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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


Thanks :slight_smile:
I just blurred the enemy types, nothing else :wink: It is a really early scenario (#4 speaks for itself :wink: ) so I thought most have played it but for these who didn’t I wanted to keep the enemy types a surprise. Though you are allowed to look at the enemy types before you start a scenario to adjust your deck.


We played another scenario and won easily. It was very enjoyable like the others. Slowly our attack decks get tweaked like a well functioning machine :slight_smile:


We managed to finish two scenarios today and I realized that I could retire my Tinkerer because I have enough gold to achieve my personal goal. I really worked hard to get that far but now I wonder if I really want to retire because I am looking forward to some cards I get with later levels. Maybe I wait for some more level ups.

On the other hand I am very curious about the new class :slight_smile:


If a character currently fulfills the conditions of his or her personal quest and is visiting Gloomhaven, the
character must announce retirement.

From page 48 of the rulebook.

Thematically, your character has achieved what they set out to achieve and the dangers of adventuring no longer appeal.

So technically you have no choice.

Non-technically, I promise not to set the cops on you if you decide to continue on :wink:


Oh man!!! I feel your pain! My copy was delivered a week ago! I’ve got it all punched out and ready to go! I sat down to do a quick run through of the first scenario so that I could help teach it to my friends. I got about half hour into it when my 4 month old started crying, my wife needed my help. My 3 year old woke up early from her nap. I was called in for overtime at work the next day! There has always been some reason in the last week I couldn’t get enough time to play! But I want too! So bad!


I know that rule (told that to our Spellweaver :wink: ). My personal goal is to get 13 different items to open a merchant shop. And I have enough gold to buy the 8 items I miss (they are the cheapest items in town but I apparently open a shop for budget adventurers).

So I can control myself when I retire.

Thematically my Tinkerer wants to get some more expensive items before opening up the new shop :slight_smile:


Ok, that’s actually a reasonable explanation.

Which means it’ll be super awkward when the cops turn up. Tell them not to put so much stock in anonymous tips next time.


I’ve got a similar personal goal, which after a certain point I’ll be able to achieve of my own volition. It is quite remarkable how in other games the opening of the boxes would be what drives us, but here I actually enjoy playing my spellweaver so much I don’t want to retire soon.

I also realised we’d been playing with incorrect rules (almost every game). We’d been controlling summons, missed the flying symbol on the monster cards (I was confused as to why the drakes couldn’t fly), still getting focus wrong and probably more. But because it’s this sprawling adventure co-op that doesn’t matter. None of it does. It’s always enjoyable. Just yesterday I had a battle quest to collect money, and spent an important turn jumping 8 spaces into a pile of loot just because the scoundrel was hoovering up the rest of the money (after I single handedly took out 3 spirits in one attack!). We have properly gelled as a team now.


Our main rule miss was with the effect tokens like stuns etc. We had them running too long, which not only make bookeeping them a nightmare, but was a bit OP . . . as we discovered when we started getting hit with them, which is when we realised something was wrong :slight_smile:

The monsters should form a royal commission to investigate human cheating :smiley:


Just some general enthusiasm to add to the thread… I received my copy before Christmas, spent the requisite evenings organizing everything and now my gaming buds and I have made it through four sessions. The game was easy to learn, but has more than enough detail to keep our noses in the rulebook (good, if you like that sort of thing). We’re happy to be making progress, enjoying the story and I must say, I haven’t had this much fun in ages. I actually feel like I did when we played D&D in high school. If we weren’t grown adults (i.e. man-children) with other commitments, I’d love to start this Saturday at noon and play until the wee hours of Sunday. Enjoying Gloomhaven very much!


What do you like about the Spellweaver? Who else is in the party and what makes the Weave good?

I’ve not been enjoying it and I’m not finding her very effective. Would be interesting to hear a more positive view point. It made me miss my Mindthief twice as much playing the Spellweaver. That and my other campaign made the Cragheart look even better in comparison. There might be some party blend issue going on and a particularly fiendish scenario causing us consternation.


I’ve got the invisibility cloak, Eagle eye goggles and piercing bow. My favourite move (after getting my mystic ally to do something) is to ride the wind with some piercing advantage fireballs into a room then turn invisible. It burns through all my decent cards quickly, but so so brightly. In my head I’m a superhero at this point, raining death from above and then avoiding all retaliation. This is especially useful when there are shielded enemies causing a ruckus that nobody else can deal with.

And then you get to do it again! (Minus the advantage, pierce and invisibility, which is why it’s usually the endgame action).

Until that bit I am just a mild mannered journalist, plonking the occasional 3 damage against enemies.

Edit- I’m working with an obstacle obsessed crag heart, a scoundrel who has a fondness for charging into rooms, and a tinker medic.


We’ve got our next game scheduled for tomorrow night. We’re playing with 4 people so normally we aim to play one scenario every week or so. We’re about a dozen scenarios in at this point and haven’t really unlocked anything apart from opening envelope B, which wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world but we still got to stick stuff on the board which is always fun.

However after the last game we’re suddenly really close to opening some stuff! Our Tinkerer collected all the things she was looking for and unlocked the scenario that will fulfill her personal quest, and completing our last mission also unlocked the scenario that our Scoundrel needs to start achieving his quest. The only downside is that our Tinkerer has just found her groove with the character so I don’t think she’s going to want to retire any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re still really enjoying the game. Considering how early we are in the campaign we’ve seen a lot of variety with the mission types and objectives. We like how we can choose which bits of the story we want to pursue next, or we can just go visit a place that we found on a map in a box and see what’s there.


We haven’t unlocked anything at all so far, but we’re just one church donation away from opening B, and a couple of the characters are very close to retiring.

My Scoundrel is close enough to level 9 now that I might as well try to do that and play at least one game with the level 9 card (I’ve already picked out the one I want!) before I retire.

Something that I didn’t realize when I first started playing was how much of an impact the improvements to the attack modifier deck would make, equal to or even better than adding higher level cards to the pool. Rolling modifier cards are a great way to lessen the impact of disadvantage.

I don’t know anything about the class I’ll be unlocking when I retire, but I’ll definitely start a new character of that class. I hope it’s something that can tank, or something that uses a lot of magic.


There isn’t really a “tank” class as such in Gloomhaven. Nobody does well if they get pounded by several attacks in a turn. But there are definitely classes with more HP and shield cards than others. (Or that are better at wearing heavy armor.)


Someone who has mainly melee attacks then, like the Brute. :slight_smile:


Rolling modifier are pretty bad if you have advantage though.


Well, it doesn’t make things worse! I use advantage mainly to avoid the dreaded miss card.


And rolling modifiers, rules as written, make it so you have a decent chance of missing under advantage. I love a lot of things about the game but I don’t think rolling modifiers and advantage should combine the way they do.


You lose the damage, but my modifiers are mainly conditions rather than +damage so I get something out of it instead of nothing at all.