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2020 Challenge: 10 Plays of 10 Games!

Friends and enemies, it is that time again. We have reached that point during our orbital journey that we have circumnavigated our local exothermic stellar body approximately once since last we started this.

As always, the basics are just a self-inflicted challenge. No real “rules”, but the idea is to try and pick a few games that you both want to play 10 times in the coming year, and that will focus you in playing those same games. I usually pick big, exciting games I doubt I will actually get on the table that often, and then try. Last year I did about half of them. This year… who knows!?

My list of 10 games I will try to play 10 times in 2020 is:

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition
Blackstone Fortress
Star Trek Ascendancy
Forbidden Stars/Dune
Legacy of Dragonholt/Android
Outer Rim/Xia Legends of a Drift System
Level 7 Omega Protocl
GKR Heavy Hitters

I’m bundling a few games that play similar and have similar weight, to try and make it a little easier for myself this year. Probably won’t help, but we’ll see!

As always, everyone/anyone is welcome to join. I usually update once a month, but feel free to do so as often or seldom as is best for you.

Thanks folks! Here’s to a fantastic 2020 for all of us!


I’m running on BGG rules (pick 11, hope to have played 10 of them 10×):

Maiden’s Quest
Go 500 Racing
Rallyman GT
Lux Aeterna
Flamme Rouge
D-Day Dice
Baseball Highlights: 2045


Good lord, I have something like 70 games, yet I don’t have a single one @Marx09 or @RogerBW mentioned.
W? T? F?
I am lacking.

As an aside, Happy New Year everyone!


I have a similar number of games according to my collection on BGG (how did that happen?) and I also do not have any of the games on their lists. Makes me feel good for my restraint and that I’m missing out!

I’m going to take part in the 10x10 this year, hopefully with this selection:

Food Chain Magnate
Irish Gauge
Sidereal Confluence
Whitehall Mystery

These are all games that I’ve owned for various amounts of times but have gotten to the table very few times. 2019 was a bit of a lax year of gaming for me so I’m hoping this challenge will encourage me to make time for them. :slight_smile:


Really? Neither of you own Flamme Rouge? Seems like the game most likely to be owned from those lists.

I am still working on which games I want to put on my 10x10 for this year. I tend to do a mix of new games, games I have owned for a while but have never or only rarely play, and old favorites that just don’t hit the table that often anymore. Just got to figure out which games.


Or your taste differs from mine…

Five of the games in my list I don’t currently own, but either the KS should deliver soon (Rallyman GT, D-Day Dice), my maths traded copy should be here any day now (FUSE), or I have hopes of finding a cheap copy and can play on TTS until then (Baseball Highlights, Go 500).

The only one of Marx09’s games I own is Ascendancy (which I have nearly as much trouble getting to the table as I did Twilight Imperium when I owned that), and the only one of Bradburn’s is Whitehall Mystery. There are just lots of good games out there!


I mean, I don’t think any of the games on my list are “auto-includes” for anyone else’s collection.

Usually when a customer asks me about what MY favourite game is, I say: “You know that thing where you drink a lot of coffee? And I mean, a LOT of coffee? And you get to the point where you’re like ‘if I ever have to drink another Tim Horton’s coffee I will stab somebody… give me the weird stuff. You got coffee pooped out by a cat? Gimme that.’ Yeah, that’s me and games.”

I used to use wine as an analogy (“Gimme the stuff that tastes like belly button lint”), but there are a lot of kids around the store, so coffee is seen as more family-friendly.

Moral of the story: I like weird games. Big, chunky, enormous time-sink games that nobody in their right mind should necessarily like. Take GKR: Heavy Hitters as an example: that game costs more than the laptop I bought myself for school. I don’t recommend it to anyone. It’s expensive, the rules are weird and I’m not positive it’s not just completely random at its core… but holy hells those pre-painted minis. And that terrain… mmm. And the customization options! Phew. It’s a helluva thing.

And, if you don’t mind me saying, most of the games on my list are not “50-100” game collection games. For that size of collection, you should have the best of a genre, not the weirdest of a genre. You should have a great wargame (Sekigahara, Cyclades, Inis, Kemet, Cry Havoc, Smallworld, Risk Legacy, or Cosmic Encounter). You should have a great economic game (Chinatown, For Sale, High Society, Ra, Power Grid, or Castle of Mad King Ludwig). You should have a couple great party games (Codenames, Incan Gold, Take 5/6 Nimmt, Monikers, Mysterium, and/or Magic Maze). Once you have those foundational games, then stuff like what I have in my collection makes sense… stuff that’s not a singular great example of a game, but usually either a synergy of multiple game into a single box (Scythe, Dune, ST:A - Exploration area control economic wargames with adventure elements) or unique/bizarre game experiences notable primarily for being weird rather than spectacular examples of their genre (Shogun, GKR, L7 Omega Protocol, etc…).


I am in this year. Here is my list.

