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A Quality Collection of SU&SD GIFS


Hi all,

I just realized… what this forum is really missing: a place where you can easily find all kinds of SU&SD related gifs?

I mean, come on it is 2018, or 2019. What are we going to do without a quality collection of gifs?

And in all reality: quality SU&SD gifs are really rare and hard to find… so it’s kind of like being Indiana Jones venturing into in an archeological site that hasn’t been visited that many times and then acting really surprised. It could be an adventure! Oh, wait, sorry I am rambling… so:

To start it all off I will give you two GIFS (they are really like magical animated pictures, think Harry Potter photography).

The first one is created by @Brandon (featured here).

And the second one, which I am going to leave you with for today was created by me:

So, here it is: fill it up with brilliant take-outs from our favourite show!


Damn it! I made one from the Nonsense Box video, but I have no recollection of where I posted it (possibly not even somewhere SUSD related). And I can’t find it on my computer :confounded:


Matt and one of his famous foamy :beers:


The thread I’ve been waiting for!

This one about “Gateway games”…

And… I don’t even know how to caption this one…


“Component Fever?”


I once had a bout of component fever, it is horrible.

Then again, it does come in handy if you’re missing some components for your favourite boardgame.


Boardgames are not food.


The megagame videos would be amazing for this.

Free cookie for the first person to create “Full on charm offensive”


This one from Porta Nigra…


This beautiful scene



The problem I find is that so many funny moments are because of witty things they say vs. visual gags (at least for me personally)

My favourite coming from The Cave review: “Teach your kids about death at an early age. That’s what I say. That’s what my mom did and I turned out fine. I review BOARD GAMES! On the INTERNET!”


From Fugitive:


Glad someone captured this one already!


The Canada Post mailbox is great. It lends to the gravitas.


This is an official moderator post.

Everyone who’s posted here is a very silly person with too much time on their hands.

End of moderator post

(…please continue, by all means).


Too bad you did not do a loop of Quinns holding the TI4 box with that look from the very end.


That would be a better (if overall more disturbing) gif, IMO.


Is that not the point of a gif?



Paul is EVIL. :smiling_imp: