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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

Private log - twelfth night of the second moon

Martell and Tyrell talk so sweetly to one another, one could almost forget that they must inevitably come to blows. The only question that remains is: which house will bare its neck first at the wrong time?

Stark and Greyjoy are arrayed against one another. A bloody dance to follow? There are other options, particularly for Stark. Of course Tyrell and Martell voice these options loudly and at length, giving all manner of honey-coated, self-serving ‘advise’ to their safely distant ‘friends’. Pah! Stark is keeping its own council it seems, while letting others reveal their intent through their suggestions. Wise indeed for Stark.

Baratheon finds itself abutting three, potentially four neighbours. A situation I can certainly sympathise with. I feel that Martell is their true threat, since they lack any alternative avenue, presuming their play against Tyrell waits further down the way.

Direct conflict now seems unavoidable. But who will strike whom first? Possibilities multiply…


Of course, I should welcome the wolf south in my own interests, and you would benefit naught? Your advice falls on deaf ears. It is plain to see that you seek to plunge Westeros into conflict for your own interests. Well, if it is war you seek then you should do so boldly. Quit Dorne and press your claim with honour in battle.


You talk much on games. I would talk on realities.

You and your so-called Martell allies transparently warmonger (to the realm’s detriment, but not to yours).

Yes, Greyjoy sits at my door. No, we do not speak of trust, which is for fools. Instead we talk of understandings. We understand that direct conflict favours all but us. We understand that those in the middle will be squeezed from without. So we must be prepared to withstand and, if needs be, to push back.


You impugn the honour of our house, but gods and men know your words for lies and so they carry no weight.

Let us talk on matters of substance. Your position, while tenable, is precarious. Clearly, Martell is waiting to plunge into you lands, as he supposedly has no other option. This may be supported by Tyrell once his lands are secured. To the north, the Starks have great potential. How they act next will affect much, but suffice to say that your claim on the Vale of Arryn is contested. And then you have us Lannisters sitting in the riverlands to your west. I will not seek alliances where none can be had, but I will say that I aim to check unbalanced power. I believe that the shape of things to come is off a steady press inwards from those on the edges of our realm.

But I may be wrong. In the mean time I shall watch carefully.

Anythony Stark,

Do you play chess?

Conrad Tryrell

Dear lords of Westeros,

thou hath to chill out. Have a pint or two!

I have no intention as of now of spreading thin Southward. The winter is unforgiving and our numbers are low. We do however hold as troubling the threat at our Southern border, and will not take it lightly. Lannisters, we may not see eye to eye, but we have a lurking threat in common, if in opposite borders. I need not remind you the dangers of letting so-called allies so close to home. Once the North stands strong holding its territory, the Greyjoy will have no choice but to spread its tentacles southwards. But if we control this growth together, we can force it to take its sharp tongue elsewhere… think about it.

For now, we consolidate the North, under one banner.

  • Tony (no need for formalities, we’re all friends right?) Stark

March: footman Widow’s Watch -> Karhold, leave power token

Updated Map (please check): http://tinyurl.com/WpjnpwJDW8CBq3keWq2P

OOC: Sorry for the slow replies. The odd time zone + a busy week is making it a bit challenging to keep up and interact in a timely way. I hope this isn’t bothering or sucking the fun from anyone. Hopefully it will get better soon enough!

Martell, you’re up!

Fixed map - http://tinyurl.com/Fbwbwosq8Y656aSaImrk
Please remember when you leave a power token you must remove one from your available supply (not a big deal, I’ll try to check but just something to watch out for)

I understand that life and timezones get in the way and in the end this is just a game. Keeping it moving and timely responses are great and can enhance the fun, but everyone please remember this is just a game. (Though we are on a site for ludophiles, so I like to think that amongst us “just a game” is still something of some importance)

Boring bastards.

It’s not even that bloody advantageous for me, I’m just trying to keep myself amused.

I guess it’s to be expected, with me kicking back in the water gardens, biding my time, I guess I’m not exactly providing the most sport.


I guess at least there’ll be a ruck at Moat Cailin. That’s some sport, at least.

Martell’s boring move:
Sunspear: 2 footmen to The Boneway


Your move, Squidlet

Edit: Misspelt my own bloody capital. I blame the ennui.

Edit: Forgot the ruddy map. Hope it’s right. I wouldn’t expect it, state I’m in!


Edit: Rogue sentence. My touch pad does some odd copy/pasting automatically sometimes.

A mans day is never done. Stark’s massing up his armies on the northern border, we will see if he is stupid enough to reach where he doesn’t belong and if it will be necessary to severe the head of the direwolf from the body of the man.

