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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

It is interesting that Tyrell has seized the Blade. I wonder whose throat it is aimed at? Regardless, it will make a potent combination with the commanders they have on hand.

Alas, I have lost the Raven. Greyjoy will no doubt make good use of it in his struggle with the Wolf.

And Baratheon keeps the Throne, without lifting a finger. How droll.

Ultimately, little has changed. The Martell and Tyrell sharpen their knives and leer northwards. The Wolf and Kraken are entangled. Baratheon maneuvers to defend their holdings. And we Lannisters do what we can to avoid war.


It remains likely that Tyrell and Martell will march against one or both of us, and I think you to be the richer target. I repeat myself, I have no intent to march against you. This should be obvious given the disposition of forces arrayed about my land. I am open to discussion, should you wish to pursue it.

I increasingly don’t want to mess with the Lion, and am currently happy being walled in Roses and Stags. My current plan is to shore up, whilst being able to respond in kind to acts of aggression. To mobilise, I will appear to be expanding. But it will only happen if circumstance forces my hand.

Trust is complicated, isn’t it.

Orders sent

I’m noticing less rosy chatter between Tyrell and Martell. It has been replaced by a subtle jostling for dominance. An interesting development.

Orders sent

[It has been replaced by Gwathdring being a grumpypuss of limited attention this week. Sorry. :frowning: ]

If Martell needs the Reach, I can cede it. But it’s an excellent platform for supporting into Baratheon’s land of castles. Otherwise there’s really no point in an alliance unless we switched places and Martell helped me into Lannister’s land of get-murdered-by-squids. Based on that not-loaded-at-all assessment, you can probably guess my vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’re still friendly! (well I am, or am I, dun dun etc, etc). I’m just not feeling the character. I’ll do better next week.


Dear Tyrell,
Don’t listen to the Lion, we currently still have much more to gain from Friendship than we stand to lose from war. I agree with your assessment of the Reach. I’m probably going to need it at some point, but for now (and possibly for a while), I’d consider it over-reaching. And I’m not just saying that for the pun.

Dear Lannister,
Stop stirring. That’s my job. I trust the Tyrells, and they must be aware that betraying me now would lead to them swiftly losing their pointy advantage. Obviously, as second in line, you want that, so I can see where you’re coming from, but I’d worry about your own back if I were you.

Dear Baratheon,
All my talk of intent is for, really. I do not intend to attack, but I am going to be in a position to. Circumstance and, most directly, your behaviour and apparent intent could shift that. I know rattling sabres whilst asking someone else not to rattle sabres is generally poor form, but it’s where I have to be. I hope you recognise that.


Dear Gentry,
I am not a naturally punchy bloke. I will gradually expand into what little is owed me, and just curl up like a peaceful echidna. I will be a small, sweet little ball of spikes.
All this talk of war, and the increasing number of knights pouring into the breadbasket of our nation is concerning.
Mind you, anyone who somehow steals any of my holdings from under the watchful noses of my Blackwater Bay fleet will then have to hold them from the exact same fleet. Like I said, a spiny little echidna.
(Plus, I’ll get my fool to teach them a lesson in manners.)

Friend Liono,
(I may look the juicer target, but my aftertaste is bitter as shit. Unlike echidnas, which actually taste alright.)
You’ll notice how my influence on the latest cabinet reshuffle has favoured yourself and your Brother Squid relative to our Southern neighbours.
There are two reasons for this; the relative weakness of your current positions is a factor, but the most important one is the small amount of trust I will have to place in you for the short term.
I will help you where I can, and would appreciate the same for me. Any talk of alliance or even lasting friendship is just going to be bullshit, so that will have to do from me.

Brother Squid,
I’m not going to be able to help you much more than I have, because while I appreciate your ongoing commitment to coastal pest management, I don’t want to irritate any wolves. Especially not wolves who have you on the ropes.

Cobra Commander,
That soft, green underbelly looks delicious, doesn’t it?
Mine’s all gross and yellow and covered in indigestible spiny warfleets. You’re absolutely right; you don’t want to eat something like that.
Something fat and juicy and flavoured with rosewater would be more to your palette.

Yours fuzzily,

  • Barry Baratheon, Devourer of Ants, etc.

Hoi Baratheon. Thanks for putting us behind you in the succession. Right behind you is were we really like to be. Riiiight behind you! Also, sorry about the guy you sent with the message and that we cut off his legs. We had to do it, they were infected.

Lannis, careful about the Martells. They can’t be trusted for all their sweet talk. Rumors has it that they harbor werewolves amongst them! I have it on hand from a very well known ghost talker. Had me talking to a basket weaver that was eaten by those things. Gruesome stuff.

Starks. You better beware of the drowned gods followers. Move your eyes east, unless you want us to move your eyes for you! That can be arranged!

To all you other bums. You can sweet talk all day long, but in the end we all know that you have poison dripping daggers up your bums, and not even for fun!

Orders sent after long delibaration.

Dear Martell,

I was not implying that Tyrell would betray you, rather the opposite. I’m sure it’s occurred to you that a feint with Doran Martell would drop Tyrell to last in Fiefdoms, this would then make your strike against him very likely to be successful, given his present lack of allies - excluding yourself, of course.

