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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

Actually, Stark’s final march has no valid places to go as he is almost at supply limit and has the maximum number of armies allowed.

Consolidate Power/Musters

I have harvested everyone's non-special CP orders just to keep things moving. Even those which technically shouldn't happen yet, but there is nothing at this stage to stop them. I've also removed all supports for a similar reason.
Baratheon gained 1 PT Lannister gained 1 PT Stark gained 1 PT Martell gained 2 PTs Greyjoy gained 3 PTs Tyrell gained 2 PTs

Updated map - http://tinyurl.com/fI7liBL6mIA4xQ9C18uE

Baratheon is up with a special CP in Dragonstone (2PTs or a 2 point muster) then Lannister, then Martell


2 Ships into Shipbreaker’s Bay


Knight into Lannisport

map - http://tinyurl.com/Ue9xa0TxOtyOi2kdb497

Martell are up next


I’ll take the power, actually.

END OF TURN 2 (I think).

Map, maybe right: http://tinyurl.com/DTI84RuG6J2ZkreSD7uM

(I haven’t moved the turn marker though, that feels like overstepping!)

War between the Greyjoy’s and Starks begins, with Greyjoy trading Moat Calin for sea access to Winterfell. Meanwhile in the south it appears we have a tense stand off, with all the major parties content to consolidate their power for now.

Round 3 - Westeros Phase

Armies must be fed while they intrigue deepens. Who can you trust?

Westeros I

Supply Adjust Supply track. Reconcile armies

Westeros II

Clash of Kings Bid on the three Influence tracks

Westeros III

Sea of Storms Raid Orders cannot be played during this Planning Phase

I have updated Supply for you as none of you have lost any supply there is no need to reconcile any armies.

Baratheon stayed on 2 Lannister went up 5 Stark went up to 2 Martell went up to 3 Greyjoy went up to 3 Tyrell went up to 3

Map Link - http://tinyurl.com/gqLLH5739D4c0hMruWKx

Everyone must now PM me their bids for the Iron Throne track

(as per cards and orders, please post "Bid sent" when you send me your bid)

Some notes on bidding and the tracks:

Firstly remember anything you bid is spent, even if you bid the lowest and thus place last. Secondly don't forget there are three bids all at once, it's up to you to decide where you want to allocate your resources, and how much you want to save in case something else comes up. Edit:and you can of course bid 0 or all of your power tokens on anything.

Iron Throne Track:

Ties will be decided by whoever currently hold the Iron Throne (so for the first IT bid it'll be Baratheon, and for Fiefdoms and King's Court it'll be whoever win the first bid) The Iron Throne track determines turn order, being first isn't always good as it gives you less opportunity to react but a greater opportunity to be proactive (ie raid, or march first). My general rule of thumb, which is very rough and vague, is you want to be before your enemies and after your friends (it's very rare you can achieve this). Though of course if you win the bid for the Throne, you get to settle ties for the next two, as well as things like wildling attacks.

Fiefdoms Track:

Helps you win battles, or even avoid them. It is very hard to go to war with someone higher on the Fiefdoms track than you. The Valyrian Steel Blade (VSB) is a free +1 to combat once per round when you already win ties. Basically it forces people to beat your final combat score by two rather than one to win. Very nasty.

King’s Court Track:

Grants you access to special orders, which also means you have more orders (you can march three times rather than twice and one of those with a +1). Always useful. The raven gives you more flexibility, allowing you to plan for the next wildling attack and/or change out an order once you see what everyone else is doing.

A note on the Westeros III deck:

Unlike Westeros I & II, the Westeros III deck has no reshuffle mechanics. That means every card that comes up from it is spent for good. The cards are all either forbiding the use of a particular order, giving the holder of the VSB the choice between no defence orders or no March +1's, or having the Wilding attack. There are three unique orders that are forbidden by the deck; Consolidate Power, Support, and Raids. This means this is the only round where no raids can be played. Meaning all Supports and Consolidate Powers are safe from raiding this round.

Some Maths about next round’s Westeros phase:
There is a 87.46% that the wildlings will attack next round.
There is a 29.17% chance there will be another Clash of kings next round (not accounting for the Raven holder choosing it on a Dark Wings, Dark Words card).
There is a 21.88% chance that the wildlings will attack twice next round.
More just for fun:

There is a 19.45% Chance of a Clash of Kings and a Wildling attack next round There is a 3.2% chance of two Wildling attacks and a Clash of Kings
This is not meant to encourage you to save during this Clash of Kings, nor is it meant to encourage you to spend. I am merely trying to inform you of the odds so you can make an informed choice.

Edit: Lannister is on 5 supply, not 4. Map image is wrong. Map link and everything else is correct (I hope).

jesus christ By the old gods where are them musters? Spreading thin as snow…

edit: corrected blasphemy, italicized


Liege Martell surveys hir map parlour, considering the current affairs of Westeros.

All the action is in the North, all the waiting in the South. Greyjoy was surprisingly tame last round, but looking now, there’s a seastone knife held right to the neck of the Starks. Moat Cailin may be a rock, but Winterfell looks like a throat. Perhaps if that port could fight back quickly enough? Greyjoy has cast aside Victarion’s naval superiority, somewhat needlessly. A swift offence could be the only defence. But getting there first, could be vital.

It appears I’m not the only one who was hoping for a chance to muster. A bountiful harvest is all well and good, but it never seems to come at the right time.

But my eyes should turn to my neighbours, truly. Tyrell has made the obvious move. And it intrigues. On the one hand, it gives me nowhere to go that doesn’t end in blood (once I’ve occupied the briefly demilitarised pass, that is). On the other hand, it leaves us well able to aid each other. If Tyrell holds true.

There’s just no way to know until the knife cuts flesh, whether it is directed at myself or Baratheon.Harsh times, despite the bounty that’s just delivered. Is anyone poised to take over that bounty?

Which brings us to Baratheon. Barry. Lord of the Dragonstone hellhole, and warmer of the pointy chair.

That’s quite a few ships, right there. I have to assume they are directed Northwards, to steal from the Starks while their eyes are elsewhere. Who would march to war in the South, when they could secure a hold on the Eyrie?

Assume. Assume. Assume.

I had best be ready to take them, either way.

I don’t know what to make of the Lannisters. They appear solid, but they appear unable to reach any further. All those supplies, and nobody to supply them to. I guess I don’t have to worry too much about them right now. The dearth of entertainment will doubtless be made up for by the inevitable collapse of the Squidlion pact.

Interesting times, interesting times.

And timing may be crucial.

Descends back into pile of paramours, stroking chin thoughtfully…it remains unclear whose chin it is…or if it is even a chin.

Bid sent (Not sure if this should be public or not.)

Everyone should post Bid Sent once they have sent me their bids. Same as you would do for any other game related PM (orders or house card). This is to keep the game moving by letting people know if they are being waited on, and also to bring it closer to the tabletop format where you can see once someone’s placed all their orders, or got their hand ready with their bid, etc.

So far I have received bids from Martell and Stark. I expect this to be a slow bidding due to the weekend and Essen but I still would like to keep this game moving along.

I’ll send it tomorrow morning, bright and early. Today was a pile of shit and I don’t feel up to tactics. Tomorrow morning there will be tea.

OOC: Busy as hell, and still trying to learn Tragedy Looper. I’ll explain how harmless my large warfleet is, and (probably) why I didn’t mind losing the throne, later.


Dear Baratheon,

My informers tell me that the Tyrell and Martell continue to plot against the good of the realm. If you are attacked in unison, I pledge not to be a third knife in your back. Where possible, I will seek to join forces with you to limit their ambitions.

I tell you this openly not to win an ally, but to help you with the arrangement of your troops and orders. If you doubt my sincerity, then do not simply take me on my word. Know that I can not move against you without providing opportunities for attacks against my own holdings. As such, I choose to assist you for now, in whatever reasonable ways I may.

To the most ambitions Tyrell,

Do not set your sights upon the Searoad Marches, or the Blackwater. I have no intention of marching against you. In such times of upheaval and uncertainly, I would say that it is prudent to avoid unnecessary conflict where possible.

Bid sent

OOC - Sorry for the delay. Weekend are busy for me, will typically only be able to post once per day at most.

Bid Sent.

Bid Sent

Bid sent

It would appear that people no longer value power

All bids for the Iron Throne were nill.

Our once, and potentially future king Baratheon may arrange the Iron Throne track as they wishes - Please post in this thread your order of choice.

If your Fiefdoms bid is not dependant on your turn order feel free to send it in.

OOC: Apparently all of us just CAN wait to be king.

Crikey. I very nearly chucked one in, just on the off chance. Shouldawouldacoulda.

I’m not surprised. Openly grabbing for the iron thrown is painting a target on your forehead and the whole turnorder thing has (at least for me) not been a great problem so far.

I'm not surprised. Openly grabbing for the iron thrown is painting a target on your forehead and the whole turnorder thing has (at least for me) not been a great problem so far.
Turn order can really, really screw over end game plans, but it's rarely possible to get exactly what you need from it (although Baratheon now has completely free reign, which is pretty unique). I've never seen nobody bid before, as the Iron Throne holding sway over the other bids gives the person who holds it a lot more confidence in the later bids. I would've HAPPILY paid a power token for that.

So what’s surprising is that I’ve never seen it happen this way before, that’s all.

Does make the next two bids pretty interesting!

OOC: In terms of combat strategy, I like moving last for certain things. But moving first has the obvious tactical advantages. I would be happy not to move last, but I’m also happy to do so. :slight_smile: Between that and Wildlings …