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2019 UKGamesExpo Podcast


Hello everyone,
I will be over from NZ when the UK games expo is on, and I’m keen to catch the live SU&SD podcast on the Saturday. Can someone speak from previous experience on how early I need to get there to make sure I get a seat? I’m not looking for a definitive statement, but an indication from some UK expo veterans would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:




Ive normally gained a good seat from arriving 45 minutes beforehand, but, each year it does seem to get more popular. Luckily its has been in the same room the past years Ive gone (Toute Suite) and thats in the Entrance Lobby to the Expo. Id say keep an eye out at least an hour before this year, the tiolets are usually nearby so its a good time to scout if a queue has formed yet.


Thanks! That’s less bad than I’d feared. After all, the British are renowned queuers! My wife has kindly allowed me the day ‘off’ on our holiday (she’ll look after the excitable 2 yr old), so I’ll get to see the expo in all its glory. It’s quite exciting - my biggest convention so far is Wellycon in NZ, which fits entirely in a local high school.


You’ll be fine to get a seat but it’s a long room and the seats at the back are very far away. Maybe a bit easier this year as it clashes with Board Game Smackdown and there’s likely to be crossover in audience there.