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A Quality Collection of SU&SD GIFS


If you ever want to make a good, quality SU&SD gif yourself it is actually super easy!

Step 1: Download “Screen-to-Gif”

This is open-source and free. Also very simple to use screen capture software.

Step 2: Find a good segment you want to capture and press the big ‘red button’ in the top-right corner of this program. You will see this screen:

Which you can position over the content you want to capture.

Step 3: Position the screen over the content you want to capture, and adjust the frame by manipulating the sides with the use of your mouse. Press ‘record’ (or F7) to start recording and then - when finished - press ‘stop recording’ (or F8).

Step 4: Watch your clip, you can now easily cut the frames you do not want or need and trim it to a good size.

Step 5: Save it as a ‘GIF’.

Step 6: Upload it to an online host. GIPHY is very user-friendly and again free. You only need to register to start uploading your gifs. After you have uploaded it, press: “share” (make sure to set your gifs to public) and then copy the link.

Step 7: Reply to this topic and paste your link from giphy.



When Quinns Nailed It.


Stop with all the silliness.

It is time for a Public service announcement (brought to you by The UK National Scurvy Awareness Board).


JDPftw Helpful (Sunburned Spy)
The problem I find is that so many funny moments are because of witty things they say vs. visual gags (at least for me personally)

Well, in all honesty, these guys ARE also known for their visual gags as well right? Like the infamous canal dive?


If I recall correctly, this incident is what prompted the advent of trains, thus completely removing the unnecessary risk of journalists of all kinds falling into nearby canals.


Mm, yes I think I remember learning about this in history. Apparently it was a great turning point in the history of mankind or at least that is what it said in my textbook.


Canal falls are an essential part SU&SD, I would promote more of them if it weren’t for liability issues.
(Kids! Don’t fall in canals at home! These are professionals.)

Seriously, that was not a “dive.”
The “dive” is where they played the pub games (another name for a pub).
Also it’s very dangerous to dive into canals. Simply falling into them is enough.
(Kids! Don’t fall in canals at home! These are professionals, even though they weren’t at the time.)




I love this one, it is happy and scary at the same time.

Weird combination!


“Confidence in Beer”


Strangely, everytime I see this gif, the very first time it will stop halfway and then restart and play the full gif (with the infamous Quinns’ tagline: “I might be able to WIN this”).

Anyone else having the same problem?


I can’t see all of these at work, so disregard if it is already done.

Can someone post Quinn eating sugar during the Flamme Rouge Review please.



I was just looking for a new way to procrastinate while editing a tedious document, and doing this might just be it.


Here is one from early in the review. I’m just going to edit a second:


LOL Actually sitting at my desk at work and laughed, nobody looked.


And another:

And now I’m going to snag the flour one too.


And purely because it makes me laugh every time:


Amazing, thanks made my day.


If anyone else has requests, lay them on me. I have a screen idling here and I’m waiting for several tests to run so :woman_shrugging:

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep adding random gifs to this post


Well… there was a request some time ago in this post for the Twilight Imperium review, where Quinns was holding the box:

And now it seems that the GIF for the TI review has been removed entirely… so in light of this weeks long twitch stream that might be a cool one to add?