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Any love for Foamcore?


Definitely going to have to check this stuff out and maybe make use of it. I recently got a board game with a ton of miniatures and tokens and such and I sort of came up with a solution beyond little baggies. I got everything pretty much together in four small plastic containers with the lockable tops and it all fits inside the original box.

Amusingly enough the plastic containers I picked up from the dollar store, 1.50 each.


Personally, I’ve also watched the Esoteric Order’s tutorial video before and since then made inserts for Caverna, Scythe and Arcadia Quest.
The best thing about foam core imo is that you can make decent-looking inserts even if you’re not particularly talented handicraft-wise.


Can we use this thread to show off what we have done? I know I get lots of ideas looking at other peoples work…

In that vein - I love the new edition of Mansions of Madness and have bought all the second edition stuff. I just wish it didn’t take so long to play - but that is a topic for another thread! With the obvious fact that I will be buying a lot more expansions I wanted to make boxes to hold all that had been released, but with room to expand. Thus, this was born;


This is the main game box, and the pull out tray holds the big figures. The smaller figures fill the tray below.

I converted the two figure expansion boxes into covers for foamcore boxes;

One mainly for the tiles, the other for the overspill of figures, and characters, as well as cards.

I’ve seen more elegant solutions, but this is mine for now, and it leaves me lots of room for expansion.


What are you using for this? Looks like some sort of plastic…


I don’t like white foam core. I just think black sets the game off better! I don’t actually buy it from Hobbycraft, but here’s the link.


I prefer the aesthetic of black foamcore too, but not enough to justify the difference in price. Especially given that when I last visited Hobbycraft, they had A1 sheets of white foamcore on clearance :slight_smile:

(@SamLR see @bruitist’s reply above :wink: )


I didn’t even know there is white foam core! :smiley:
Hobby shops here only carry the black one.


Ah cool. Also didn’t know they do black foam core, I thought you were using a plastic foam (I found some once, about 3mm thick, black sheet of black plastic foam; really tough, utter PITA to cut)…

Talking of coloured foamcore. Remember folks, if you want to spray paint your foamcore: seal the edges with PVA first, otherwise the paint will eat the foam.

… Sorry that was incredibly rambly.


@SamLR not rambly at all! I forgot you could paint foam core…
@michaelg I agree about the price but… but… imagine a dark horror game with a load of white foramcore bogging about! GAH!



Dude, well I hope you weren’t rocking backwards and forwards while twitching and crying too much when you saw my Doom insert then :laughing:

@SamLR the first insert I ever made was for Yspahan, which I did decide to spray paint.

The PVA glue trick, it turns out, was unnecessary, as long as you hold the can sufficiently far away from the material so that the nasty chemicals dissipate into the air before they land on the polystyrene and cause it to deteriorate. I did mine over a year ago and they’re still fine.

However I still wouldn’t recommend spray painting your inserts, but for a different reason: the paint stays a little bit tacky so stuff can get stuck to the insides of the trays, or removable sections get stuck - not to the point of ruining your components and/or being unable to remove the removable bits, but enough to be annoying.

So now I stick to white foamcore without painting. It does the job just fine.


So I’m going to try making an inlay or something with foam board. I have no idea how well it will work but I am doing it. I bought some foam board, a cutting mat, a knife and some glue today. Keep you posted. Think I’m going to try and do a card inlay for netrunner first.


Curious: how much does that cost in material for the 3D printer?


emspace – I sell the Grifters overlay for a little under £13 - which is more than my strict material and power costs, but there’s wear on the printer to consider as well.

Pravikun – good luck!


I think I designed my Arkham Horror LCG box with a but too much room… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



“But I have to buy the expansions, or the foam will bow from having an uneven load.”


One definite upside to GW revising Necromunda is the EXPLOSION of suddenly inspired veteran players bin raiding and digging out their scraps to build some amazing tabletop industrial terrain


Way, way back in the day I made a church out of foamcore, as well as a load of hills, walls… and it was all great! Much was damaged every time we moved, and now I have very little left. It’s great stuff!


Think I’m calling this done for now - AH LCG, dividers in, with paper bands for the scenario cards and a notebook as a campaign log!


So today I finished a very ambitious foamcore project, and now I’d like to dredge this thread up again to show off the results :slight_smile:

Xia: Legends of a Drift System received a pretty lukewarm review from SUSD when it first came out, but its expansion Embers of a Forsaken Star is nothing short of phenomenal and injects a huge amount of life into the experience (including fixes of borderline broken stuff).

Except it is probably the biggest pain in the bum to set up.

So, naturally, this was a job for a foamcore insert, and probably the most puzzly, head-scratchy insert I’ve put together to date. This one involved not just a knife and a ruler but also a compass-cutter and a nail file. And (shock, horror)… MATHS.

I’m really proud of how it’s gone - especially the fact that I’ve managed to squeeze the expansion in and got room to spare. Y’know, just in case any more expansions come out… but till then, I guess I’ve got a nice little dice tray as a bonus.

I’m also rather pleased with how the ship outfits have tetrissed together. Should make things so much easier!

Anyway, here it is in all its glory!



How did you punch those perfect circular holes for the ship bases?