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Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven?


Hey all!

Haven’t been around in a bit, but thought I’d poke my head in to see if anyone is playing/eagerly anticipating the arrival of Gloomhaven, the dungeon-crawling legacy title sitting on top of the BGG hotness for the past few weeks (while sorry saps like myself have been clicking the game’s forums every two minutes to see if there are updates about shipping…)

Has anyone received their copy? Anyone played yet? …anyone like me that’s at the very tail end of US deliveries? (:disappointed:)?

Looking forward to the actual game coming in–I was a KS backer, but I was one of the latest, and there’s been a snafu with Amazon fulfilling shipping for late backers and pre-orderers.

It’s true, I did get my minis, but it’s cold comfort–I can only take them out of the box, make them talking funny voices about how great the game is, and then put them back so many times…


Just got my shipping notification this morning.

Then I just need to decide who to convince to play . . .


I don’t really know much about this game. From what I understand, it’s like a generational RPG where you work with multiple characters to slowly unlock the entire world? It looks super interesting, but how many hours of campaign play are they expecting? Also, someone better versed in this game than I, what is the appeal compared to actually just running a tabletop RPG campaign?


Definitely looking forward to it, although no idea when it’s going to arrive for me. Basically it’s a fully co-op dungeon crawler with an extensive campaign with legacy elements. It’s got a really interesting combat system where the actions you can do are represented as a hand of unique cards, so you can’t do the descent thing where you just move and attack every turn. It’s also got an absolutely crazy amount of content with something like 80 different scenarios (seriously, the box is double the size of just about anything else I’ve seen).

As for what makes it better than an RPG campaign, I guess not having a DM is a selling point. I’ve no idea about the quality of the writing/scenarios yet, although they’ve got a few celebrity names (I think Rob Daviau wrote one, for example).


This sounds like a Kickstarter! How much of that stuff is stretch goals, and how much actually comes in the box?


A friend has this preordered and his excitement has infected me a fair bit.

I’ve never played a true tabletop RPG, so I’m envisoning it as my D&D training wheels!


So, there were a fair number of stretch goals, but there’s no real kickstarter exclusives that I’m aware of, everything should be in the retail box.


I’m waiting for Kingdom Death: Monster, but I sure would be up for playing it if someone in my social circles picked it up.


Cool! That makes me more likely to pick it up.


The creator Issac has very particular and curious ideas.

Firstly, that kickstarter and retail versions should be the same game. The only difference is that the KS version has the options of PC standees, whereas retail will be minis. Also the KS version has a thank you note. That is all. :slight_smile:

He is also a strong advocate of realistic portrayal of women in games, So you can expect female characters to be wearing practical adventuring clothes.


I think there are a few key differences between the two, and to my mind they pretty much all favor Gloomhaven.

  1. Gloomhaven is much cheaper
  2. Gllomhaven has no “soft pron in hell” theme
  3. Gloomhaven doesn’t have the random chance that your character will just die from a random event every single time you return from a mission
  4. Both are massive games (literally and figuratively :smiley:)
  5. KDM has a lot more emphasis on building the village and is played as the passing of years.

I have both on order (Gloomhaven arriving literally any moment!) but was really torn of KDM. I find the prevelance of plastic boobies pretty off putting and unnecessary and that really diminishes the appeal. But it was intruiging enough that I wanted to give it a go anyway. Unlike say Conan.


Yeah, as @baronwr says–no real KS exclusives, unlike your standard CMON plasticfest. The bulk of the box (which is upwards of 20 lbs, they say!) is the same for backers and “retail” (which I put in quotes because it looks like a good portion of anything that was slated for retail inventory is already spoken for).

That said–backers are supposed to get a special, exclusive thank you letter from the designer (…possibly it’s in code? or it includes some sort of encoded spoiler?) And, you could only get the version of the game with cardboard standees through KS. Other boxes will all have only minis. But those are the only conceivable exclusives.

It’s really shaping up to be quite a box–kinda on par with KD:M, but without the crazy (in both amount and form) minis.

Some folks over the past week were estimating the amount of gameplay in the box. It’s scenario based, and there’s 70-some in total. Add in the party upgrade/town phases, possible unlocked extra scenarios, different character and skill combinations, and various estimates put this at 100-300 HOURS of gameplay in the box. That’s some chunk of game, there.

So I’m really looking forward to this landing on my doorstep (…just checked, and it’s still not there :sad panda:). It’s been hard for me to get time to get out and play recently (or even to check in here on the forums regularly!) and the chance to run a few solo missions of a solid tactical battler wrapped in an evolving, solid narrative would really great!

What’s really frustrating is I actually do have a small window of time to play with some friends this week, but it looks like the game won’t get here in time for that. Ah well, I’ll just have to dry my tears with the literal wall of other games I can and should be playing…#firstnerdproblems.


Mine literally just arrived.

A large cardboard packing box. Didn’t seem too amazing. Inside the game box surrounded by foam.

Somehow it’s not until I took it out of the plain brown cardboard and opened the box that the sheer size really dawned on me. You start removing layers from the box and . . . keep going and going. There is a huge scenario book and a chunky rulebook.

The thank you note from Issac includes a symbol key which will let you translate cyoered messages in the game, but I am assuming these will be spoiled long before the retail version comes out, so it’s basically easter eggs hidden in game text somewhere that the note allows you to translate.

Oh boy,. this is going to take a lot of unpacking and prep.


Much jelly, @adrian–enjoy that unboxing, it only happens once!

If you don’t mind me asking–did you get a standee version? And what backer number are you?


I just got the standees yeah. I only caught up after the KS had ended, so I don’t think I got a number?


Interesting. My theory has been that high backer numbered standee orderers were last in line. But sound like you’re a pre-order? Maybe it’s just standee copies that are late (assuming you’re in the US).

I am starting to get a bit concerned, though–most backers seem to have gotten their games, and there were a few horror stories of games that were repackaged by Amazon that got really beaten up in transit–so maybe my game us all mangled in some dark corner of a distribution center somewhere? This is the nightmare scenario I’m currently torturing myself with.


I am in Australia, so my delivery has no relevance to us shipping.

The EU boat only landed a day or two back, so two weeks at least for them. In the US there was an Amazon SNAFU so even though I believe Issac has now resolved it, probably at least another week in the US of A for those who didn’t already get lucky :slight_smile:

The box mine came in from China had a foam insert surrounding the actual game, so it’s hard to see how Amazon could screw that up, unless they remove it from the cardboard box for some reason?

Fingers crossed for you.


I had a similar unpacking experience with MvM… Will you put up a review once you’ve gotten some play time in? I’d love to know more about the game from a critical perspective, and it’s probably unlikely that SU&SD will cover it in depth due to its limited availability.


Yeah, I think this game and MvM are the poster childs for GIVING ALL THE STUFFS for a n extremely reasonable price. I had kept up with this game, but nothing prepared me for the sheer amount packed into the giant box.

MvM is on order :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be a while before I play enough to post coherent thoughts, but I am hopeful the game will be a lot more coherent than, say Shadows of Brimstone.

Although Gloomhaven is a bit hard to get now, i am expecting a big reprint or new kickstarter for it soon ™. There are no brakes on this hypetrain, and people will want to get on board, no matter how fast it’s whipping through the station.


That was my main point: only room for one such massive game in my collection. But that certainly wouldn’t rule me out from playing it if someone else picks it up.

I personally dig the grindhouse and sexploitation aesthetic, but fully understand why it’s a niche taste. I wouldn’t really have picked it up if I didn’t.