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A Game of Thrones: Play By Forum Game 01 - Foes and False Friends

Well there was some interest in this thread so I am going to run a Game of Thrones play by forums game.

Much of what follows is stolen from BoardGameGeeks play by forum format.

The Rules

  1. This game will be played as per the Official Second Edition Rules and FAQ. There are some rule clarifications below.
  2. We will not be using Tides of Battle cards
  3. Ravens to other players are not allowed. (You may not communicate with other players about the game outside of this thread; no private messages or emails, etc.)
  4. Card draws will be determined by a random number generator and managed by me. I will create and manage the decks using random.org I will have a Google Drive Spreadsheet of their current order that will be released at the end of the game so people may go back through the edit history to see that there was no funny business.
  5. Houses will be assigned randomly, you may exchange houses with another player before the game starts assuming you both agree (this is the only time you may communicate privately).
  6. Currently this game is a spoiler free zone. This may change with the consent of all the players.

The Etiquette

  1. Use common sense. You do not need a moderator to resolve anything that does not involve a hidden feature (e.g. bidding). Do not wait for me to tell you to make your move; just check the turn order and resolve your action when it is your turn. You can also post and correct maps as needed. Of course, I will try to help keep things moving along.
  2. Let's all work together and avoid unnecessary delays. Please try to check in at least once a day and do not rely only on notifications/subscriptions. As the map will be online images, if you can update it with whatever means you are comfortable.
  3. If you will be away from the computer and unable to participate for 2+ days, please notify the moderator and/or the entire group.
  4. Players may be replaced at the moderator's and group's discretion if they have not posted in the thread or responded to PM reminders for some time (~2 days, unless the group decides to wait). This is to keep the game moving at a relatively fast pace, which is more fun for everyone. Of course we will try and avoid this.
  5. It maybe helpful to make sure your preferences are set so that private messages are sent to your email to help make sure you don't miss any.
  6. Use normal text for regular discussions.
  7. Use italics for politics and roleplaying (highly encouraged!).
  8. Use bold text for in-game moves and actions.
  9. If possible, do not edit game-related stuff (actions, politics). If you must, highlight the text that you edited by leaving the old text striked through (use [del] [/del] but using pointy brackets rather than square) to clear up confusion. Someone may read your original post and not notice what has been changed later.
  10. To make things easier, we will address each other by our House names (for diplomacy and game actions in particular). You may address me as Maester, moderator or just as mod.
  11. All players will use banners when posting. Place them at the beginning of every post. To make them appear, use the appropriate code:
    • Stark ``
    • Greyjoy ``
    • Lannister ``
    • Baratheon ``
    • Tyrell ``
    • Martell ``
    • Maester (Mod) ``
    The banners are by Pavel Kornilov (Pafnutiy) from BoardGameGeek.
  12. If you're unsure of something (such as a rule or the way to phrase something) ask, either in the thread if you don't mind it being public or send me a private message.

