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A very very long shot - Perth, Western Australia?


Hello everyone

I am new to the website and forums (and it’s all so great!) but I am a big fan of the community created here so thought I would see if there are any Perth WA folk interested in board gaming? I’m not a super serious gamer, but am just looking to see if there a nice people out there who are looking for a group (or a new member of an existing group).

There are some board gaming events around the Perth area and that’s my next option but thought I’d try this first!

Niceness is key :slight_smile:


Clicked onto the forums for an entirely different reason and this post jumped out at me like a meeple out of a box in my car as it slides across the backseat.

Fellow sandgroper here and member of Murdoch Gaming Society - we run board game days every fortnight at Murdoch University which the public is more than welcome to come and help us join in the fun. Great group of people if I do say so myself (though I might be slightly biased). Our next event is this Sunday the 28th Oct (it’s our Halloween event - and costumes are entirely optional).

You can find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MurdochGS/

Or if facebook isn’t your thing and you’d like to come to our event anyway feel free to let me know and I can pass on the details!


Thank you very much! I will definitely check out the group, that’s awesome - thanks very much for letting me know :slight_smile: