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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

The build of troops to our north must be balanced, lest the temptation of betrayal grow too strong.

The Golden Sound - Three ships
Riverrun - Upgrade footman to siege
Harrenhal - Upgrade footman to knight

[OOC: can someone please update the map, it is not working for me on any of my platforms/browsers (except on my phone, how weird is that!?)

Also, I would appreciate it if someone could post an image of the update map to thread sometime soon, maybe after musters are finished would be a good time - cheers.]

New Map - http://tinyurl.com/VEsnw5fdvSnYATZxvHox

If the map link loads the background image but none of the pieces or anything make sure it’s not trying to connect by https, 'cause that messses it up for some reason. The link should be http://npiguet.github.io/agotmap/2ed.html blah blah blah. You may have to disable extensions like https everywhere.

Stark, it’s muster time!


A word. Dear Stark.

I realise our distance has made us largely irrelevant to each other, but I think we could be able to aid each other mutually. I recognise that you have stretched resources, due to your rather unpleasant squid problem (which I wish you the best with dealing with, although it appears that the Squids are either about to stab some lions in the back or vice versa, which might give you a little more free time to deal with other matters).

Anyway, our mutual interest is in the Baratheons. As their power grows and grows, they are regularly able to ship robust new forces from their island demesne. Their shipping routes are of enormous import to them. Their next move is clearly a march on Storm’s End. But I have some conviction I can cope with that (or at least seize it back promptly). Of course, if I can’t, then they will be in a very strong position.

Now. If I’m right, that leaves us with time to make a move. You or I could mount an attack on the Baratheon sea forces in Shipbreaker bay. It will be a hard battle, with his support from the Blackwater, and his…difficult…ally Sallador Saan, but united, it’s just possible we could take it. Or at least tie up his strongest sea based resource for future battles.

Now. It’s up to you who does the seizing and who does the supporting. And there’s no reason to decide anything now. We need to see how the troops fall. And obviously, the fact that our only communication is insecure makes such plotting fairly inadvisable. But I wanted to share this thought process with you either way. If we work together, we can break the back of Baratheon. If not this turn, then the next. Without charge of those seas, his holdings will be ours to divide between us.

Mull it over. And don’t underestimate the power Baratheon could be gaining from that pile of crowns he’s amassing. This is one option of many, for both of us, but I wanted to open up a thought process a little.

Uhm, not to be a party pooper, but how can Lannis have four ships in the golden sound when his biggest army can have a size of three … and there are already two knights and a footman in that other region.

Come on people, it’s not like it’s hard to count the little meeples … I’m just going to sit silently over there

Lannister has a supply level of 5, which grants him 4 / 3 / 2 / 2 (which he has maxed).

Trust me I’m checking everyone, no-one’s slippin’ anything past me this muster.

Oops, mistook the rose icon on the supply track for the Lannister icon. Damn, I shouldn’t post at 3 am any more…


O most poisonous of vipers,
You’re probably thinking right now that I would like to conquer Storm’s End.
You’re not far wrong. It’s strategically important, and that port is ripe for a trade fleet.
You know what I don’t want, though? I really don’t want to try to hold Storm’s End against the Dornish fleet and whatever forces you can and will be chucking at me while the rest of my modest holdings are nicked from me.
I really don’t want to have to deal with any of your nasty kinsmen unless I have to.
I also don’t want a protracted war with you.
While the climate of Dorn is pretty magnificent, anything I try to conquer will probably end up doing me more harm than good.

I get why you’re paranoid.
You’re a bit of an untrustworthy shit-stirrer, and you expect everyone to be the same.

If you were incidentally looking to goad any impetuous wolves into supporting an ill-advised naval buggering, I will advise you that my fleet is actually pretty damn mighty, and it won’t be at all difficult to retake it even if I was temporarily unable to support my fleets.
(It would be pretty annoying, though.)

With more love than you suspect,

  • Barry Baratheon, Future Lord of the Vale, etc.

OOC: Felt like it was time for some IC insult-hurling. <3

OOC: just a heads up that I’m clarifying some rules before I muster, but I will have it done by the end of the day…!

Honorable lords of Westeros,

The wolf has been silent in these icy lands, slowly pondering the changing times we face. While we may be isolated in the north, the ravens tell us of your powers spreading through the land, keeping us all too busy while the wildlings knock at our doors! It might have been not much more than a gentle knock this time, but the next…

Lord Greyjoy, I will ask you once: Back away from the Bay of Ice. Back away and keep your ships, or we will sink them down. You have proven yourself to be unreasonable, but now is your chance to show that doesn’t mean you are not smart. The lion is keeping its forces strong but cohesive, and it is showing every intention of striking you from the South. Your siege engines will prove worthless when that happens. So you have two choices: you can have those ships, and use them to support your units when the lion pounces, or you can find yourself between the hammer and the anvil, fighting battles at two fronts. And make no mistake, you have won a battle, and might even win another one, but the winter is long and drawn-out. These flares of victory mean nothing if you can’t keep the flame burning throughout the entire war, and you should know very well that we are very ready to slowly drag this to victory. Back away and leave our shores be. You can probably use those ships to reinforce the Sunset Sea as well - the Lion fleet is growing, and the only way out is through your seas. Are you sure you want to leave it unsupported?

Lannisters, your forces are mighty and you are clearly ready to crush the tentacled menace. The bountiful lands of Seagard are ripe for the picking, and I will support you - IF the Greyjoy don’t move their fleets away from the Bay of Ice. If you let the Squid grow strong, it might come for Riverrun next. But if you take Seagard, that should make your expansion southward that much easier.

Martell (cc Baratheon), your offer is intriguing and we are pleased in knowing you also think of us as a potential ally. However, we have lost our Western seas, which are our priority, and the Baratheons have been respectful of our truce over the Eastern waters - for now. So the timing now is unfavorable for us to meddle in these affairs. We must choose our windmills, as they say. We will respect our diplomatic alliance with the Stag, as long as they reciprocate. But know that you will have a friend and an ally in the North in case they make the unwise choice to break that.

Tyrell… how’s the weather down there? pretty good? Any plans for the festivities? Yeah… not much to talk about, have we? Hope the Queen of Thorns in good health. I guess the only thing I have to say to you is that you probably want the Lion to keep its attention to its North, so if you want to join the party and have some Calamari, be our guest!

Yours and watchful,

  • T.S.

Winterfell: Ship to the shivering sea, Ship to Winterfell Port
White Harbor: Footman
Moat Cailin: none, muster point lost (sad trombone)

UPDATED MAP: http://tinyurl.com/X6KQveFKEg27Vsxup0ST

hope I did everything right.

who’s next? I’m not sure…

The muster has certainly shaken things up. This round looks to be very interesting.

Martell has the next muster
Followed up by Tyrell before everyone gains some power tokens and we move on to the planning phase.

My favorite part is that things aren’t that different for Martel and I … and we haven’t mustered yet. :smiling_imp:

I’d quite like some elaboration from my friends in the South.

My understanding boils down to ‘we’ve both got increasingly shored up and aggressive looking forces to our north, and soft underbellies to our side, but we know that getting distracted by each other will lead to us being swiftly crushed by our Northern neighbours’.

Anyway, let’s get on with things.

Starfall: Ship to East Summer Sea
Yronwood: Footman
Storm’s End: Ship to port
Sunspear: Ship to port, Footman

Think this is right: http://tinyurl.com/ief9tCZrzOjR56Uc1WBp

Oh, and that makes it Time for Tyrell

Ah. What I meant by that was “Everything up North got a lot more complicated … but not much in terms of the bits that are most relevant to us.”

A bunch of stuff between everyone else up North just got more fortified … but no so much on the edges that abut our southern lands.

That’s good news for us if we want to move upward. It’s slightly less good but still good news if we want to wait first. It’s … inconsequential news if we want to fight each other.

I don’t want to fight you, so it’s good news. :slight_smile:

Oldtown: Ship (port), Ship (Straights)
Highgarden: Footman --> Knight, Footman (Or just Knight. Same thing, but I like the idea of promoting people who have done good work)
The Reach: Footman -> Knight

As per the request of our dear Maester, here is the map with everyone’s new power token totals:


Baratheon gain 5
Greyjoy gain 3
Lannister gain 4
Stark gain 2
Martell gain 4
Tyrell gain 3

Everyone submit your orders! Remember, no Consolidate Power. :slight_smile:

Horderves sent.

Cheers for the help @Gwathdring‌

Round 4 - Planning Phase - Assign Orders


Please PM me your orders, remembering you may not assign any consolidate power orders this round.
Also, as always discussion is encouraged; especially as it looks like so very much is about to kick off.


I have sent my orders.
They will not change, as I am neither planning to attack anyone, nor support any aggression.
I am, however, prepared to recapture anything you monsters try to steal from me.

Orders have been sent

It’s interesting, isn’t it, Barry.

I can’t trust you, but I do believe you. On the other hand, I need to move somewhere, and you’re where makes sense. I can’t break through this turn, but I need to put the pressure on, in case I can. I think.

Every move I’ve made depends on your disposition. Plans for so many situations. Some will have me leave you be. Some will have me marching to try and destroy everything you’ve ever held dear.

Moves and countermoves. Fears and hopes. Orders and chaos.

Orders sent.