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5-Player Co-op Game

I feel like a bad board-game nerd, I’d never heard of it either. (Thank you @VictorViper!)


It’s incredibly scary! It’s one of the scariest, most stressful games I’ve ever played. Ghost Stories, Betrayal, Cthulhu, whatever, they have nothing on the “adult fear” of Pandemic.

If she understands that at age 4, you may have a future candidate for the CDC or WHO or MSF on your hands, man. Good luck, dude, perceptive and intuitive kids can be a handful.


Space Alert works with 5 people too. It is not the easiest game but can be learned pretty well imo.

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Imperial Assault. I’ve played that with a group of 9 year olds. Fair point that one of the players is the baddie, but that’s fine. Not too complicated to learn or play.

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That’s a great game! Like, stressful as a heart attack, but a super-fun game!

I’ve been watching this thread a lot, because our group has expanded by 2 incredibly sharp teens who are sisters.

We’ve gone from 3 to 5 to 6 to 8 (but there are players, because of IRL schedules, we can’t always count on, and there’s always the possibility of innocent bystanders from friends and family we may rope into a game).

(Also, admittedly the attendance is down from 10-to-24 a few years ago, but we could compartmentalize and play several games in different areas back then. I had to get residential in my personal life, though, and the big groups I couldn’t host in my family’s home. It’s very different trying to coordinate a roomful of people than adding one or two players at a time in your living room, and has brought up issues I hadn’t had to deal with for the larger groups.)

I found that Magic Maze was awful with more than four players because some players can do the same move as someone else AND MORE(!), so a player or two are pretty much redundant. I.E. One player can move north, while another can move north AND move along escalators. Kids might not notice that, but it really makes the game suck with more than four in my opinion.

I did once make a semi-coop game about being the disorganized, competitive illuminati that plays with 3-6 players with nothing but a regular deck, as I wanted to distill the experience of Dead of Winter into a regular deck. It’s not very meaty, but it creates a lot of laughs and finger pointing.

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When I’ve played I’ve found it a boon as the redundant role can be given to someone who is less aware.

Hey, when you play with 8 you need more than one person per direction because not everyone can reach. :laughing:

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I’m still eyeballing that octagonal table from IKEA…

It’s still little different than if I were dolling out Pandemic role cards and was like, “You’re just like the medic, except you don’t get any further benefit from a cured disease like the better medic does. Yes, you’re worse, but just stay on the other side of the board so you don’t feel as inferior.”

The least the designer could have done was make up a couple awesome one-shot powers to give to the inferior versions of the cards so that it wouldn’t be straight up worse - just different and unique. Instead it’s like someone in the design / publishing process said, “Four players ain’t good enough. We need more market appeal, so make it work with eight, and have it ready by tomorrow.” And they proceeded to put zero effort into it.

It’s good that there are roles with less to do, especially given that this seems to be a family game. If you’re playing with younger kids or people new to board games, handling anything more than one direction could be overwhelming.