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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

Updated map - http://tinyurl.com/Obg2LzOms6Dfuv4HV7Ai
Tyrell forgot to leave the power token on the map


OOC: Looks like Martell’s looking to trade my knight and a temporary hold on the Kingswood for the best character in their hand. Eh - strange choice, but it at least gives me something to do.
Vacillated over sending reinforcements to KW, but I really don’t care enough to do it.

Crackclaw Point: Knight - MoM


Think it’s Lannister’s turn.

Hold up everyone There's been a mistake.

Lannister already spent his single march

Knight and Footman from Lannisport to Stony Sept.

New map

Stark - at your leisure.

But when Stark made their move they must have used an earlier map and not included Lannister’s move which no one noticed.

As per everyone’s current moves the map really should look more like this -> http://tinyurl.com/ceDzWLYYfrAn2CIm5NT2 (I think)

I think our best course of action is accept this as the new game state (which to be honest it technically always was, we just missed a boo-boo). But perhaps Lannister being here seriously changes someone’s moves. If so please speak up ASAP.
I would prefer to just continue the game as I don’t like RetConning in a game like this at means that there is the possibility people can intentionally put simple errors in the map that no-one is likely to notice but if someone betrays them or they do a move they later regret they need only point out there error and use it as sort of a save spot to start over from.

So could everyone who is happy just to play on please click the “Agree” button on this post, anyone who has an issue (any issue what so ever, please let me know!) please post it ASAP!

If we do play on Stark should be next to march so stark thinking about your moves folks.

Okay, Baratheon, Tyrell and Martell have all agreed to move on and they are everyone to act since the mistake was made. So given that, just to keep this moving I’m happy to call it that we’ll play on. Again if anyone has an issue with this let me know ASAP.

but to keep things moving
Stark you’re up.

I have an issue with it … Stark should be punished for their heinous crimes and all of their armies should be removed, while all their lands should be handed over to the good people of lord Greyjoy.

Everyone in favor say “Aye”. Aye. … no? Nobody? Well, go on then.

Winterfell port - Ships sit tight and cozy

Updated map - http://tinyurl.com/bdYlCR7Wyr9ukUFkgZTm

OOC: I will be traveling this week, from tonight until Thursday, under a relatively busy schedule (especially for the next two days). I want to write a long-overdue IC post before I do, but I might end up writing it in the airplane and posting it only tomorrow morning. I will be in New York, so I’ll also be at a different time zone (UTC-5) than I am now (UTC-8). In any case, I will try to check at least once a day to keep things moving, but I apologize if it takes me longer than expected.

Maester, if there is anything pressing that needs my attention, don’t hesitate sending a PM (it’s linked to my email account which I can check from my phone, whereas the website forum is still not mobile-friendly AFAIK), and I’ll get back as soon as I have a break!

Thanks for the heads up @rmaia‌ I’ll PM you anything major that happens though with marches almost up, this round is nearly over. I hope you enjoy your travels (though the sound as though they’re probably for work and somewhat stressful; best of luck all the same)

Martell has the final march of the round

Although I’m almost tempted to punish Barry’s wilful assumptions, I think it is right to hold by my intentions. All will be quiet for now. But I do grow tired of the sabre rattling and veiled and lie filled threats.

The Boneway: 1 footman to Sunspear

Edit: added updated map

Time to consolidate some power:

  • Baratheon gains 4 PTs going to 9
  • Greyjoy gains 2 PTs going to 4
  • Lannister gains 3 PTs going to 3
  • Stark gains 4 PTs going to 5
  • Martell gains 1 PT going to 1
  • Tyrell gains 4 PTs going to 6

Then it’s on to the special Consolidate Power

  • Baratheon - Muster or 2 PTs
  • Greyjoy - Muster or 2 PTs
  • Lannister - Muster or 2 PTs

Updated map with all but the special CP orders removed - http://tinyurl.com/7yovrZmTuGrYb4zhsk9h
(A note on this map, I noticed another error. When I placed the PT in Three Towers for Tyrell I did not lower their PT count, so that has now been fixed)


You use all of your Court influence to marshal your troops next to a valuable, initially poorly-defended, territory, and you say I’m threatening you?

Footman to Siege Engine, Ship to Shipbreaker’s Bay



Two ships sail off into the ironman’s bay

Sorry, can’t do map - at work and in a hurry.

Lannister, go!

Squid’s Map - http://tinyurl.com/DpfUolhkl0IZpEkALTpY
Wrong: See below

[OOC: Sorry, @Sorcy‌ , but each house only has access to 6 ships. I think you will need to re-do your muster before I go.]

@hamporkbacon‌ good catch! Thanks for that.

@Sorcy as our good lion points out your muster is unfortunately invalid.

OOC: Wait - I’m maxed on ships?
Jeez. 6 is not many at all.

OOC: Wait - I'm maxed on ships? Jeez. 6 is not many at all.
You're not wrong, but such a major part of this game is dealing with limited resources. Plus ships are insanely powerful giving increased movement and being able to support without being raided.

OOC: WTF? How am I supposed to be the unopposed ruler of the sea with a measly six ships? That’s not even a real fleet, that’s just some bums having a day on the lake, shooting squid and drinking beer. Everybody in favor of Greyjoys getting double the amount of ships say “Aye”. Aye. … No? Again nobody? You people are no fun.

I ordered the slaves loyal peasants of Seagard to build more ships to send into the Ironman’s bay, then I worked on some more pressing matter (War squids become increasingly volatile, destroying ships left and right. Control is what we need!). When I woke the next morning the bumblings had set me up with a siege engine. A BLODDY SIEGE ENGINE. Apparently no one ever had built a ship in Seagard and they didn’t know how to do it, so they went with what they know and build a bloody siege engine that is now blocking the view from my window. What the hell am I supposed to do with that thing?

Bloody siege engine in bloody Seagard

I can’t work with these people. I just can’t…

Squid Map, for reals this time - http://tinyurl.com/Qp0xWXVsYmfyAtGYXb6V

[Hahahahahaha that made my evening. The new banner is glorious, as well.]

Who will blink first, I wonder? Tyrell and Martell have been fluttering their eyes to each other, but that’s not the same thing, really.

Muster Knight in Riverrun

New map