Continued in the next post

The Logistics

  1. Submitting Orders, Bids, and House Cards: Private Message me your orders, bids, and House cards. To help keep things clear, all messages should have their first line as follows:
    • Orders - "AGoT PBF 01 - Round [Round #] - [House Name] - Orders"
    • Bid - "AGoT PBF 01 - Round [Round #] - [House Name] - [IT/F/KC/W] Bid: [Bid Amount]"
    • House Card - "AGoT PBF 01 - Round [Round #] - [House Name] - [Area Name] - [Card Name]"
  2. After sending me your orders/bids/etc. via PM, post in the thread that you have done so. This will help keep the game moving along.
  3. Resolving Combat: To resolve combat, we will use the following steps: (a) The attacker calculates and posts both his and the defender's initial combat strength. This includes the combat strength of both Houses' units in the embattled area, the combat strength modifier from march or defense orders (+2, +1, +0, or -1), and the combat strength of supporting units and orders from each player's own units. (b) Both attacker and defender then ask for support from other houses. Those who wish to support any side should declare it by posting their support action in the thread in bold. If support has been declared, the supporter recomputes and posts both parties' modified combat strength. The combatants may send conditional House Cards based on whether support is granted (e.g., send Theon if Baratheon supports, otherwise send Asha). (c) The attacker PMs me their chosen house card and informs everyone by posting that he has already sent his house card to the moderator. (d) The defender PMs me his chosen house card AND posts it in the thread. (e) The attacker reveals his house card by posting it in the thread. (f) The attacker or defender may now decide if he will use his Valyrian Steel Blade token. (g) Anyone may now recompute and post the final combat strength of both parties. Combat resolution follows.
  4. Out-of-Turn Actions: Please try to refrain from out-of-turn actions. You may think that it will not affect what other players are doing, but in a game this complex, you never know what your actions might influence! If you will be away from the computer or just want to help keep the game moving, you can PM me your out-of-turn orders. If you do post out-of-turn orders in the thread, you are bound to them.
  5. Changes to Orders, Bids, and House Cards: I will accept changes to orders, bids, and House cards until I have a response from each player. If the last player I was waiting for already submitted their order, bid, or House card, then nothing can be changed. If an order, bid, or House card was posted in the thread, it is binding. At the same time, this is a game, so if you make a genuine mistake and want to take it back, we can allow it if the entire group agrees. But we'll try to avoid this to keep the game moving. Mistakes and Errors: If you see something wrong--from the moderator or another player--let the group know right away! I will do my best to correct any mistakes as fairly as possible.

Rule Clarifications

    • Game of Thrones Westeros II Card: Players collect one Power Token for each Port with at least one of your ships and no enemy Ships in the adjacent sea.
    • Dark Wings, Dark Words Westeros II Card: If "Collect Power Tokens" is chosen, it will be handled the same way as the "Game of Thrones" Westeros Card.
  1. Not Enough Order Tokens: This rule will be ignored completely in order to keep the game moving at a faster pace. Should this situation arise and you notice that the players after you on the Iron Throne track have not yet submitted their orders, it is good gaming style to inform those players which areas did not receive an order.
  2. CP* Orders: I will assume by default that you want your CP* order to be resolved as your last CP order, thus mustering later than another player with a lower ranking on the Iron Throne track but with less CP orders. Should you wish to forfeit this advantage, please say so explicitly either in your orders or at any point during the action phase, but before the mustering happens.
  3. Faulty Order Placement: If something is wrong with the orders as you submitted them to the moderator, the following ruleset is valid: (a) if a player has more special orders on the map than allowed, extra orders are downgraded (if possible) according to alphabetical area order. (b) extra orders left on the map after step (a) are completely removed in alphabetical area order. (c) if after step (b) or by a player's mistake there are areas without orders, the areas remain without orders. (Note, however, that per the rules all areas must receive orders, so please do not deliberately issue invalid orders or decline to give areas orders to gain an advantage [not including the situation of not having enough order tokens].) (d) if a player placed a forbidden order (per a Westeros III card), it is removed without replacement. (e) if the map shows something different than what you intended, the orders as displayed on the map stand (double check your orders are what you want!). (f) if I did catch a mistake that you've made, I will PM you to notify you of your mistake and you will be able to change your orders up to the point that all the houses have sent their orders. Once all orders are in, your orders are final! Note: Grace can be shown in cases of mistaken orders if all players agree. This is left to the moderator's and group's discretion.
  4. Retreating and Ships in Port: Should you lose a battle and be forced to retreat from land that has a port, you immediately lose control of any ships in port and as such those ships do not count against your supply. Your opponent can later decide to replace or destroy them.
  5. Leaving Power Tokens in Areas: Upon leaving an area, the standard and assumed play is that you have not chosen to leave a Power Token to establish control of a vacated area unless you have declared your intentions of doing so. Grace may be given to players that forgot to leave a PT but had wanted to provided only a march or two have passed, provided no players object. As always, your posted orders are binding unless your opponents have mercy on you and no one objects to a revision. The moderator reserves the right of special consideration regarding this rule.

