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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


We are nowhere near retiring any of our characters yet. I mean, we’re only around 10 games in (at most) but three of the four of us have personal quests where the requisites don’t really seem to exist yet so it’s going to be a while.

That said, we’re in two minds about retiring our characters anyway: on one hand opening boxes is fun, but on the other we really like our first characters.


I am still loving my Tinkerer in a two-player game. I’m very glad I’m enjoying the Tinkerer more than it seems most people playing it do. As of last night, I’m level 7 and still can’t see a way to retire anytime soon. There’s a good chance I’ll make it to the top before getting to retire and then I’ll retire my Tinkerer (my first character) in the same game my boyfriend retires his second character. I’ve got a few ok damage cards that are reusable, several heavy-hitter cards that are lost after use, and some good ways to support with both retrieving cards and healing (works with summonses as well as other players). I do the most with stunning enemies before they do something terrible, with traps in a variety of ways, and with making opportunities to make the most of the multiple-target attacks. The Tinkerer is really a planner character, I think. I put things in place for a turn or two then get a big payoff on the next turn.

Update on my previous comment’s spoiler box of my favorite part which has gotten significantly cooler:I can now have as many as 5 summonses in play at one time. One (a starter card) is just to soak up damage and distract the enemies, but the other four are all capable of dealing damage in their own right. Two are unlocked class cards, one is a random item design we got from a treasure chest, and one is an item we got as a reward from a random scenario we got. I usually let the summonses get in close while I do range attacks from a safe distance. I got two of the summonses at the end of our game last night so haven’t yet played with them and they are the most powerful. I can’t wait to see them in action. My new personal player goal, separate from my character’s goal, is to have all five summonses on the board at one moment. Usually I’ll have a couple and don’t put out the third until one is killed, but now with the other two, I really want to have all five on the board in a game and get a picture of it.


We’re starting our campaign this week, hopefully. I sent out the list of starting classes (names and icons) and one of my friends immediately called dibs on the Tinkerer; I think it appealed to the steampunk in him.

I’m not going to tell him that a lot of people find it boring. Hopefully he’s one of the people that finds it fun :slightly_smiling_face:


You can absolutely play it as a steampunk Inventor with gadgets and pets - I think a lot of people see it as a healer and end up stuck in that role because the group starts to expect it. You just need to set your group’s expectations early so people get used to avoiding damage rather than soaking it up and resulting on healing


Our Tinkerer potentially had the opposite experience - when we first introduced her everyone was being quite cautious and using a lot of self-healing which limited her options somewhat, but since then we’ve started intentionally started taking more damage and doing less about it and she’s been enjoying the character a lot more.

That said, it may be more about understanding the character and how the game works rather than her needing someone to heal but it’s hard to tell. :slight_smile:


I think it depends a lot on what cards you take and what you enjoy doing. If you like the idea of playing support and focus on healing cards, but aren’t required to heal then I can see that being as boring as it you don’t want to heal but find yourself expected to.

Do bear in mind though, I’ve not played a tinkerer myself - my experience is from watching my teammate play one. He did start out as a healer but slowly drifted out of it to a more utility player, using pets, attacks and traps


Yes! This so much! A huge surprise for me in Gloomhaven was the range of classes out there that went beyond my expectations and outside of Fantasy tropes! AND how different each class plays is amazing.

I could gush about so many of the unlockable classes, but I’ll restrain myself.

I’ve heard some complaining about it’s ascent to #1 on BGG, but this design is so amazing to me that I think it’s deserved it’s acclaim.


I managed to pick(?) mine up a few weeks back. My other half loves all things ratty so I suggested we pick one of the starter boxes for each other without knowing their contents…

I knew from the SUSD review that Mind Thief was ratty. So, using this foreknowledge, I picked her character first and LO it was Mind Thief. What were the chances !

For me, I got Tinkerer. Which I really didn’t like the look of. So much for being clever!

However, the next day I was much more into the idea of us using the two shortest characters to go explore with. Like a couple of Gelflings. Only hairier. In some cases.

