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A Poll of Interest


(1)You know, you seem like a nice guy, but I’m the best one around when it comes to playing RPG.(2) And everyone who’s watching can tell ! (3)So you can say what you want, but I will not bow down to you and your incitation to play the wresling game !
yeah i could get into it



OK, so I have to do this, apparently :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • “Honey Heist” A bunch of bear criminals do a heist!
  • “Kids on Bikes” Small town kids go on spooky adventures!
  • “Monsterhearts 2” Monster teens deal with being monsters and being teens!
  • “World Wide Wide Wrestling RPG” Do a wrestle!

0 voters


I honestly was torn with the choices.


The taunting forced my vote.


Gotta throw my vote to a rag tag bunch of nefarious bears. :bear: :bear: :bear:


Thank you! I apologize for my delayed action.


So - for those keeping score, the order in which I will run these games is (so far)


Honey Heist

Kids on Bikes


(I’m shocked at how few votes that last one got :O)

Lets say I’ll leave this vote open until… tomorrow? :slight_smile:


Remember, this poll is from a pool of less than a couple of dozen people who may see it. The statistical significance is negligible. You can still go where you want to, and no matter where that is, it will still be a better forum because you do it here, and let us know about it.