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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

Lord Barry,

I face a complicated situation right now. Northern supplies dwindle and there are none in reach without exposing our Stronghold. This forces me to stretch myself to the Fingers in order to keep our people fed and our armies equipped. I hope you understand our position and don’t take this as an act of defiance or a challenge to our upstanding truce.

  • T.S.

Orders Sent.

To my most delicious Squid,

I have no intention of supporting the Wolf’s offer of collusion against you. Your war to the north is none of my business and I wish to keep it that way. I am very mindful of the unchecked alliance to my south and am keeping a watchful eye in that direction, lest we are all suddenly caught off guard.

To the Wolf of Winter,

Regardless of the Squid’s actions, I will not actively support or hinder either side in your conflict. That is a northern problem, let it be solved by northerners.

To the prancing Stag,

I think that we are on the same page here, but let’s not get in each others way when Tyrell and Martell choose to strike.

Orders sent

[OOC: sorry 'bout the delay]


To the proverbial snake in the grass,
I respect your honesty.
I’m not sure I respect your judgement, but I’m sure your plans are a bit too subtle for me.
Mind you, while I’m not going to leave myself unprotected, I don’t claim to be unassailable.
The only things I can claim to be are prickly and vengeful.

Lord Conrad,
Your commitment to peace in the South is extremely noble.
As a fellow man of peace, I have only the highest respect for your integrity.

Lord Liono,
Can’t argue with that thinking.
One or both of us will be in for a rough time soon, and the Blackwater and the Kingswood are both attractive targets.
I will be marching siege equipment past Harrenhal, and the operative word is past.
My head isn’t painted on.
Any mutual agression would just be us sounding the dinner bell for the surrounding carrion birds.

Ser Greyjoy,
Haven’t seen each other in a while.
How’s the squid business working out?
Boy, those seas are getting crowded, aren’t they?

Lord Tony,
You’re really trying to make me rethink my position here, mate.
I could posture a bit and make valid points about “you and what fucking army?”.
I suppose it was only a gentleman’s agreement, though, and I suppose acting like a gentleman is too much to be expected from a ravenous wolf. (and your lack of foresight has certainly led you to starve yourself)
Yeah, you can have The Fingers. It’s not the sort of place I’m going to go to war over.

With gritted teeth, - Barry Baratheon, Manliest of Kings, etc.

Lord Barry,

You misunderstand me. My message was not a threat or an unconditional notice of invasion. 'Twas more of a… “we cool if I take this? Just this little bit? You’re not going to need it are you? I guess you’re not. I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

In other words, these are all terms we can talk through. No need to stomp and puff.


Orders Sent

Sorry, not really much to add. I’m not terribly ambitious at the moment and while I’m in a terrible position to defend against an attack, generally speaking, from Martell I also don’t think that’s what Martell is going to do and think I’m rather more well posed to respond to such an attack on the following turn than Martell would be to follow up with a proper 1,2. And I’ll have time to see that coming if anything changes.

By OOC-hoping someone else would either bring the fight to me or take the fight to Lannister or Baratheon (from either North or South) I’ve put myself in a rather poor position to do anything interesting that isn’t also stupid. So I wait. My own fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: misread something on the map. Carry on.

So with your armies bolstered, how shall you use this new found strength? Aggressively? Defensively? Or Passively? It seems to me that many different courses of action have been taken this day. Which shall prove the most fruitful in the end?

Round 4 - Planning Phase - Messenger Raven

Map Link - http://tinyurl.com/noWdJ8d9SkEVCAIJkBrz

If anything’s unclear here are the orders as I received them (if you spot an error post it in the thread so everyone may know):

Dragonstone: March-0 Crackclaw Point: March-2 The Mountains of the Moon: March-1 Dragonstone - Port: Support Blackwater Bay: Support Shipbreaker Bay: Raid King's Landing: Defend Kingswood: Defend


Bay of Ice: Special Defense +2 Sunset Sea: Defense Greywater Watch: Special Raid Seagard: Special March +1 Ironman's Bay: Support Pyke: March +0 Pyke Port: Support Flint's Fingers: March -1


Storm's End - Port: M+1 East Summer Sea: S+1 Storm's End: Support Sea of Dorne: S The Boneway: M+0 Sunspear: M-1 Starfall: D Prince's Pass: D Sunspear - Port: R Yronwood: R


Winterfell: Defense +1 White Harbor: March -1 Winterfell - Port: March +0 Karhold: Raid The Shivering Sea: Support The Narrow Sea: Support Moat Cailin: Defense +1


The Golden Sound: s Lannisport - Port: s Riverrun: d Stoney Sept: m+0 Blackwater: d* Harrenhal: s*


Highgarden: Defense +1 Redwyne Straights: Move -1 West Summer Sea: Move +1 I as mod downgraded this to the highest available march The Reach: Support The Dornish Marshes: Defense +1 The Arbor: Support

Greyjoy will you use the Messenger Raven Token to swap out an order or check the top card of the wildling deck?