The Map

The map will be images posted to this thread & the online board. There is also a Google drive folder with all the information on the current game state.

Right now there is no “official” way for people to create maps. Arguably the easiest is with the VASSAL module, but if you’re more familiar with Photoshop or similar and still want to update maps go for it.
There is an online board , which would be great but right now I can’t get it to work.
To be clear I will do my best to endeavour that there is always an up-to-date map but sometimes I won’t be available and you want to just have your turn or whatever without me, then go ahead and update the map. The logistics of this should become rather clear once the game begins.

Final Comments

This is a game, and games are meant to be fun. Please remember this as there may be circumstances in which you become frustrated, tense, and even angry. But, this is all part of the charm and appeal of this game. Having said that, make threats and blast your opponents with insults (within reason) while posting in-game roleplaying. Try to keep out of character communication as civil as possible. And remember: Have fun!

What Now - How to join in

Game is currently full, however if this looks really interesting to you, shoot me a PM and maybe we can do another game or I'll put you down as a sub if you're happy with that and you can jump in if someone goes AWOL

Well if you’ve read this far I assume you’re interested in playing. Send me a private message with the following details:

  • Your level of experience in the game (ie. Never played before; played it every month for two years, whatever)
  • Your timezone and when you should be available (in UCT if you can, use this to help)
  • If you want any rules or anything changed, let me know and explain why.
Assuming this goes ahead I will be selecting players by the weekend so we can start ASAP.


Come on folks, we only need a couple more people and we can get this started @Prosworth I believe you said you might be interested? So far this is looking like it should be a very beginner friendly game so don’t be scared.

Night gathers my lords, I fear war approachs

The game is now full and (hopefully) under way.

For those of you just watching:

  • @Prosworth will be representing the proud house of Baratheon
  • @hamporkbacon will serve as the cunning Lannisters
  • @rmaia will be controlling the honourable House of Stark
  • @Sorcy will take control of the powerful Greyjoys
  • @Gwathdring will rule the illustrious Tyrells
  • @Alexava will speak for the hardy Martells

War comes to the kingdom my lords, ready your forces!

Round 1 - Planning Phase - Assign Orders

This is the initial state of the kingdom, all you need do is send a raven to me with the instructions for your troops.


Greetings Noble Lords, Ladies and Lieges of Westeros. As Liege of the Martells, I have sent out warm and sunny messengers for all. I am sure my delightful neighbours, the fragrant flowers and gambolling stags will be delighted to accept the Dornish wine I have sent their way. I’m sure we can live in sunkissed harmony for all of the foreseeable future.

Orders sent. Good luck all. Looking forward to a peaceful future in the South. Totally trustworthy.

(Edited to correct banner)

Peace in the South I can get behind. Peace in the North even. But there is a violent turn in the stomach of the land that ought to be rectified before it spill over into and poison the rest.

Oy! The name’s Valen Greyhair. I’m the son of the uncle of the half sister of Lord Greyjoy. He told me to come here to keep an eye on all of you bums trying to steal our rightful place on the throne and also all of our squid. So don’t you people get any funny ideas! Like the drowned god I have eyes everywhere! EVERYWHERE! If you keep the peace all will be fine and we’ll be best of friends. But if you try to kick us in the nuts we will show you that that which … uh … wasn’t alive … will never be dying … or words to that degree.

Separate Letter to the Lannisters, arriving by mail squid: Oy Lannisters. How about it, you leave us alone and we keep all of the northwestern coast for us and for that we will watch your back, especially from those nansy-pansy Stark people? Also, I’m allowed to offer you all of the squid you’d want. We have tons of them. Can’t bloody get rid of the little buggers. So what say you, Lannisters? Do we have a deal or what?

Orders sent.


