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Any love for Foamcore?

This one’s a bit random but since the subject of spray paint interactions came up, here’s a PSA: Never, EVER use spray paint with contacts in, and if you must, please wear full goggles in a highly ventilated area. True of most or all aerosols, I believe.

The problem is with the propellant in all/most aerosols, I think, not the type of paint. I’ve heard of people having problems specifically with spray primers, but not having any problem with the brush on versions of the same paint. I imagine you wouldn’t have any problem with using a brush on primer first, then spray painting over that, as long as you’re careful to cover all surfaces with paint first, since the propellant shouldn’t react negatively with paint.

That’s correct - and as a result maybe less of an uncommon risk than I thought. In highschool a friend fused his contacts to his eyes during one of our art classes - a project using spray paint. Looking into it more, it seems like there are tons of things to watch for with contacts… I’m happy I don’t need them!

I had no idea! I’ve noticed that some people are always sure to use safety goggles when using spray paint… Now I know… that they probably wear contacts!

Alright, I ended up doing a Gaia Project Project. I had originally intended to just crib one of the plans available online, but by the time I got home with my materials, I realized I had bought three sheets of 3mm board, not two sheets of 5mm. I wasn’t interested in going back to the store, and no way was I going to follow a plan making 2mm alterations every step of the way, so I just winged it.

This was hardly a precision job, but I’m happy with the results. The game sets up quicker, packs up easily, and is perfectly happy sitting vertically. I shook the hell out of the box from all angles, not a single piece shaken loose. And critically, I managed precision where it counted: the box stuffs right to the top but there is absolutely no box lift.

I set up a Google doc with the pics rather than create a wall here. Hope it works:



Finally got hold of the Folded Space Gloomhaven insert. I’m not crafty at all and a little lazy so I didn’t do the best job of it, and it still looks good in the box. And with so many different pieces that I’d deliberately waited to punch from the cardboard, it really feels like a sensible choice over baggies!

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I ended up tricking out Flamme Rouge this week after picking up a copy with a destroyed box interior (and damaged box). I’ll probably slot in some spacers to keep things in place (and address Meteo) but for now, here’s my newly pimped game. Box was reinforced with Foamcore due to damage in some very problematic locations.

[EDIT] Totally failed to note the files used for these were taken from BGG thanks to uploads from user iamzimmer - https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/151041/tuckboxes-flamme-rouge-sleevedunsleeved-cards


Nothing too sexy, but a caddy or two for Batman…


I have only ‘foamcored’ two games so far. Had torn up my King of Tokyo insert to fit in some expansions, so that was one where I just took some pre-existing designs and spent the weekend slicing skin from the tops of my fingers, and also making an insert.

This weekend I had issues fitting all of the Targi cards back in to the original insert once I’d sleeved them. So I decided to try designing a basic insert that would hold the tokens and lift out to make setup quicker (not that it was arduous before). Happy enough with the results… there’s some Wonkiness™ built in there… on purpose, obviously. :slight_smile: Also haven’t bothered with a section for the workers, but I’ll get around to it sometime.


Damnit, someone trademarked Wonkiness before me!

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It’s only fair, I consider wonkiness my birthright :grinning:


I have lots of inserts I’ve made over the years I keep meaning to post but I finally made my first new one in a while. Organized all of Concordia (original, Salsa, and Venus) with some foam board trays and 110 lb card stock tuck boxes. Notches in the trays hold the smaller boards in place and there’s room on top for two map boards. The rest of the map boards are in another box with room in there for one or two more.


I think I’m gonna have to do something like this for Copenhagen. The box for that plus expansions is the pits.

Think I have my next project now! :grinning:

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I really ought to get into foamcore because it’s much cheaper than the wood organizers people sell and moreover will be a viable organization approach for games that are out of print or otherwise too small market for the organizer companies to take up as a project. But it just looks so intimidating to design.

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You can make functional but slightly less than perfect inserts very easily. Just because the ones that get photographed are marvels of engineering, yours don’t have to be. Cheap, very lightweight, and functional - worth a try!

I made a Mage Knight insert using foam, not foamcore, and it ain’t pretty, but it does the job very well.

The two pull-out trays just sit on the other components. Bags are actually better than trays for some things, such as a set of components you give to one player at the start of the game.

This was intended to be a prototype, made roughly and without precise measurements to find out what dimensions would work, but since it all fit and worked fine, I couldn’t be bothered to make it again!


I frequently only plan out part of a build then make the rest up as I go. I also adjust on the fly to fix mistakes and end up with good enough results rather than perfection. It works and makes me happy and most other people don’t notice the mistakes unless I point them out. For example two problems with Concordia: (1) I planned to divide the money tray in two for money and salt tokens then realized it wasn’t really big enough to work that way so left it as one with the salt still in a baggie (2) After I took the above photos I found the large orange player turn marker pawn that came with Venus on the floor. It must have rolled off the table while I was planning the layout and I forgot about it. So the white player box that says “Venus only” now has an additional note of “Includes player turn marker.” Luckily that tuck box had some room in it or I’d be back to square one.


I made my first thing.

Some pics:

For Copenhagen - a game with great components but terrible insert.

It was a bit rough but I’m glad I sort of stumbled my way through it (and that, given the lack of planning it worked!). If you care to find out a bit more I wrote a thing about it on BGG.


I have that exact pencil.

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Barely counts, but used a circle cutter to make some foam core disks to keep the Splendor chips in their cubbies. I store horizontally, but its nice that walking from shelf to table doesn’t dislodge the pieces from the insert.