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7 Player Game Nights


So, in the latest cast of pods, Quinns talked about how difficult it is to curate games for 7 players.
My problem is, this is the exact number that shows up to my games nights!!! Always exactly 7.
And yes, it is a problem.
Of a game collection of maybe about 400 games, I’m down to only a few that fit the bill.

Games That Hit:
Dead Last
One Night Werewolf
Meeple Circus (Two Copies which we play simultaneously)
Mafia de Cuba
Good Cop Bad Cop
Welcome To…
Sushi Go Party
Ca$h N Guns
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Fearsome Floors
The Hen Commandments
Ladies & Gentlemen
Panic on Wallstreet
The Resistance
Jazz/Them’s Fightin’ Words

Games That Missed:
7 Wonders
Samurai Spirit
When I Dream

Games Owned But Not Tried:
Arkham Horror
Eldritch Sign
Dungeon Roll
Eldritch Horror
(basically any game where I feel there’s too long between player turns/or they’re waiting their turn just to roll dice and find out what happens)

The lists are by no means complete,
But, is there any games that I absolutely should own for 7 players?


When this happens, I tend to split 4 and 3.


3/4 split isn’t really an option due to table space and group dynamic; unfortunately.


You’ve named several of my favourites at this size.

A bit longer, but Colt Express with the Marshal expansion. (Depending on why they didn’t like RoboRally.)
6 Nimmt
Human Era
One Night Revolution (which hardly anyone except me likes)
Steampunk Rally


RoboRally we’ve tried twice, and each time - after about an hour and a half - and with no players even close to the first flag, player moral just dropped off a cliff and called it quits.

Forgot Tsuro on the Hit list - that one’s a winner.

I think I’d passed on Colt Express because i hadn’t realised it could go up to a 7 player count.

The others - never heard of them - but really like the sound of them.
Great suggestions. Thanks.


You can try Cosmic Encounter with expansions. Might not be the best idea though.


5 of the 7 have tried Cosmic Encounter (vanilla), and it didn’t sit well with 3 of them.

That’s one of the other hardest aspects of a 7 player game night - finding a consensus.


Yeah, Cosmic Encounter when the game ends before you’ve had a turn (or, say, 1 turn) isn’t much fun in my opinion.


Each time it ended with two players with 4 planets having an encounter - and just agreeing to share victory; nothing else the rest of the table could do, leading to a very unsatisfying anti-climax.


Now that I check, only with the Marshal and Prisoners expansion, which takes it potentially up to 8.


Adding to the social deduction games, Secret Hitler worked great for us at 7. Even though it was more of a party environment (alcohol involved).


The only reason I’ve not bought Secret Hitler was I felt it’d be too similar to The Resistance, One Night Werewolf - all those other ‘traitor’ style games etc.

What differentiates it from the rest?


No idea, since I haven’t played any of those! :grinning:

We actually played with a PNP version that you can get on the publisher’s website, so it might be a good idea to just print out the cards and give it a try one game night.


I guess I could steal some Manila Envelopes from work. :male_detective:


I Kickstarted Secret Hitler but sold it on - nobody I’ve played with has found an answer to the “Hitler plays as a perfect Liberal, then wins by chance” strategy. One of these days I’ll write a hack to play it with Resistance cards.


How is that a strategy if you win by chance?


It seems to offer the best odds of getting a Fascist win.


Hm, so you were unsatisfied with the Hitler role (who is part of a three person team in a seven player game, but doesn’t now his fellow fascists)?


Yup - but since it’s the main distinction from The Resistance, which macnme already has, that seems like an important problem in this context

It may well be that other people play it differently and don’t find this degenerate case is a problem for them…


Surprised that 7 wonders doesn’t work. Love that game.

Camel Up is the one that jumps to mind, although you may need the Supercup Expansion to get 7.

Blood on the Clocktower? (Runs for cover)