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2019 Gaming Goals! (Not a 10x10)


(First off, if this is a repeat of a similar post, please let me know and lock/delete this one)

So it’s 2019, and I’m sure we all have some goals for the new year. You could call them “resolutions”, but I don’t want too! Mostly because as soon as you call a goal a resolution, I feel like you’re telling yourself it’s ok to forget about it, because that’s what people do. That said, i do think writing them down (or posing them on the internet) can make you more accountable.

So here we go, my 2019 gaming goals!.

Buy less games – So this is a big one. I only really got into the hobby last year, and like many people in that situation, I went a little crazy. I’ve discussed this in other threads so won’t go in to much detail, but the short version is that I want to buy less games this year.

I won’t lie to myself and say I won’t buy any games though. There are a few that I would like to have at some point, and I know of a few KS’s later this year that I plan to back (finances allowing), but I need to cut back overall. I think most of my gaming purchases will be expansions for games I won, and possibly component upgrades for some of the ones I really love. This all leads to my next goal…

Play the games I own more often - I specifically mean the games that have hardly hit the table in the months I’ve owned them (or have yet to hit at all). I find that there are a small number of games that hit the table frequently, while the rest come out once every month or two (if I’m lucky). I suspect this is pretty common in the hobby. Now, I realize a quick card game is going to get played more than a game that takes 1-2 hrs to play, or has extensive setup/tear down time, so what I need to do is find ways to make those games hit when we have the time; get help with setup, decide to play one 2hr games vs 2 or 3 shorter ones that we can play whenever.

If time commitment isn’t the reason, find out why a game hardly gets played; for example, Ghost Stories doesn’t hit the table often, mostly because my son (and myself if I’m honest) can be put off by how crushing the defeat can be. To help with this, I’ve been looking online for tips and tricks that would normally come with either more plays, or playing with more experienced people. If we just don’t like the game much, maybe it’s time to purge!

All of this is going to be especially key if I want to hit my 2019 10x10, as some of those are pretty extensive (for me and my “group”).

Anyway, those are my main two goals for the year, and I think both are manageable. I realuze they are fairly common goals in the hobby, but I’m interested to see how well I stick to them.

Anyone else have some goals for this year? Maybe even more specific?


We have a game night at our apartment every other week with whichever of our friends can make it, and once everybody shows up we decide what games people want to play and how we want to split it up.

This year I’d like to have (in addition) some more targeted game nights, deciding on a game that I want to play that might not see as much action generally, and then inviting people who would be interested in that game only. We’re already doing this with Space Cadets (where we got lucky that the first group we tried it with loved it), but I want to get Galaxy Trucker, Watson & Holmes, and (this is a toughie) Cosmic Encounter more nights on the table.


My 2019 is looking radically different to my 2018 (as per my gaming year in review thread).

There will be much less Gloomhaven. The expansion will bring it out but just for that campaign.

I bought very few games last year and those that I did have remained unplayed. So my intent is to play those games, and pick up a few select games throughout the year, I’m nearing 20 titles in my collection and thats a nice selection fo games. I tend to pick the cream of the crop type titles.

My biggest problem is I love the idea of grand campaigns. I blame my friend that GM’d a 3 and half year Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader game for me and another player. weekly 10 hour sessions. I was spoiled, I’ll never reach that same depth of character in another RPG again.

Which means, that Gloomhaven scratched that itch really well. and it taught me to be ok with letting go of a character better than I had before.
And I have all of The 7th Continent inbound. a slight delay on the delivery, but thats ok, just not for me wanting to play other games.

I have games that I will likely not break out again, but one I never thought I would play again is a real possibility Android. First attempt was kind of meh, and it got shelved. several years later I have a gaming group that would be willing to play it.

I don’t plan on a 10x10 as its hard enough to get my group to meet on week nights let alone weekends to be able to play multiple games.

So, get a handful of plays in for most games I own, plus what the others bring to the table. And see what this year brings in terms of great games. I have limited space to store them and kind of want the exemplars of their respective genres.

  1. Try to be more prepared for my players.

Make maps. Less improv. Get organized. Write down notes of salient points of NPCs stats instead of just trying to memorize them and having to take time to look them up in the middle of a game. Be a better guide for new games, re-reading games and watching the Let’s Plays more than once.

  1. Teach them to do what I do sometimes.

Having other players run a game every once in a while helps them to both understand the burdens of being that person who people rely on, and the nuances of any game in general. My group has come to rely on me to be the backbone, I would like to promote every one of them to becoming able to run (or at least mediate) something on their own.


My goals are roughly the same as @Derelicte with the addition of:

Sell more games: in the past I’ve been a heavy buyer of other people’s second hand games. It’s about time I got involved in the other side of the equation. I’ve had a lot of good experience buying from the BGG Marketplace listings so as long as I can figure out how to get to grips with postage & packing and the admin of dealing with couriers it’s time for me to bite the bullet and do the admin required to free up some shelf space.

Make some nice shelves to replace the Kallax units. Kallaxes are great ‘n’ all but a) the square sections are limiting with the partitions often coming in the wrong place and b) I have a small living room and I’d really like to reclaim some of the depth that they take up.

Attend more conventions: I’ve been to Airecon the last two years and loved it. I went to the UK Games Expo a while back and found it somewhat overwhelming. I’m sure there are a lot of smaller conventions around the country which I’d enjoy as well. Hopefully with Bring’n’buy sales. I do love me a good bring’n’buy.


I only have two.

  1. Play more.
  2. Study game theory more.

I am lucky to have regular gaming buddies who are, simply put, exceptional at card and board games. This means that I always lose. For those who know me, I find taking part much more satisfying than winning, although sometimes, a win is good. (Tangent alert: I played Race for the Galaxy with a buddy and board game savant (that makes three of us)). I scored 21, 44 and 22, but it mattered not. I lost each time, to scores of 54, 46 and 23. The enjoyment of points building was what mattered).

So if I do 1 and 2 I may stand a better chance, but as long as I keep enjoying playing against these guys, then we’re all winners.

  1. Have more chill days/less gaming days - I’m pretty much doing this recently. But I want to continue this one.

  2. Purge more games - let’s make a tangible target here: I will purge 50 games this entire year - not all in one go of course. I have played so many games in 2018 and I am very confident on what games I like and what doesn’t work. Time to consolidate on what I love.

  3. Play more games that I actually love - maybe a challenge to have 100 plays, but only on games of certain ratings? Sounds good - only those from 10, 9, and 8.5 will be included. Previous plays from recently promoted games will not be counted so it won’t count as cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Buy less games - Tangible target: 15 games this year, that isn’t an expansion or promo.

  5. Cult of the Old (Gods)? - When buying games, instead of buying new shiny games, I should focus more on the older ones. Tangible target: Number of purchased games (excluding expansions) published from 2018 and 2019 this year should never exceed 1/3 of games bought.

Am i crazy or unrealistic? Maybe! But we’ll see how it goes.