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Any interest in a Call of Cthulhu (7th edition) game?


…and as you see, the trick is never to reply directly to the bot. :slight_smile:


Ha ha! I thought by not @ it, it would be fine but no :smiley:


Okay, first things first. You’l need to make a character.
Print out a copy of this:

For the purposes of this first scenario, we are going to create simplified characters. If you want to continue using them (and they survive!) we can refine them slightly after the conclusion based on what you learned.

Here are the rules for character creation, and a quick overview of gameplay:

Let me know when you have characters, and if you can share your character sheets and character names/occupations, that would be great.


Is there a deadline here? Just wondering if I should do it after work or sneak some time to do it at work :stuck_out_tongue:

Really looking forward to this.


Oh, no deadline. Everyone has a day or two to read through the notes and work out who they might want to be. I’ve still got to prep the digital files and monster tables. OOPS SPOILERS.


haha sounds great. And just post here when we have characters but save the full introductions for the game itself?


Exactly that. I really just need to know people’s rough stats and abilities, occupation and name.


Why don’t we try to have this all in by Monday? Gives us the weekend to read up on the character creation and come up with an idea.


Works for me :slight_smile:





STR : 40
CON : 70
SIZ : 50
DEX : 60
APP : 50
INT : 80
POW : 50
EDU : 60

Credit Rating : 40

Base Skills : Photography, History, Own Language, Library Use, Listen, Sleight of Hand, Persuade, Psychology

Boosts to: Fighting, Firearms, Occult, Locksmith

I did write him as carrying a 9mm revolver (for legitimate character reasons) buy won’t force the issue if you’d rather us be unarmed :slight_smile:

I think that’s all you asked for for now :slight_smile:


Betty O’Rourke


STR : 40
CON : 50
SIZ : 50
DEX : 80
APP : 60
INT : 60
POW : 70
EDU : 50

Base Skills : Art / Craft (Dance)
60% Charm 50%, Dodge 70% Drive Auto 40% Jump 50%, Listen 50% Stealth 60%, Swim 40%

Credit rating 40%

Boosts to: Mech. Repair, Navigate, Persuade and Sleight of hand. (All raised to 30%)

Luck 45%

MP 14

San 70

Damage bonus and build 0

HP 10


Hello, can I ask that in your background you work in that while Betty is a dancer by profession she also has experience working some time ago as a help for the FBI? In exchange I can grant you a useful boon.


I can see that. She’s a member of the Westchester dance troupe, a travelling ballet group, and could have easily informed the FBI that the son of a wealthy landowner did in fact disappear from the party whilst the murder was being committed …


Betty’s luck roll

3d6: 5 + 2 + 2 = 9 *5


Okay, note down on your sheet that she has the business card of FBI Agent Malkovitch. It’s a bit yellowed, but the insignia is big and official, and his office line for his Branch office is on there.


Just need your luck roll - 3d6


Think I’m all done, equipment would include ballet outfits and shoes, comfortable evening and as wear and plimsolls.

Technically, as part of the troupe she has access to a car, but it doesn’t belong to her.


Would it be helpful to have some kind of FBI contact in my character’s background as well? I was thinking of making someone who just worked as a laborer, big and physical, but that build would also work for a mob enforcer type, who could be leaking info to the Feds.


If you want to, that’s fine, but honestly links to the Mob are solid by themselves :slight_smile: