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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

OOC: That’s good to hear, Maester. I thought I might be being a bit rude to step in! As it is, go team! (Or rather, go battle/betrayal/violence/conquering/unpleasantness.)

OOC: There aren’t enough letters in “Team” to spell “Friend.”

OOC: Also notable for the leafy flowery Tyrells? You don’t win friends with salad. (Or so I hear).

OOC: As I hear it told, people give salad to each other on many special occasions to signify friendship and more typically love. I’m preparing a bouquet of bitter greens for Valentine’s day. I was going to go with a lovely floral salad, but the flowers were very expensive and weren’t very nice tasting.

OOC: I can’t think of a pun about Nasturtiums (Nasturtia?), but they are edible.
Sorry I think we are getting sidetracked waiting for the show.

Ach, the Starks show their true colors. Grabbing for Moat Calin when the swore not to move south. Their evilness knows no bounds. We shall retreat and bide our time, till we find a way to smash the houndlings.

House Greyjoy sends Dagmar Cleftjaw into the fray. He has a power of one and both a sword and a fortification icon.

BTW: I’ll be at Essen Spiel 2014 from Friday till Sunday. Since I’ll only have my smartphone with me and the forums don’t work yet with smartphones, expect not to see a squid till Sunday evening or maybe Monday morning (CET+1)

My squidicus (an abacus made from squid) tells me our calculated power shall be three. Which probably is not enough to stop the Starks for now. We do wield the valerian blade, but it would be wasteful to use it just yet, so we will hold on to it.

Edit: Recalculating forgotten…

And they feasted upon breakfast cereals and Calamari.

Stark plays the Greatjon stregth of 2, 1 sword.

The Assault on Moat Calin

Attacker: Stark
Initial Strength = 4 (KN, KN)
Order = 1
Support = 2 (SH, +1)
Card = 2 - Greatjon Umber
Total = 9

Defender: Greyjoy
Initial Strength = 2 (FM, FM)
Order = 0
Support = 0
Card = 1 - Dagmar Cleftjaw
VSB = Not used as it would not change the outcome.
Total = 3

Stark wins

Dagmar defends his troops against the Greatjon’s fury, but is unable to hold Moat Calin.

Greyjoy suffers no casualties but his troops are routed and must retreat; I believe his only options are Greywater Watch or the Twins as he is at his supply limit.
Map with cards spent, and troops routed - http://tinyurl.com/eGAfdi1WWzpRiuscZ7PI

I assume Greyjoy will move his footmen to Greywater Watch, if so here is an updated map - http://tinyurl.com/C1i0zgIl8UEDcrnhKraV This is not an official game-state. This is just speculation on my part, but I created the new map to help keep the game moving and save @Sorcy time if this is his move. If not he only need to change the location of his routed Footmen, remembering they must stay together.

Greyjoy must choose where to retreat, then it is his march

OOC: @Sorcy have a great time at Essen, I am most certainly jealous.

The Starks will RUE the day they took Moat Cailin from us! RUE THE DAY, I SAY! Maester, let the hounds … uhm … the warsquids lose!

As the wise Maester fortold, our troops shall seek shelter in Greywater Watch … for now. As for our move, let the banners fly and wind be at our back:

Two Ships from the Sunset Sea into the Bay of Ice. Let’s see what the houndlings can do on the stormdriven seas!

The Naval battle of the Bay of Ice - as precalculated by Abasquid:

Attacker: The most excellent family of Greyjoys
Initial Strength: 2 (Ship, Ship)
Order: 0
Support: 0

Defender: The most despicable Starks
Initial Strength: 1 (Ship)
Defense: -
Support: 0

I shall send my card of choice by mailsquid to our good maester. Let the drowned god have his dinner early!

(edit: sorry, posted to the wrong thread! I’m getting too old to use multiple tabs unsupervised…)

just to make this post somewhat on topic…



Good… Good…

OOC: Just to be clear, I think Greyjoy might need to post another post saying they’ve actually sent their move to the maester*, before Stark can respond. It’s probably necessary to be really clear on that, so ‘will send’ causes delays, wondering if it means ‘have sent’.

This may be really obvious, but I’ve still got fingers crossed we can finish this round before the Essen break eats us all!

Also, I’m at Essen tomorrow, come say hi, but remember we can’t speak about the game!

*Move to the Maester is my disco infused Game of Thrones themed workout video. Available at all imaginary retailers for a distressingly large amount of real money.

Fixed the map. stark has three castles, Greyjoy routed to Greywater. edit: and Greyjoy has 3 castles.

Also Attack Squid in Bay of Ice.



As much as it no doubt gladdens the hearts of my sailors I think I would rather have drawn the squid down into the our Southern thicket where simply moving about would tear at it’s flesh before our swords were properly drawn. Here, the squids many tentacles are wrapped around the same threat the better for squeezing and strangling. Black banners on the sea of ice would not bode well in the best of times. Here, I fear it is a poor thing indeed. I am rather fond of all but the climate of your Northern lands; we do not see eye to eye, but we know where one-another’s eyes are with an appreciable accuracy. Close enough, I should think, under the circumstances. We may well not, we are both stubborn and of stubborn stock, but all we must do so to see is turn our gazes.

Where we can spare aid, we shall.


OOC: Just to be clear, I think Greyjoy might need to post another post saying they've actually sent their move to the maester*, before Stark can respond. It's probably necessary to be really clear on that, so 'will send' causes delays, wondering if it means 'have sent'.

For clarity I have received Greyjoy’s house card. If however you’re ever not sure if the other person has sent their’s too me. Just send your’s to me and post “Card Sent”.

OOC: Just to be clear, I think Greyjoy might need to post another post saying they've actually sent their move to the maester*, before Stark can respond. It's probably necessary to be really clear on that, so 'will send' causes delays, wondering if it means 'have sent'.

Mail squids are the fastest way to send messages in Westeros. It is known!

But yeah, I probably should have messaged that I immediatly sent my choice to the Maester. Oh well, you live and drown learn.

OOC: sorry for the delay, was thinking this one out and am just waiting on a rules clarification to send my card out!

Card Sent

The Naval battle of the Bay of Ice

Victarian leads the Iron Fleet to victory agaisnt the Starks, while the Blackfish retreats to the safety of Winterfell's port

Attacker: Greyjoy
Initial Strength: 2 (Ship, Ship)
Order: 0
Support: 0
Card: Victarion Greyjoy 3 + 2 for the ships
VSB: Not needed
Total: 7

Defender: Stark
Initial Strength: 1 (Ship)
Defense: -
Support: 0
Card: The Blackfish 1
Total: 2

Greyjoy wins, Stark is forced to retreat to Winterfell’s Port.

New map - http://tinyurl.com/kGUjDFXk2URCNsbb2DYk

Tyrell is up with the next March and then back around to Stark for the final march of the round.

OOC: Thanks @Gwathdring‌ for spotting my error there. It is much appreciated.

Highgarden: Knight and Footman to The Reach.

Friend Martell,

I believe I can be of more assistance to you in your northward motions through my allies in The Reach, retiring form it to make way for you when our assistance is no longer needed. If you think otherwise, my captains can easily be directed to back from whence they game, or into the Searoad Marches or the Blackwater.


http://tinyurl.com/La0DUZf9xgTT0NjZWFQp Edit: Whoops, fixed castle count.

Updated map - http://tinyurl.com/XkEomx0bBKabhWPO4myd

Stark is up with the final march of the round.