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I am very hyped for this, as its my first mega game (though I did Model UN for many years) and I would love to be able to do a little prep work. Is there lore to read up on before the event that could give participants a better sense of the context of Scythe vs the real world? Any recommended reading on the actual 1920s in Eastern Europe? I have so many questions.


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I’ve not done a mega game, yet. So I’m very jealous. Enjoy!!!

Hey Obie!

We’ll be sending out more pre-game info closer to the date, but attached are the player rules from our last game. Compared to other megagames, Sickle is very freefrom!

Sickle_PlayerOverviewManual.pdf (491.8 KB)

The design of Sickle is based off of the National Security Decision Making Simulations that arose out of the US Naval War College to emulate grand strategic scenarios. With the system, you can essentially do anything as long as you (1) obey the laws of (fictional) physics and (2) follow the will of your constituency.

“Teams” (nations) are generally structured to have individual players represent entire groups of people in said nation. This has two major ramifications. First, it means assassinations don’t eliminate players as the successor to that faction’s former leader takes over and they are represented by the same player. Second, it means nations are much more internally divided than most games even attempt to emulate. For example, if the US is represented by a single player, then that player can act unilaterally and they don’t have to compromise their visions. However, if the US is represented by one “Democrat” and one “Republican” player, the team dynamics change dramatically.

Sickle itself is based in the mythos of the Scythe boardgame which itself is based in the 1920+ art universe by Jakub Rozalski. The mythos is quite shallow so much of it is infilled with actual 1920s Eastern European History (shout out to The Great War Youtube series for connecting WWI to the series of wars that raged in Eastern Europe after WWI officially ended).

TLDR: In terms of the mechanics and gameplay, Sickle is a very freeform game compared to other megagames (espacially MGs at previous SHUX) and also compared to the Scythe Boardgame. Importantly, the game also emulates internal tensions within a nation as well as between nations. As such, you and your “teammate” may disagree more about things than yourself and players from other nations. If you’d like to be specifically on friendly terms with another player, simply let a moderator know and we’ll set that up.

If this description gives you second thoughts about Sickle in particular, I’d recommend the more mechanical Den of Wolves or the just as freeform but more jovial Deephaven

Also a little bonus announcement in case anybody sees this. We’ll be having the lead designers of the Rise of Fenris Expansion and My Little Scythe (Ryan Lopez and Hoby Chou respectively) playing in the game, as well as two of t he three Board Game Barrage Crew.


This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks immensely!