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A Mortician's Tale

So, a piece that I wrote about the indie game A Mortician’s Tale went out today and I wanted to share it with you guys - partially for selfish promotional reasons, and partially because I feel like the game does fall in line with the vibe of Cool Ghosts and the discussion of video games as a whole that seems to take place here. It’s a very special little game that I feel has been pretty over looked - including by me, I only just recently played it and the one hour it takes to beat the game is pretty heavy and emotionally charged.

I wanted to share the piece I wrote, and see if anyone here has played the game and what they thought of it Obviously if this is inappropriate then send it packing, but I think it contributes to the conversation in a meaningful way rather than being a bit of spammy trash :slight_smile:


Nice article, you fuzzy brown Bear Master.

I played it up until I couldn’t (I think I was almost done, but…no. I had to put it down.) Maybe I’ll finish it when I’ve had some time to cool down.

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I get that - I finished the game in about an hour, but I couldn’t believe how heavily it weighed on me afterwards.

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I know! It’s a super-short game!

Never mind, I won’t comment on it again until I can fire it up and actually get to the credits.

I’ll put this here instead, since we’re talking about a short game that has more meaning than it should:
ISLANDS: Non Places, basically an interactive modern art exhibition.

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Very informative review, well said. I’ll have to check this out at some point. What platforms?

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Win and MacOS.


I’m done now, and I think you’re a total bastard for introducing me to it.

First of all, this is a job I would suck at. Not the visceral elements, but the human ones. The loss. And to do that day after day…

Also, (I’m spoiler-blurring a lot of this because it’s a big part of the game) I’ve have had experience working with big-money funeral biz, and it’s bananas. They really don’t care about their clients, but they just keep on getting money. I was an admin in a settlement distribution where the accused (remember, it was a settlement, so they couldn’t be found guilty) were burying 2-4 people in the same spot. But they still made so much money they could settle a class action lawsuit and also settle individual lawsuits out-of-court while making a profit. The funeral biz is big money.
Don’t even get me stared on the viaticals scumbags…

But, I wasn’t expecting that. To go back-and-forth from the grief to the actual work…it kind of messed me up. I’m also totally down with green burials. My grandparents…you know what? That’s enough for now.

I still think it’s an important game for anyone who wants to get past “shoot the guy in the head.”

Weird, I’ve been playing RE2 remake and the bit with the morgue today. So yeah, maybe try something other than shoot the guy in the head - I need something relaxing anyway! I’m sure I’ve taken a little bit off the end of my life with this game!

I’ve been wanting to play this for a while; I’m currently stuck on longer games, but I’m hoping to fit it in in between some of those. The topic is one I find fascinating and important, at least since I first watched Six Feet Under (possibly my favourite TV series of all time, although it may now share that space with The Leftovers).

lovvbar, nice article! You’re from Canada, right? Are the traditions there similar to the US? Myself, I’m from Switzerland, and I’m always taken aback at how much of an industry the funeral business seems to be in the United States, doubly so since reading Caitlin Doughty’s Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. In Switzerland, or at least in the part where I live, several of the things I consider weird but that seem conventional in the US (in particular everything to do with embalming) simply don’t seem to be a thing. My own experiences with death and morticians, from my mother’s death and, more recently, my mother-in-law’s, were much more positive. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky, though.

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