What I’m saying is, we should have tea or something. But if you invite any Lannisters or Baraetheons who aren’t very, very, very nice and very, very, very careful I can’t really be held responsible for what happens as soon as I finish my tea. Give me a great abundance of tea, though, and I’ll have a long while to sip first.

We really have no reason not to amiable with one another. Baraetheon blusters above us, Lannister will stab anything in the front it cannot first stab in the back, Stark blusters much further above us, and Greyjoy is about as trustworthy as Lannister only a fifth as powerful and five times as clever. We’re of the south; winter is not our sort of thing. Our time is fading and everyone would love to take it from us faster. I suggest we show that we’re not so poorly acclimated to the cold in our future as they might suspect. Flower ans gamboling stags do we love, but we can carve them into our steel, wood, and stone that they will stay with us through the coming dark less warm and less scented, but no less beautiful.


Oops! Forgot to mention: Orders sent.

I like your thinking, Tyrell. Especially with noise of friendship between the Kraken and the Lion. I feel when there are such clear lines drawn in water between our clear natural territory, there is no need for unnecessary enmity between us. I still await word of the horned intentions of my Northern neighbours. It would be useful to know if they can be trusted.


The proud and most honourable Lannisters extend greetings to greater Westeros. In this time of strife we must look to our neighbours and forge strong bonds of friendship.

Greyjoys, we received your squid mail in good order, I hope that our reply via Lion-express reaches you safely. It gives me great pleasure to accept your offer of peace. We will respect your right of conquest north from and including Seaguard. As a sign of goodwill, we will withdraw our fleet to Lannisport.

Tyrell, we seek no strife. We seek only to secure the kingdom and to provide for our bannermen. We must send men to the Blackwater but propose leaving the Searoad Marches unoccupied to avoid unintentional combat between our two great houses.


Orders sent.

By the gods–this’ll be good.

(I’m rooting for the Targaryens though.)

My dear proud and most honourable kitten, when you say “We simply must have this but no matter, we musn’t this other so it’s yours,” it does not smack of goodwill. Goodwill is seeing a conflict ahead of time, addressing the possible conflict openly, perhaps disagreeing ultimately, and then acting. Not acting and transcribing your machinations in the alphabet of a language you don’t speak. Here referring to goodwill.

Edited: Italics in italics instead of bold in italics. Fixed my emphasis so it was actually legible.

My good pansy, you may be confused. It appears that you have been reading my correspondence with Ser Greyjoy with regards to ‘goodwill’.

My little birds inform me that you have been scheming with the Martells with an eye to plunder the heart of our very Kingdom. Moving past why the Martells would trust the house that has a boot on their neck, I am surprised to hear concerns of goodwill from one so belligerent.

My intentions were merely to give prior knowledge of my actions, lest they be misconstrued as aggressive. Clearly I have failed in this respect, and for that I beg your pardon.

I would reiterate now, that it may be prudent to mutually avoid the Searoad Marches for the nonce. In time, a reasonable claim to ownership may be determined I’m sure.

(Edit: a letter)

Edit: Forgot my banner. Sorry!

Dearest kitten, you have misconstrued the meaning of misconstrued.

Thumbless grasp of semantics aside, your message merits response. My missives to House Martell have spoken of a troubling list in your walk–as well that more drunken walk of Baraetheon–that has over time led you to oft stumble rather more southwards rather less amiably than seems entirely necessary. You also seem to have mistaken belligerence and distaste; no matter. I assure you, distaste is the name of the game but I can certainly work with one for whom I have distaste. Not for or with trust, or as first among allies. But we need not be the blood-spilling sort enemies simply because there’s a slight burning sensation at the back of the throat when messengers bring your pompous banners forth and froth forward from their intestines a stringy, partially digested message.

P.S. Avoiding the Searoad Marches seems a prudent gesture. Ah, diplomacy! It seems one can teach a cat more than a mere alphabet after all.