Star Wars: Rebellion
War of the Ring
Arkham Horror: LCG
Heaven & Ale
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
The Voyages of Marco Polo


I’ve been looking forward to this thread :slight_smile: I’ve changed my mind about this list a few times. I want it to be a challenge but also not wholly unrealistic and I’ve also followed the example of grouping a few similar games.

  1. Gloomhaven
  2. Spirit Island
  3. Clank! Legacy
  4. Die Crew
  5. Pandemic Legacy 1 + 2
  6. Concordia
  7. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong / Obscurio
  8. Villainous
  9. Letters from Whitechapel / Whitehall Mystery
  10. Cosmic Encounter / Dune
  11. Inis (caveat: I am still waiting for my copy from Matagot)

The challenge grows harder towards the bottom of my list. I am quite optimistic about the top 5…


Ah, the annual 10x10 challenge. Always starts off so well, then hits the October plateau. Now that my older kid’s getting big enough to join in on some of these games, I can pick a list that leans in that direction. Still ain’t gonna finish this out, but a few reliables ought to give a decent showing. Using @RogerBW’s suggestion of an eleven-game list, here they are in alphabetical order:

7 Wonders Duel
Black Sonata
High Society
Race for the Galaxy
Rhino Hero: Super Battle!
Root / (secret project)

Race & Splendor are guaranteed to hit 10 plays each, maybe even by the end of the month. Reliable after-the-kids-are-in-bed two-player games. 7 Wonders and Carcassonne fit in there, too, and the latter’s just about playable with JV. Rhino Hero is kid-friendly, of course, but also ideal for intoxicated adults. I’m sorely tempted to build a low table just to accommodate the kiddo - those towers can get pretty tall.

High Society is always a hit, and so quick and easy to teach. Root’s the opposite - to teach, at least - and ought to be the toughest one on the list for reasons of time alone. I’ve got Wildflowers for those nights when we somehow can’t get a group of nine to split tables, which happens more than you’d think reasonable. And for those occasional quiet nights alone, I’ve got Black Sonata as my solo option. It better reach the finish line.

Just picked up a copy of Arboretum, and should have a copy of Wingspan soon (fingers crossed), but I’ve got a feeling they’ll go over well with certain sets of friends. If not, well, that’s why there are eleven options, right?


Most kind, but I really can’t take credit; I’m just following Sarah Reed’s rules here.


Same here, although I’m happy to follow the “normal” rules - I think I’ve got too many heavy games so I might need to swap something out. :slight_smile:


I have Mille Bornes. I know it doesn’t quite fulfill that same itch one wants to scratch, but it has its place in the rotation.

It’s more like money+space=stop buying games. I can only get a few each year, and there’s been such an explosion of high-quality games in the last few years. I think it’s a good thing that we don’t have overlap, otherwise, what would we bring to game night that someone doesn’t already have?

I am so down with that.


Hmm, let’s see what I might be able to do…

Escape: The Curse of the Temple
Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Cockroach Poker

Those four might happen…

Now for the six that are pipe dreams:

CO2 Second Chance
Dinosaur Island
Food Chain Magnate
Fury of Dracula
7 Wonders (which I don’t have, but a friend does)
Oceans (which I have preordered)


Wow, that’s 2 I have!

My list:

D&D will be played a lot.
Loopin’ Louie
Ticket to Ride
King of Tokyo
Epic Spell Wars™ of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre
Boss Monster
Love Letter

and I suppose Catacombs

There are others, but those are all ones we can expect to play at least one a month in Team Friends.

EDIT: I just realized we just played 5 games of Exploding Kittens waiting for everyone to get settled. As much as I hate promoting a super-popular game, it makes the rounds, and is a decent filler.


Don’t want to derail things here, but do we have a topic all about utterly bonkers games that we really love? Because I would love to read all about that.


We will when you start one!


My list in order of decreasing likelihood of success:

Quacks of Quedlinburg
Flamme Rouge


Okay, I’ve got five so far. Will edit the post when I finish my list:

Isle of Skye
Imperial Assault
Arkham Horror LCG

I had AH on my list last year and managed 8 plays, so I think 10 is doable this year. And I have all the big box expansions for IA now, so dammit I’m going to use 'em!


I’m not even going to look at my post from last year. I think I maybe got 10 plays of Aeon’s End in, mostly solo, and maybe Illusion.

Anyway, going to try for a more realistic list this year, less big games, more games that play well solo, or smaller, faster games.

I’m going to double up some games, to make it easier on myself too.

The Crazy One I Won’t Accomplish
Imperial Assault

The Ones I Most Likely Will Accomplish
Aeon’s End/Aeon’s End Legacy
The Mind

The Ones I Want To Play More

New One (To Me) I Want To Get To The Table
Treasure Island

Small Games That Also Play Solo
Tussie Mussie (w/ the Flower Shoppe Expansion)

Open Spot For Anything New I Might Get This Year
Insert Game Here