So our next step is to paint our character figurines. I’ve already done the primer on them ahead of time, just need a day off and good sunlight.


Finally, FINALLY managed to play this for the first time yesterday after backing the kickstarter, getting it delivered in November, given to me as an Xmas present in December and then being away for work for the whole of January. Phew.

I think it was worth it. 3 of us played, Mindthief, Spellbinder and Scoundrel. Cleared scenario 1 easily enough but got a bit unlucky on scenario 2 as the boss had opened 3 doors and summoned a skeleton by turn 4. We managed to kill him but didn’t have the cards to clear the adds, so we burned cards for xp, hoovered some treasure and ran off.

Positively itching to get back in there and finish him off.



After waiting months for it to arrive, spending hours punching and organizing, and canceling a scheduled session due to a funeral (:disappointed:), we play our first session tonight!

I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a board game this much. Pandemic Legacy Season 1 is the only thing that comes close.


Nice thing for me after the first session was that this excitement did not go away and i looked forward to the next session even more than the previous one.


Haha the guys in my group were already asking about the next available session before we started packing up the box after the first play through!


N00b mistake right there. Just buy a new table and leave it set up :wink:


We had an incredible game yesterday night. We were doing scenario #4, exploring a crypt. We decided to save time because Mindthief is always short on cards and the Cragheart didn’t want to do a long rest at all. So we opened two doors relatively far away from each other at the same time. Some mean enemies 2 elite Earth Demons and 2 elite Wind Demonshappened to wait there and our Cragheart died in the same turn he opened one door and ran into the room shot to death by the Wind Demons. After that I saw us losing, I also didn’t want the Cragheart’s player only be sitting around. I as theTinkerer and the Mindthief kinda went all in and tried to deal as much damage as possible and also to loot some stuff.
Our Spellweaver didn’t lose hope like the rest of us but we convinced her to just run into the last room and get the last treasure chest before we all die. While she did that, the Mindthief died but not without dealing a lot of damage to weaken up the two elite Earth Demons. I also died to a Wind Demon but managed to kill one Cultist and Wind Demon and almost kill another one.
So it is only the Spellweaver now and we all tell her to just loot as much as possible but she thinks we can still win. I didn’t at all because 2 injured Earth Demons, 1 injured Wind Demon and 1 Cultist seemed to much in my opinion, especially because it was already late in the game. Luckily one group of enemies still needed to walk several turns till they reached the Spellweaver which gave her the time to deal with the other enemies first. And with the big support of her Mystic Ally and some good card draw she really managed to deal first with one group of enemies and then with her last cards before she was exhausted with the last two big enemies.

It was such an emotional rollercoaster and now we call our Spellweaver “Demon-Slayer” and my god did she earn that name!


I’ll be honest, I liked your post without really reading it. Even with your spoiler tags I’m worried about spoiling this game :smile:


Our latest game was a bit different to the “kill all enemies” style of game, and after major party upheaval over previosu few games and 3 different characters because of retirements we all settled down to try to work as a team

Which was going ok until one character was one-shotted because of a 2x 6 attack and they were cardless because of being about to redraw their lost pile. Very unfortunate timing. We thought we were doomed, but pressed on and two out of 4 heroes limped over the line.


Nothing in their discard pile either?! Wow.


I can’t remember the exact cards remaining or what was going on exactly, but the player said it was the only time during the whole game it could have happened as they usually don’t leave themselves vulnerable. Perfect timing!


If they’ve got four cards in their discard, none in hand that could happen - you’d lose two discard cards to block the attack and then one at the end of your turn to a short rest (or you’re currently in the middle of a long rest), meaning you can’t play two cards next turn. If they then long rested it would stall for a turn, so maybe another player could give them a lost card back if they had opportunity. If they were the spellweaver on top of that and planning to play their retrieve lost cards next round, I could see that happening mid-game. Super unlucky though!


Yes, they were the spellweaver! 100 points to Griffyndor!

Don’t leave home without your stamina potions!