well with our current team. So we wait until we unlock another class to put her to the test.

My Mindthief keeps banking massive loads of XP every game and finally got a little bit closer to fulfill his lifegoal. I’m gonna be sad when I have to retire him, but I’m super interested in new classes.
Also, our reputation is at +7 so we are close to Mr. Sun.


Jealous! Our reputation can’t be much higher than 3 or 4. Nothing we do seems to help!

We are, however, cranking up the prosperity of Ye Olde Gloomhaven. But that doesn’t unlock anything besides more equipment!

My Lifequest is brutally difficult. There is a good chance that our Music Note will unlock a second character before I unlock my first.


Exciting development in our ranks!
we managed to retire two characters yesterday, so next time will be the first game without any of the three founding members of “Zwei ganz Liebe”. (We unlocked the music note last time, now we added the triforce and the lightning to our ranks.)
Our mercenary band now consists of a brute, lightning and music note and I am so pumped for my first game as a music note.


Our musical note is fantastic so far. I really want to play it when we’ve retired everything.

What’s it (roughly) translate to English as?
Our party has been running as "Totally not bandits’ wink wink nudge nudge’ ".

I’m looking forward to retiring my current saw and unlocking the moon, but there’s currently not enough stuff on the map to retire. And it doesn’t look like we will be able to play for about two weeks. We’ve been playing weekly with religious fervent for the last… 6 months? I’m gonna have withdraw symptoms.


One of our four players is moving away, after maybe 160 hours of shared gaming! Our fellowship is sundered :sob: I honestly don’t know how I feel about bringing in a new player - how can it possibly be the same :frowning_face:


It’s from the intro song to the rescue rangers so the intended translation would be “those two gumshoes”, even though the direct translation is basically “two pretty nice dudes”


Unfortunately not sure when we will play another session of Gloomhaven :frowning: it has been way too long!