  • Baratheon
  • Greyjoy*
  • Stark (No valid targets)
  • Martell (No valid targets)
  • Tyrell (No valid targets)
  • Martell (No valid targets)


  • Baratheon
  • Greyjoy
  • Lannister
  • Stark
  • Martell
  • Tyrell
  • Baratheon
  • Greyjoy
  • Stark
  • Martell
  • Tyrell
  • Baratheon
  • Greyjoy
  • Martell

Consolidate Powers

Not allowed this round.

Greyjoy is up with the Messenger Raven

For this weekend I shall be vaccinationing across the Narrow sea, I leave the conent in the hands of you fine lords. I shall be reachable by Messenger raven but unable to respond.
OOC: I’m going away this weekend, I can receive PMs on my phone but will be unable to send them. So if you need me to respond to something include you’re email address in the PM and I’ll email you back.
Greyjoy if you elect to check the wildling deck, post it here and tell me by PM including your email. I’ll email you the card, and then please post publicly in the forum which action you wish to take with it (place it on the top or on the bottom of the deck). Beyond that I don’t think you guys should need me for anything, but if you do you know how to reach me.



Lord Tony,
I assume you’re not going to help the snakes crush my fleet, considering how much strife you’re already in.
Feel free to try to negotiate terms for your assistance if you think that will help. I should be fine even if you turn on me, but I would rather continue our friendship.
Reckon you’re going to get around to claiming the Fingers soon?

(not actually that fussed over your

massive betrayal

- just wanted to bluster a bit)

Ser Greyhair,
Nice comeback. Brilliant strategy.
Now be a mate and check out what the Wildlings are up to.

It’s starting.
The snake is rearing to strike.
I wonder what the significantly alarming rosebed at the Reach is going to do about this.
Does he want to see his rival grow strong?

Clever, cruel and hopefully fruitless.

Lord Tyrell,
I think a case can be made for scuttling the Dornish fleet.
Does this sound like a project that will interest you?
I would love to help you see Sunspear burn.
What’s your disposition as to the probable march on the Kingswood?

Sharpening his oars in anticipation,

  • Barry Baratheon, Lord of the Deep, etc.

OOC: LOL - clutch Raid, there. Should be mostly fine. Just wish I’d remembered to place the second one.

Singing… “It’s the most wonderful timeeeeee … of the yeaaaaaar”.

Hello dear fellow rulers of Westeros. Is it not the most beautiful time of year? Let’s sit around the fires going up all about Westeros in honor of the squid migration season. This is a time of joy and pride, when young squids stream back to their old nursing grounds, ready to start new families and bread the next generation. It’s a most joyous occasion and I invite you all to join in our festivities.

Dearest Lannis,

I must admit that when my squids brought me news of you amassing ships in the golden sound I was feeling like you didn’t want our help in protecting your borders. But we still trust in you and that you will help us keep the rosesniffers at bay. If you want you can have the sunset sea in the foreseeable future, as the squids are migrating north anyway. Your decision, just tell us.

Dear Barry,

how is the whoring going on? I hope you have a good time during this most joyous of occasions. I wish you best of luck with your endeavors.

Dearest Starks,

Lord Greyhair, representative of Lord Grejoy, will have a look at the wildling deck. We shall be calling back as soon as we can raise the maester from his slumber.

Very well, the maester has sent me urgent squid mail from the north. The wildlings are up to shenanigans, but it’s not the worst situation we could face. So I will put the card back on the top of the deck and implore all of you honorable lords of Westeros to pitch in a small amount of your influence, when the time is ripe.

Now… shall we continue? If I’m not mistaken it is up to…

Lord Barry to light the fires signaling the start of the squid migration (less knowledgeable people call it raiding)

Let the festivities begin…


Raid the East Summer Sea! Burn the waves!


Well I have returned, and to my great surprise thus far very little of the continent is on fire. So I suppose you must be praised for that. Well done you clever little lords, you didn’t break anything important without me.

New map - http://tinyurl.com/uhXofnONJ61t7L5kSekq

We will bring the joys of the squid-fires to Moat Cailin

I believe Baratheon is up for marching


Siege to Crackclaw

Going rat-hunting, Greyjoy?

Rats in wolfs clothes, Barry.

OOC: Will post move later, at work and in a bind right now.

The fires burn bright and quick at Moat Calin, while across the seven kingdoms the rest splutter out.

Updated map with raids resolved and removed - http://tinyurl.com/7BBXowBQIZyZXSj4U8zu

I thought the lion usually attacked the gazelle.

Learn something every day.

Well, it seems like that strange contraption called a siege engine is good for something after all … apparently all you have to do is point it downhill and then enjoy the carnage. I will have to send a squidmail to Lord Greyjoy. He will probably enjoy this new sport we invented, called “Peasantbowling”.

The horribly bloody battle of Moat Cailin, as calculated by Abasquid:

In the attack - the host honorable house of Greyjoy:

Attack: 8 (Knight, Knight, Siege Engine)
Order: +1
Support: Alas, none
Sum: 9

In the defense - house stark, heirs to werewolfs and abominations unknown

Defense: 4 (Knight, Knight)
Order: whoops, it’s gone
Support: 2 (ship, ship) from the narrow sea, I would guess
Sum: 6

I shall send my card selection to the maester.

Card selection send via squidmail. The fastest way of communication in all of Westeros! Send your urgent house message with squid-r-us today. Buy ten squids, get one free! Limited time offer only!