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Any artists I can follow? I need that hot hot game art!

I love seeing more and more fantastic artists bringing their talents to the hobby. Whose work do you enjoy most?

For my part I love the work of Mr Cuddington for their work on Brass Birmingham. Their other games are beautiful, but that one is on another level.

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Kwanchai Moriya has to be one of my favourites:

I think that blog belongs to someone here, but I’m afraid I can’t remember who…


Also Beth Sobel, of famously-pretty game Wingspan fame:

I think my favourite game of hers is the new edition of Arboretum, which is absolutely gorgeous.


Medusa Dollmaker was rightly recognised for some nice work on the new edition of High Society.

Jonas De Ro did the artwork used on the player mats in my Mage Knight Vassal module (I’m not sure if that qualifies, but it is nice work and I think he deserves a shout).


It’s @Triangulate! And I definitely recommend checking through his site if you’re looking for good board game art, as that’s what it’s all about :smiley:

And some artists I like: Andrew Bosley (Everdell, the new editions of Citadels and Love Letter), Fernanda Suarez (Dead of Winter, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn - warning a lot of her stuff outside of games is NSFW), Weberson Santiago (The Bloody Inn, Fuji).


Weberson Santiago is one of my absolute favorites. His work is so full of atmosphere!

There have been some great suggestions on this thread so far, I could list artists all day. Seriously, the spreadsheet for my website has 500+ names on it. A big one not mentioned yet, although his style remains very similar throughout, is Vincent Dutrait. His work, all hand painted I believe, is just exceptional.

I’ll resist the urge to just spam links from my website and point out some interviewees I’ve liked and their sites instead. Josh Emrich (Campy Creatures / Caper) is fantastic, Kyle Ferrin (VAST, Root) is one of my all time favs, Natalie Dombois (KIWETIN), Cinyee Chiu (Dragon Castle).

I could go on but I’ll let some other people make suggestions!


Kwanchai is a chameleon and a master, and we’ve seen nothing yet. Dutrait does Dutrait, but oh boy. Kyle Ferrin does whimsy and doesn’t get enough credit for his design elements, imperfect though they may be. Jim Fitzpatrick is a recent favourite, not sure what he’s done beyond Inis but his portfolio is stupendous.

But Kwanchai. He’s The One.


I doubt we’ll see anything more. All the art by him was already existing pieces that Matagot licensed (with the exception of the original cover, which was commissioned by a friend of the company, as they couldn’t afford his rates for an original piece).


Liiga is an amazing artist and basically established the look and feel of cyberspace in the FFG Android universe.

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I’ll highlight some of the newer artists (to board games) working on Evokers!

Fahmi Fauzi

Narupiti Harunsong

Cecile de Gantes

Marcelo Rhasdra

I really like all of the artists working on Evokers (including the more experienced ones) so let me know if you want to see more!

Wow, you all certainly delivered! If I’m amassing more games than I can realistically play, they might as well be a treat to look at.

I want to add Damien Mammoliti’s name to the mix since I mentioned Brass and found out he did quite a lot of the artwork as well.


I really love Elise Plessis’ style ; she created the Oniverse with Shadi Torsey, and it really pops; I love opening a new game in the series and seeing the art.

The next batch of artists working on Evokers to highlight are the more experienced and have worked for either Legend of the Cryptids and / or Fantasy Flight Games.

Mario Wibisono

Mady Madnoliet

Carlos Cabrera

Le Vuong

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