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A Forum N00b Here


Hello All -

Brand spanking new to these forms and these Play-By-Forum games is one of the things that drew me here, my question is (and I sincerely apologize if it’s been asked before) how does this work? Do I wait for a new game to begin, or do folks jump into games already in progress? Really interested in participating but I also don’t want to interrupt or throw off an existing game.

Thanks so much in advanced.



Generally either wait for a game to start or start one yourself. Typically each new game gets a new thread, which makes it easier to find any rules etc. in the first post.


That’s great -thank you so much
I will keep my eyes peeled for a new game - or maybe take some motivation and start my own.


It’s always fun and rewarding to start your own!

Our game of Luxor: Forgotten Treasures is winding down, you’re always welcome to join us in the next one :slight_smile: there’s also a game of Codenames that @MinuteWalt’s gonna get started (you didn’t think I’d forget, did you Minute?)


Awesome :slight_smile: I will keep my eyes open then.


What kind of thing were you after?


For instance, I’m currently itching to get a forum game of Mage Knight BG going, after having left the game unplayed for what feels like years, but it is a heavy investment of time and energy if you don’t know the game already.

On the other hand, something like Codenames can be set up and played very easily, and it’s much easier to find participants!


Ideally an RPG.
Maybe DND 5e or Monster of the Week.
Really curious to try Kids on Bikes as well

Might be something I need to set up


I’ve got a copy of the Free RPG Day zine, and a source book on the way to my comic guy. I haven’t role played in 20 years and I’m eager, so say the word.

I also grabbed the DCC sourcebook today but that one’s gonna take a while.