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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends


To all assorted noble drongos,
Yep, still king.
Don’t take your positions on the line of succession personally. The two houses in precarious positions have my favour, and the war has barely started. Plenty more time for infighting.
Oh, and don’t worry yourselves over the large mercenary fleet I just bought. They’re just there for defence, and to keep my neighbours honest.

Lord Conrad,
In your current position, a position of disfavour will probably just mean that you have more potential for a horrifying sneak attack. That sounds hilarious. You’re definitely going last.

Still king, - Barry Baratheon, Undisputed Champion, etc.

Iron Throne Influence Track: Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Martell, Tyrell

OOC: Had no idea how much a bid should be worth, so I thought I’d hold off for a round. Still a little confused, but quite amused.

Greyjoy has jumped up to second in the line of succession while all else remains the same.

New Map - http://tinyurl.com/kCCDcdMzgOPpa5m4kBEW

On the value of a bid:

The fun thing about auctions is they are only as valuable as you make them and based on how the rest of the table values things. There are so many variables here, one of the key ones is how much everyone has. One of the first games I ever played we got an early Clash of Kings and everyone spent everything on it, then the next round we got another; however during that round a single player had harvested a single power token, so they bid it on to take the Iron Throne and then decided how to place the next two tracks. Not sure the relevance of that, it's just a fun story (the next round was yet another Clash of Kings with everyone still broke so the prudent person then got to place everyone in every track and it stayed that way for the rest of the game). When bidding keep in mind at the end of the game power tokens are effectively worthless (they are used in tie breaking but only after two other things) so they're only worth hoarding if you have a goal for them. Power Tokens are used to bid on the influence tracks, fight the wilding and establish controls of vacant areas. That's it. In my experience they are saved and spent mostly on the influence tracks. They can of course also be saved for future uses (which is why I did the calculations on having to spend them in the next Westeros phase), one of the key future uses can simply be the negotiating position of having more than your opponents.

In the end it’s up to you how to decide you value things. Regardless of what happens it should be fun; watching that you’ve spent 7 power tokens and no one else bid. Being out bid by just 1 freaking token by everyone else. Being out bid by 15 tokens and laughing at the fool waiting all they’re tokens or as happened here, laughing as it turns out no one was willing to put a single token in, even if that was all the crown would cost.


Liege Martell lifts hir head from the decadent pile of flesh just long enough to shake it, despairingly.

Missed opportunities.

Bid Sent

OOC: Shaking the head. Not the pile of flesh. Or anything else, for that matter. shakes booty, despairingly

Bid sent ages ago

@Alexava‌: decadent piles of flesh sound unhealthy. You get cooties that way.

Bid reluctantly sent

Bid sent.

Bids away.

Bids sent

So while no-one values the throne, you all value martial prowess more, but only slightly.
Tyrell you get a shiny old sword

Round 3 Fiefdoms Bid

  • Tyrell - 3
  • Stark - 2 Lannister - 2 Martell - 2
  • Baratheon - 1 Greyjoy - 1

Baratheon please order the ties (I assume you’ll be above Greyjoy, but the others also need to be arranged. All involved feel free to make your case to our king)

If your King’s Court bid isn’t dependant on your fiefdoms placement please send that in.

New Power tokens totals:

  • 10 - Greyjoy
  • 9 - Baratheon
  • 7 - Lannister
  • 6 - Martell
  • 6 - Tyrell
  • 4 - Stark

Semi-updated map - http://tinyurl.com/5T1ptr7mKCR8O8EsPe9L


Bid sent.

Bid sent

Bid Sent.

Warsquid Bid sent



Bid sent.


Ah, I see you all think the true power lies with those behind the throne. I may be inclined to agree.
Greyjoy is the new Hand of the King

Round 3 King's Court Bid

  • Greyjoy - 8 (3 Special Orders)
  • Lannister - 7 (3 Special Orders)
  • Martell - 5 (2 Special Orders)
  • Baratheon - 4 (1 Special Orders)
  • Stark - 3 Tyrell - 3

Baratheon please order the tie (though it matters little in this case, it may matter if Doran decides to throw his weight around)

Everyone please now send your orders in. Keeping in mind your new place in the King’s Court Track and how many special orders it grants you, also raid orders may not be played.

New Power tokens totals:

  • 5 - Baratheon
  • 3 - Tyrell
  • 2 - Greyjoy
  • 1 - Stark
  • 1 - Martell
  • 0 - Lannister

Semi-updated map - http://tinyurl.com/V6k5Dvt5PNdtiShWMPDb



King’s Court: Greyjoy, Lannister, Martell, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell

OOC: Damn - didn’t realise how much people wanted it. Oh well - at least I still get to muster. Obvs no new map.


Harvests collected and soldiers fed, the balance of power has shifted but who will reap the benefits of this change?

Round 3 - Planning Phase - Assign Orders

Map image to come if I get a chance. (Life has become slightly more busy for me than when this started, sorry guys).

Map Link - http://tinyurl.com/V6k5Dvt5PNdtiShWMPDb

Please PM me your orders, remembering you no one may assign any raid orders and your new number of special orders.

Ha. New number of special orders.


So the Rose has grown a Valyrian Steel thorn, and the Squid has learnt how to play the games of court (although perhaps the squid’s sudden waekness is the more interesting story there).

The Wolves are less flexible, but otherwise unchanged, similar for Baratheon. I’ve barely moved at all (although even that cost me dearly).

It’s the Lions that have grown furthest, I feel. They are in an increasingly strong position.

I believe we live in interesting times (and they’ll only get more interesting, from the look of things).

Anyone else care to share their thoughts on the current affairs. I’d love to hear my neighbours dispositions. And you all know how I love the movements of those further afield.

I expect my next moves will be read as aggression when I’m still just positioning. But I doubt you’ll trust me.

Which is probably fair.