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Any love for Foamcore?


This one’s a bit random but since the subject of spray paint interactions came up, here’s a PSA: Never, EVER use spray paint with contacts in, and if you must, please wear full goggles in a highly ventilated area. True of most or all aerosols, I believe.


The problem is with the propellant in all/most aerosols, I think, not the type of paint. I’ve heard of people having problems specifically with spray primers, but not having any problem with the brush on versions of the same paint. I imagine you wouldn’t have any problem with using a brush on primer first, then spray painting over that, as long as you’re careful to cover all surfaces with paint first, since the propellant shouldn’t react negatively with paint.


That’s correct - and as a result maybe less of an uncommon risk than I thought. In highschool a friend fused his contacts to his eyes during one of our art classes - a project using spray paint. Looking into it more, it seems like there are tons of things to watch for with contacts… I’m happy I don’t need them!


I had no idea! I’ve noticed that some people are always sure to use safety goggles when using spray paint… Now I know… that they probably wear contacts!