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Any interest in Flamme Rouge?


@RossM, @HrafnkelRedBeard, @webs & @IsAnythingReal you’ll be in the first group if you’re still interested in trying this experiment,

The rest of you are all in the reserve list for this/future games :slight_smile:

Just putting the last few things together so I’ll set up a new thread once I’m ready to go!


Can’t wait!


So if you haven’t seen my progress in the other thread, I’m pretty close to being able to easily run a 6-player Grand Tour (with Peloton) so I’m going to put the call out for players.

As my beta testers, @RossM, @HrafnkelRedBeard, @webs & @IsAnythingReal you get first dibs on spots in the tour. Let me know if you want in!

@RogerBW, @decitrig, @Oly and @Rodafowa let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll figure out a way to select some players.

Flamme Rouge rules
Peloton rules - we’ll be using the Breakaway variant

Pertinent Grand Tour Rules:




Currently trying to decide whether to do a short tour of say 3 stages or go for something longer like 5.


Still interested :slight_smile:


I’m in!


Hell yeah I’m in.
As for the length, the longer the merrier imo, but it might be better to do a short tour so it’s not too much work for you and others get a shot at playing as well if you’d do another tour sooner then.


I mean technically I can run them in parallel, but probably shouldn’t for my sanity :wink:

I’ll plan for 5 stages (a mix of original and Peloton stages), we can always truncate it if need be.


I am in as well.


I would say longer eg 5 so fatigue changes the game.


Did I hear right that the expansion somehow allows more players?


Yup, the expansion allows up to 6!


Sneak peak of the stages!

I’ve converted the two base game stages to make them compatible with 6 riders.


I’m in if there’s room.


This link was broken when I tried it; here’s an updated link (PDF)


Cheers, it seems to go up and down.

(Updated both my links to point at non-temporary addresses.)


The first track looks so different from the Classicissima I have to move forward our planned training camp.
The cyclists were mutineery first, but providing them with enough sugar will keep them happy and competitive.


Yeh it’s got a killer hill, but after that it’s a sprinters dream! None of the hills look particularly pleasant though!


If, any time in the future, a free space is open, I’m interested in playing.

Nice work with the whole setup btw!