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7 Player Game Nights


I was gutted that 7 Wonders flopped as well.
2 of the players just couldn’t grok it and had a terrible time.
Maybe if I forced them back into it, their opinion might change - but I reckon I’d meet some resistance.
It’s weird because they absolutely LOVE Sushi Go

Camel Up - was also a flop unfortunately. half of them just couldn’t see where the “game” was and were just randomly choosing actions/bets etc - and made the final finish kind of meaningless because noone was invested in who won.

Blood on the Clocktower - is already ordered on Kickstarter :wink:


I can see it - 7 Wonders has a lot of symbology, and IMO could really do with a reference card to remind the novice of what depends on what. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be highly frustrating.


Magic Maze
I’m partial to this one because of all the 8P games we played at SHUX. :heart:

Bang! The Dice Game
This actually plays best at 6+ I think. It also has the benefit of being a social deduction game with easy rules for people who don’t like lying.

Basically Insider without the broken rules.

Not Alone
There is a phase where players are simultaneously making decisions, and the evaluation of what happens doesn’t take too long, so the downtime problem wasn’t noticeable for me.

Fuji Flush
Also plays best at 6+. Sort of like Uno, but with the ability to make really fun temporary alliances with people.


Tortuga 1667 worked well for our group and it’s a social deduction game, where you can show in which team you are if you want.

Based on your hit’s Burke’s Gambit might be an option.

Millions of Dollars is a good on too, if your group is a talkative one.

Just One is also a huge hit in our group, but if Codenames didn’t land, I am not sure this game will.


The alien was crushed both time in our games of Not Alone (one 7 player and one 5). Cooled everybody on it quite quickly.

I’d suggest Citadels, though it does often run a tad long… maybe reduce the end game condition by one card.


Gotta use the Esoteric Order of Gamers rules summary for 7 Wonders, the icon handout is invaluable.

Try A Fake Artist Goes to New York too! Spyfall without all the pressure.


The alien has won every 7P game we’ve played!


Huh. I usually think I’m quite bad at aliening, but it’s about 50/50 for me. It’s one I’d recommend, in fact…


Citadels and the metagame are other options.

Personally I would go for Cosmic Encounter, sushi go or the metagame with 7.


Citadels was an omission from the Hit List. Love that game.

Magic Maze, Burke’s Gambit, Millions of Dollars & Tortuga 1667 sound like perfect fits for them though.

Thank You.


I have a 7 player group that doesn’t really gel with bluffing games, as at least a couple don’t enjoy lying. We have found a lot of success with A Fake Artist Goes to New York, so I will second @MatineeIdyll’s recommendation. If you enjoyed Welcome To, then you might enjoy Railroad Ink, although you would need to buy two copies which means it’s nowhere near the same value for money as a single purchase.


I would like to know how it worked if you tried it once, thx


Which one?
We’ve only tried Burke’s Gambit of the new ones so far… and it’s went down a storm. Could be the new ‘Default’ Social deduction game for the group.
Everyone loved it - even my curmudgeon brother who’s ‘over’ social deduction/traitor style games.


Burke’s Gambit and Tortuga would be interesting


Burke’s Gambit is possibly their new favourite game. 2 of them immediately bought their own copy on their phones while sitting at the table.
Tortuga I really enjoyed. It needs a few plays to fully grok what the cards are, how they can be used, when & how to lie etc, but it’ll definitely get more plays.
Magic Maze was a lot of fun too. Very frantic and stressful, but hilarious.


The old classic Junta is best with seven players. Though it’s not a game for every group and the back-stabbing element of the game could probably exhaust friendships. But it is definitively an experience you can’t have with any other game.
There was just a reprint a few years ago, so it should be easy to get.


There’s probably an argument to be made for Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space even though an odd player count means an advantage to the aliens. I haven’t played at 7, but it worked just fine with 5.


This is becoming one of my favourite threads, I’ve just had a look and I think I’ll have to pick up a copy of Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space. Looks great!