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A Poll of Interest


Alright guys - here is the deal!
I just bought 6 RPGs and obviously would like to play them, and so in order to make this a little less crazy, I’m going to do a quick poll and see what folks are most excited to play and prioritize it that way. So, here are the ones I’d like to try and run:

Honey Heist
A bunch of bear criminals do a heist!

Kids on Bikes
Small town kids go on spooky adventures!

Monsterhearts 2
Monster teens deal with being monsters and being teens!

World Wide Wide Wrestling RPG
Do a wrestle!

So, what are folks interested in? I’m hoping to eventually get to them all but I want to make this a bit easier for myself to organize by just choosing one at a time. haha. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Pithy descriptions added.


You know I wanna Heist :kissing_heart:. But you gotta know I have Kids on Bikes too, (including the powered up deck) and DEFINITELY wanna play that too.


I don’t have the powered up deck. Oh noooo haha :slight_smile:
I’m also wanna heist. Call it a vote for both :slight_smile:


I’m climbing to the top rope and throwin’ down a big old elbow drop for WWW RPG


I can’t say I’d be disappointed in WWW either. I think I just need a GM and an excuse…


(there is a way to build a web-poll here if you’re interested)
Otherwise, Honey-Heist and Kids on Bikes sounds fun.


For me it would be honey heist or Monsterheart !


(genuinely excited someone said monsterheart! It seems really interesting)


Oh heck of course there is. Point me to those directions haha.

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Just click on the gear icon at the top of your text box when typing something here (“Options”, should be all the way on the right) and select “Build Poll”.


Aside from that, Monsterhearts is also great. I just feel uncomfortable playing it because my group includes my son, and when you get to the sex things I can’t handle it with a straight face.


I’ve been interested, at a distance, in Monsterhearts for several years but sexuality is such a sensitive subject (in general and in particular with a few of my friends) that I’ve never approached it.

That said, I would be terrible at basically any of the aforementioned options, but Wrastlin’ certainly sounds like a metric tonne of fun (that’s 1.10231 US tons)


Wrestling sounds amazing


I’m curious that you mentioned six RPGs at the top, but only detail four of them. What are the other two?


I mean yeah, I voted for the ones I love most, but I’m down for anything ! Although maybe not Wreslting beacause I know nothing about it, and there are People way more motivated than me ! So for this one, put me down as a “maybe, if there is room”!


I, too, know nothing about it. I’ve never watched a match. I would be dreadful at it.


I think the SU&SD Let’s Play shows that no prior knowledge of wrestling is necessary to enjoy a wrestling RPG.


Wrestling primer:

  1. Boast
  2. Acknowledge/scorn crowd
  3. FIGHT
  4. Repeat

  1. Tight shorts (???)


haha those are forthcoming :wink:
I’ve also picked up a couple more from the woman who made Monsterhearts and A Quiet Year
I picked four that I wanted to start with :slight_smile: