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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


It’s surprisingly hard to exhaust yourself without sinking the scenario for everyone else! I think that was one of the goals where we fudged it a bit and retired anyway when the other characters all retired in a clump


Our tinkerer has that retirement goal currently. It does seem like a hard one. They’re managing so far by running into the traps or hazardous terrain on the last turn, but it’s been touch and go for a few.


We’ve played 40 times this year (37 distinct scenarios, failed twice and repeated one once), and we’re coming to the end of the campaign.

I can’t say I’ll be sad to see us move on from Gloomhaven for a while. While I’ve obviously enjoyed the game and the campaign, I have stacks of games I’m really excited to try out (including Gen7 and the new Imperial Assault campaign!).

Now, that stated, when the new expansion comes out, I absolutely expect we’ll pull out Gloomhaven again for another spin, but that’s been pushed back until February, so that’s okay.

We haven’t quite finished yet (if I had to guess, I’d say maybe 2-4 more missions before we’re done the “main” story, and I think we’ve completed every side quest we’ve unlocked thus far)… we also have 2 of the classes still locked, but I’m working on one of them and I’m very close to finished.

Anyway! It’s weird having played a single game so often. This is probably the game I’ve played the most of ever out of my entire collection with only a few notable exceptions (Catan, Carcassonne, and Star Realms probably being the only others).


I think it’s weird that this is weird for many people. I would play the games I have way more if I had the chance. So far, the non-kids games that are ahead of Gloomhaven according to my very spotty and inaccurate logs are Magic, Race for the Galaxy, Mage Knight BG, Hive, Go, Jyhad, Dominion, Through the Ages, Love Letter, Roborally, Twilight Struggle, Mahjong, Dungeonquest, Space Alert, Blood Bowl, Star Realms, Tash-Kalar, Cosmic Encounter, Chess, Xiangqi, Galaxy Trucker, Innovation, and Codenames. Of those, the plays of Magic, Jyhad, Cosmic Encounter, and Roborally are all from my teens. There are so many more games I would like to add to that list!

… still, we are only 25-ish games into Gloomhaven.


Oh yeah!? Well, I think you’re weird for thinking it’s weird I think it’s weird! So there!


All joking aside, the “problem” is the number of games I have available versus the times I get to play them convoluted by the number of miniature games I play (which I don’t include in the “game” category). I played at least 50-60 games of Infinity and easily 20-30 games of WarMachine this year.

I have three regular gaming groups:

  • Tuesdays are the “serious” gamers, where we’ll usually play 1 game about 10 times and then move on the next… we’re currently 5 games into the Rise of Fenris campaign of Scythe, but we’ve also played Risk Legacy, multiple playthroughs of Rex, Root, and Star Trek: Ascendancy.
  • Sundays are my Gloomhaven/Co-operative group (my partner, myself, and another couple). We’ve played through three games so far (Mechs vs Minions, Imperial Assault, and Gloomhaven), and I plan on unleashing us on Gen7 in the new year.
  • Lastly is the Twilight Imperium 4th Ed group, and the 8 of us have a semi-rotating group that gets together about once a month (8 times last year) to play TI.

And then Mondays are Infinity nights, and WarMachine is played once a month (but 3-4 games that one Sunday a month).

It sounds like a lot, and heavens know I’m not complaining, but the end result is that most games in my collection are played at most 10-15 times before they leave the rotation. For example, I maybe got a dozen plays of Dead of Winter, and now I own Gen7 which probably means DoW is heading out of my collection and into somebody else’s… but we’ll wait to see how Gen7 actually works out.


Haha, I get to play one day a month, maybe two if I’m lucky, with people who want to play nothing but the new hotness. It’s a constant struggle to play games I actually want to play…


Yeah, I struggle to get back to games because there’s always new cool things arriving from Kickstarter and I want to try those. Campaign games definitely get more of a chance but I’ve got plenty of those on docket as well. And yet, Gloomhaven persists.


So, a Rules question has come up and I wanted to get your take on it (and I forgot to add @Tika to my WhatsApp… :wink:
The Craigheart has a lot of actions to manipulate obstacles, does a trap count as an obstacle in that regard?


They are not! Obstacles are specifically those hexes with the green (?) border in the scenario map. (See rulebook page with all the hex tile types for the color)

I do have WhatsApp or Line if you do want to message me. :laughing: PM me if so.


Thanks @Tika!
That makes using the cool obstacle actions a bit harder and just elevated the action that lets you make two obstacles into indispensable status.

We’ve only played again today, and I realized that the simplicity of the monster rules sometimes is detrimental to the thematical immersion, as much as it’s helpful for the heroes.

We’re in scenario 10, plane of the elemental power, and the poor flame demon standing behind the traps has no alternative to moving towards the heroes, thus triggering the trap directly before him and dying instantly.?
Also, I think it would make sense for flame demons to be immune to fire damage/walking over glowing coals.

But I’m not really complaining since these inconsistencies definitely make our lives a lot easier sometimes.


The spoiler in question has flying I believe, so is unaffected by traps, and ground environment.


I recently tried the Cragheart solo scenario with an under-equipped no-enhancements level 5 Cragheart, and failed 3 times. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, but the odds are so heavily stacked against me that I can’t quite get the necessary damage output and longevity. Maybe try again when I’m level 6.


Shit, you’re right! No wonder it all fept too easy!
I was actually considering this possibility but failed to notice the flying symbol when looking it up. Thanks!

Combined with their Shield 3 that makes them super hard to kill!


Playing the solo scenarios on “even” levels makes a difference!


This happens to us all the freaking time. We’ll often get half way through a map and someone will point out “oh, don’t they have flying? Oops…”

The other common one is ranged attacks. Turns out one of the monsters Oozes. (I hate oozes with a fiery passion only known by those who’ve had to do all the admin involved when they spawn three times in a row.) has a ranged attack. We managed to get through an entire mission and loose by a minus 1 card before we realized they had a ranged attack.


That’s pretty much the best thing that can happen in many scenarios. Waiting them out is often your only viable option! 4 x summon and they are gone. Just pray they don’t heal too often…

Spoilery bits

The first time we encountered them, they spawned faster than we could kill them off. Mostly due to poor party composition on our part but still. It was on a map where we were guaranteed to get all 10 on the map at once,.

We’d get some of them down to low health, then they’d spawn. So ooze 1 would die, ooze 2 would spawn ooze 1 again, ooze 3 would die, ooze 4 would… blah blah blah tears.

At least when they weren’t ranged only one or two of them would hit us at a time.

It’s only monster ability descriptions, but still.


Um, did you notice that the new ooze spawns at the health of the old ooze after it has taken 2 damage? What you describe doesn’t seem to make sense. Oh, unless you were focusing down one ooze at a time. That would do it. Given the amount of damage they do at range, most of successful ooze encounters have been either lightning-fast takedowns, or running away until they die off. After one spawn, 10 on the map is pretty much guaranteed. Of course, the first time we saw the self-heal card, we were all wtf?! but they are almost guaranteed to die out (2 spawn reshuffles vs. 1 heal no reshuffle).


Humm… Either we missed that (which would not surprise me) or the scenario in question had a spawn more oozes mechanic. Ether way it has been a while now, and my memory is a bit hazy.

I just remember a lot more admin than normal between turns, and then playing the scenario again. It took a while.


Hardest scenario I’ve played in the entire game. Really needs some luck in terms of the cards the main enemy draws.