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Any interest in Flamme Rouge?


I had a slow day at work today and was inspired by the PBF games of Flamme Rouge that are occurring over on the BGG forums so I ended up writing the code to manage a PBF game of Flamme Rouge. So if there’s any interest I’d be happy to run a game (or a Grand Tour) to test it out :slight_smile:


I have no idea how this would work, but yes!


Here’s a game that was played over on BGG: Flamme Rouge PBF

It does rely on honesty between players to:

  • Not look at both of their hands simultaneously
  • Not look at other players hands


Doesn’t look like we can do all the text colouring over here, but we at least have spoiler tags.


I’m in!


I’d love to participate, but I assume you’re all in the States? Because then the time difference would slow the game down too much I’m afraid (I’m about to go to bed right now).


UK here! Given the behind the scenes stuff I’d be aiming for a turn per day or so.


Then I’m in (if you’ll have me)!


Can I also join?


Observing! I want to see how a Grand Tour will play out.


Added another cheat to the list


What about wizard sugar?


It’s not detectable by WADA, so I believe it’s legal.


I’m interested.


If there is still space I’m in


Thanks for all the interest! I still need to knock together a course for us/you to play but once I’ve done that I’ll pick some players!


Also interested if there’s room (played for the first time on Saturday).


Ooooooh, stick me on the reserves list. I played for the first time a couple of weeks ago and am INTRIGUED.


Here’s a little preview of the course we’ll be running once we get underway:


That’s incredible!