[OOC - how’s that for stirring? :wink: ]

[EDIT - mixed up Tyrell and Martell… one of these days I will remember to get those two names the right way around. Sorry for what was probably a confusing post before the edit.]

Dear Martell,

I was not implying that Tyrell would betray you, rather the opposite. I’m sure it’s occurred to you that a feint with Doran Martell would drop Tyrell to last in Fiefdoms, this would then make your strike against him very likely to be successful, given his present lack of allies - excluding yourself, of course.

[OOC - how’s that for stirring? :wink: ]

[EDIT - mixed up Tyrell and Martell… one of these days I will remember to get those two names the right way around. Sorry for what was probably a confusing post before the edit.]


Nice stirring. And I point you back towards what has already been said. It is amusing that you are so clearly encouraging the thing that would give you the Valyrian Steel. I’m almost tempted, just to see what it does to your squid/stag ‘friendship’ sandwich. But I’ve already made it clear I won’t be making the first move in that direction, I will just have to be sure I’m ready for it.

Yes, it’s clear all alliances will end in tears. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be mutually beneficial up to that point. And. Occasionally. Beyond.

As I’ve said. We’ll see.

Raven: Tap, Tap, Tap
snort zzzzZZZzzzzZZZZZZZzzzz
Huh, what? Oh, all the lords have sent me their concordance. What does this all mean again? Such an addled old mind I have.

The lords send their orders. The protection from raids once more allows for the gathering of taxes, but it also looks as though war comes for the North.

Round 3 - Planning Phase - Messenger Raven

Map Link - http://tinyurl.com/BXzbIDgRwsx5ReeBql2r

If anything’s unclear here are the orders as I received them (if you spot an error post it in the thread so everyone may know):

King's Landing: CP Dragonstone: CP* Dragonstone - Port: CP Blackwater Bay: S Shipbreaker Bay: M+0 Kingswood: S Crackclaw Point: M-1
Lannisport: m+0 Lannisport - Port: cp The Golden Sound: d Riverrun: cp* Harrenhal: cp Stoney Sept: s* Blackwater: d*
The Arbor: Cp Searoad Marshes: Cp West Summer Sea: Defense Redwyne Straights: Support The Reach: Support The Towers: March -1
Seagard: Special Consolidate Power Greywater Watch: Special March +1 Ironmans' Bay: Support Pyke Port: Consolidate Power Bay of Ice: Support Sunset Sea: Special Defense +2 Flint's Finger: Consolidate Power
The Boneway: M+1 Yronwood: M+0 Storm's End: S+1 Sea of Dorne: S East Summer Sea: S Starfall: CP
Winterfell: Consolidate Winterfell port: March +0 Moat Cailin: Support Karhold: Consolidate The Narrow Sea: Defense The Shivering Sea: March -1


Greyjoy will you use the Messenger Raven Token to swap out an order or check the top card of the wildling deck? I will remind you that Lannister currently knows which card this is and a wildling attack is likely next moon's turn.


Not allowed this round.


  • Baratheon
  • Greyjoy
  • Lannister
  • Stark
  • Martell
  • Tyrell
  • Baratheon
  • Stark
  • Martell

Consolidate Powers

  • Baratheon (Automatically resolve 3 PTs)
  • Greyjoy (Automatically resolve 1 PT)
  • Lannsiter (Automatically resolve 2 PTs)
  • Stark (Automatically resolve 2 PTs)
  • Martell (Automatically resolve 1 PT)
  • Tyrell (Automatically resolve 2 PTs)
  • Baratheon (Automatically resolve 1 PT)
  • Greyjoy (Automatically resolve 1 PT)
  • Lannsiter (Automatically resolve 1 PT)
  • Stark (Automatically resolve 2 PTs)
  • Tyrell (Automatically resolve 2 PTs)
  • Baratheon - Muster or 2 PTs
  • Greyjoy - Muster or 2 PTs
  • Lannister - Muster or 2 PTs

Greyjoy is up with the Messenger Raven

Yes, yeeeees… the wolfs are baring their teeth while the rose sniffers huddle in their gardens. It is good that our Raven shall bring the following orders…

Raven exchanges Special Defense Order in the Sunset Sea against a Special Support Token +1

Le squid map

Sorry - in a rush.
Shipbreaker: 2 ships to Blackwater Bay

Updated map - http://tinyurl.com/04byIXLNJj7LGxIXqt7w

Squids are up

Ach, we had such grand plans, but the numbers don’t add up. I guess we will have to diversify

Footman from Greywater Watch to Pyke Main What a damn waste…

Squid Map

Lannis, you are go.

True squid map - http://tinyurl.com/bw9cU2jwWRcIT8Wpx3Ia
(march order from Greywater watch removed)

Knight and Footman from Lannisport to Stony Sept.

New map

Stark - at your leisure.

Ship from the Shivering Sea to the Narrow Sea

Updated Map

Martell is a-go!

I’ve forgotten who I trust and who I’m scared of. Probably everyone and no-one, in one order or the other.

Let’s reshuffle and consolidate, for now.

Yronwood: one footman to Prince’s Pass. Leaving behind a power token.

Updated map: I think: http://tinyurl.com/PyKNEGjeUe5jNRDxzHWj

Oh. And Tyrell, tis your turn.

Three Towers: Footman to Highgarden, leaving a power token.


On dasher on dancer on Barry on blitzen.