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Any love for Foamcore?


I hate long set up times. It really used to put me off playing a lot of games until I discovered foamcore. I now foamcore nearly all of my games, making up the designs as I go along. Arkham Horror, for example, takes ages to set up. So I made this;

Now I can get to all the components quickly, without faff, and the trays stay on the table - no little piles!


I haven’t worked out how to get this in the UK yet, but I’ve been 3d-printing some inserts for smaller games.

turns into


turns into


I’ve been looking into it. Just need to get round to getting some board and giving it a try.


I got some time on a laser cutter (ages ago - I must go back at some point) and made a couple of prototype boxes for storing Game of Thrones board game components.


It’s similar in principle to making things with foamcore in terms of how you put stuff together - I should maybe give that a shot for some other stuff.


@RogerBW That is brilliant! Wish I had a 3D printer… Is that Welcome back to the Dungeon I see?
@PaulC That’s a beautiful box! We have a laser cutter at work - but in another department. Maybe I need to talk to them…


@MrJackdaw: Yup, I wasn’t as impressed with Welcome Back as with the original but I still enjoy it.


@RogerBw Funnily enough I was thinking of getting Welcome Back - but I don’t play Welcome often enough to justify it. I thought of buying it just to support the maker though.


Ooh ooh my turn to show off!

I’ve made about half a dozen now (most of the time I resort to large numbers of baggies marked up with many different coloured Sharpies) and here are a couple that I’ve put together:


…and Thunder Alley



I caved and just bought one of these foam liners for silver tower.

I used to have access to a laser cutter and they’re great. I’m still semi tempted to buy one; they make many things so much easier…





Love a bit of foamcore. My Codenames and roll for the Galaxy boxes are a good bit tidier now.
Above and below’s next I think


Pardon my ignorance here but is foamcore a product? A company?


It’s just a type of board that can be found at most craft shops, etc. Stiff foam on the inside, paper coating.


As @bruitist says - it’s an easily cut card with foam in the middle. The Esoteric Order of Gamers do a series of videos for using it to build inlays. Back in the 80’s I used it to build scenery for 40K!

Now I enjoy making the inlays - it’s becoming an obsession. I really look forward to spending hours making the inlay.


Only created one so far (for Concordia). As mentioned the video series from the Esoteric Order of Gamers at https://youtu.be/3hfKaDX2P2k is excellent. Hobby Craft in the UK makes it easily available. Get yourself a sharp knife, some PVA and some pins and you’re sorted



Not foamcore exactly; but not being able to afford the full price game, and not wanting to add MORE models to the pile of unpainted minis demanding attention - I got a copy of Warhammer Quest: silver tower without minis second hand and made my own standees.
Have to say it’s not affected our enjoyment of the game any more/less than using grey plastic moulded minis would have

Not that I wouldn’t have felt better, ethically speaking, to have bought the game new


If you don’t have a craft store near you and want to pick some up to try it, in Canada you can also buy similar quality to craft stores at Staples, and you can buy lower quality (but fine enough for this purpose) at Dollar Stores.


At least you’ve bought it. I don’t see much wrong in the second hand market.
The standees look cool, I can see how the enjoyment might be the same or higher than with grey minis.


Absolutely nothing at all wrong with the second hand market - many people will pay more for an item that retains it’s worth when sold on, so the second hand market adds value to a product. The original buyer already paid, ethically speaking, for the product to be sold on to you.


Working on standees for the additional heroes expansion cards now - which will give much more variety, and lots of choice for the more GM centred WQ: Shadows over Hammerhal that a friend and I are splitting; giving him the minis, while I get the floor tiles and rules/source materials