Tyrell and Martell are as annoying with their idle chatter as always. I always thought that sitting around, sniffing flowers does something to the brain of a man. Probably takes the iron from his bones.

No matter, we shall dispense our fleet into the sea. May the drowned god show all that stand in our way the error of their ways.

Ironman’s bay: Two ships to the Sunset Sea

Le map

PS: Project “warsquid” had a minor setback. One of the trainers let one of the little buggers lose and now half the dockyards are in flames. Control is of utmost importance…

Tyrell is go

Oldtown: Footman to The Arbor, Footman to Three Towers.

OOC: I’d write more but I already did the writeup for those moves. :slight_smile:

And Map.

Baratheon is up.

Also I leave a power token in Oldtown. I remembered in the map, but forgot in the post.


OOC: Been busy for a few days, and can’t work out my old masterplan. This might not be it.
KL: Knight to Crackclaw

Friendly Lion Go?


I think the Lion sleeps tonight, and has no March orders left, so if I’m not mistaken (and Maester may want to double check) I believe it’s Tony’s turn.
Go team wolf.

oh crap didn’t realize it was going to be my turn already, so gimme a sec…

Ok, I don’t want to give le poulpe an ulcer, so let’s cut things short:

Winterfell - March: 2 Knights -> Moat Cailin

I’m not sure if I should update the map before the battle, so let me know and I can do that!

edit: misspelled Cailin


fetches popcorn

FYI, here’s what the Maester told us about combat at the beginning (all of it from his perspective, so read ‘me’ as ‘him’, not me:

Resolving Combat: To resolve combat, we will use the following steps: (a) The attacker calculates and posts both his and the defender's initial combat strength. This includes the combat strength of both Houses' units in the embattled area, the combat strength modifier from march or defense orders (+2, +1, +0, or -1), and the combat strength of supporting units and orders from each player's own units. (b) Both attacker and defender then ask for support from other houses. Those who wish to support any side should declare it by posting their support action in the thread in bold. If support has been declared, the supporter recomputes and posts both parties' modified combat strength. The combatants may send conditional House Cards based on whether support is granted (e.g., send Theon if Baratheon supports, otherwise send Asha). (c) The attacker PMs me their chosen house card and informs everyone by posting that he has already sent his house card to the moderator. (d) The defender PMs me his chosen house card AND posts it in the thread. (e) The attacker reveals his house card by posting it in the thread. (f) The attacker or defender may now decide if he will use his Valyrian Steel Blade token. (g) Anyone may now recompute and post the final combat strength of both parties. Combat resolution follows.

Oh thanks! I didn’t want to do all the calculations because I know I’m bound to mess it up, but let’s give it a try…

Combat: Moat Cailin

Attacker’s initial combat strength: 7
2 knights from Winterfell: 4
march order: +1
ship support from The Narrow Sea: +1
support token from The Narrow Sea: +1

Defender’s initial combat strength: 2
2 footmen from Moat Cailin: 2

Let me know if I forgot anything. I don’t know if Greyjoy can support from Flint’s Finger through Greywater Watch

I call anyone willing to assist to support our cause! (though I’m pretty sure we’re out of reach for everyone else…? Or will my plan be foiled by bad math?)

edit: misspelled Cailin. twice. again.

Winter is definitely coming for the poor sops guarding Moat Cailin.

@rmaia - Yes, I agree that you have calculated the attacking and defending strengths correctly. Greyjoy's troops at Flints Finger can not support because they are not adjacent to the area where the battle is occuring.

Since no other house is in a position to declare support, it is safe to skip that here.

You are now free to privately select your house card that you wish to play and PM the Maester with your choice. When you have done so, please announce it here but do not reveal your choice of card, just tell us that you have made a choice and have informed the Maester.

Card choice sent to the Maester

OOC: You guys make me happy; all of that happened while I was sleeping, I wake up and I discover you don’t need me 'cause you’ve got it all covered yourselves. Good work everyone in particular @Alexava‌ and @hamporkbacon‌ (for figuring out how all this works and explaining it) and especially @rmaia (for actually doing it all).
You guys are great :smiley:

Now all Greyjoy need do is post their card choice publicly in this thread (ideally recalculating their final strength). Once that’s happened Stark posts their card (obviously it must be the same as what he sent me) calculates everyone’s finally strength and then we do battle clean up (loser declaring which units die and where the others retreat, winner doing winner things, etc). But it seems to me you guys have this all figured out yourself.