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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

Sorry for the lack of activity my lords, I was needed on business in the Southern Isles where I expected to have access to ravens but there were none.

Once again @Alexava‌ is right on the money. At this stage we are playing along with the messages in bold (unless anyone feels there is reasons to do otherwise).
If anyone has any issues please feel free to shoot me a PM or anything.


(Sorry - I forgot to reply, and then forgot to remember. Making this game go on even longer probably isn’t great, TBH, but it’s happened.)

That’s shit, but I don’t really see much point in begging for a do-over, especially considering the cards Stark has available.
Unless Ned pops up, the Knight will still be alive.
If Ned pops up, then GG on the overkill.

Missed some of the subtext of the routing section.
Just assumed that routed units couldn’t fight, so there wouldn’t be any combat.
It’s pretty vague, but on a rereading, I can see the actual intent.
It makes enough thematic sense if nothing else.

This isn’t a huge deal - it was partially just waiting a move to see what the next round of marches would be.
It’s still probably not a horrible move.

Card sent.

Battle of the Dead Horse Flogging at The Twins: Card sent!

Haha, I was looking over the cards played, have all the battles so far involved me? Jezum Krebs!

The small column of mounted men charge on those twice their number, feeling confident in their victory due to the large number of wounded amongst their foe. When suddenly and unexpectedly a large number of sailors appear to support the Starks’ lead by the Young Wolf, Robb Stark. He is a fury; pushing them back, and back, and back until the day is lost.

Battle of the wounded Knights at The Twins

Attacker: Baratheon Attack: 2 (Knight) Order: 0 Support: 0 Card: 1 - Melisandre (1 Sword) Total: 3

Defender: Stark
Defense: 0 (Routed Knight, Routed Knight)
Order: 0
Support: 2 (ship, ship)
Card: 3 - Robb (If you win this combat, you may choose the area to which your opponent retreats. You must choose a legal area where your opponent loses the fewest units.)
Total: 5

Stark is Victorious

Stark must choose where to retreat Baratheon’s newly routed Knight legal spaces that may be retreated to are The Mountains of the Moon or Seagard (Unless I’ve missed one)

Okay, let’s speed things up, hopefully this helps Greyjoy, Lannister and Baratheon realize I’m not the one they should be so worried about.

Routed Knight retreats to Seagard

And if it doesn’t - hey, Barry, good friend! Consider this the Wolf Express to Castletown.

UPDATED MAP (I think, don’t know how to edit available cards and stuff)

Greyjoy is next? I kinda lost track…

HA! That’s a lovely place to put Baratheon’s knight. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a (not-so) lovely untold story in the army retreating and just kinda … taking residence in somebody’s castle.

To change the state of a card (available or not) on the map you just click on it :wink:
Updated Map including cards - http://tinyurl.com/jpWr5ErcNJ27ei6LgVXr
(also props to @rmaia‌ for remember to advance Baratheon on the victory track)

Greyjoy is up next

Does anyone have a spare squid lying around to poke @sorcy with?

Hi people, sorry that I dropped of the earth, but January has been hell. My company bought another company and we’ve been working like madmen to integrate it into our system. It was madness. MADNESS, I say. Squids flying left and right…

But anyway:

Baratheon, the drunkard, didn’t notice the ship that evil Stark still had in his backhand. Ach, the fools never knew how to handle a ship right. Now his beatdown army has come to Seagard and is squatting in our castle. You take your eyes off for ONE second and those people empty your wine cellar faster than you can say “Hey, don’t touch that”!

I have to admit, I like Baratheon for all his drunken stupor, but we can’t have his knight annex Seagard and stand idly by. I guess we will have to show him the door. With a pointy stick.

Knight from Pyke Prime to Seagard

The drunken slaughter of Seagard, as calculated by Abasquid

In the offense, the most honorable house of Greyjoy:

Attack: 2 (Knight)
Order: 0
Support: 2 (Ship, Ship)

In the defense, the most drunkenable house of Baratheon:

Defense: 0 (Drunken Knight)
Order: 0 (Still drunk)
Support: 0 (None that I can see, or maybe they are just drunk)

Card sent

Yo, Barry, no hard feelings, but that knight of yours has manners like a pig, so we sent him back on his way

Squid be praised! It recommences. :smiley:

I guess I’ll ping @Prosworth just so he won’t forget to get his knight removed.

Was I supposed to do a thing?

@Prosworth you need to send a card for the battle at Seagard (see Greyjoy’s comment above for battle stats)

Card sent.

Do we need to nudge the Maester? Send a raven? @JakeThePirate
I mean, I guess @sorcy and @Prosworth can let everyone know what their cards are, but without a Maester we’re in trouble!

I know it’s been running really slowly, but I’m still managing to be super tense whenever I think about it. Would like to see where it goes.

Well, @JakeThePirate profile says he was last active March 6th, so either he hasn’t gotten @Prosworth card or he just forgot to tell us how the fight ended.

As a lurker I’m sad that this game seemed to have stopped completely.

Well, I don’t know whats going on. Jakes profile says he was online last today at 10:43 pm, but maybe the forums lie? I haven’t read from him in on long time, in any kind of thread.