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Any interest in Flamme Rouge?


Definitely still interested.


I’ll find a way to allocate the remaining two slots, then we can kick off. If you don’t make it into this round you’ll be at the top of the list for future tours!


So I’ve just gone with the order in which people initially replied, so our participants will be:

The remainder are guaranteed a spot in the next tour :slight_smile:

I’ll start getting things set up! Any preferences for team colour before I randomly allocate them? :wink: (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White or Pink)


My Little Green Army Men are fired up for retribution.


I will be red again, I guess


Actually that makes sense, all the original participants can keep their old colours.

@Oly and @decitrig you get to choose between white & pink :slight_smile:


Mr. Pink reporting.


Decitrig the White


Late here but wanna say Interested :smiley: Have downloaded Apknite’s Flamme Rouge Companion app and enjoyed to the max. hehe